How to open Digital safe without key.

  • Published: 20 October 2012
  • I saw a vid clip on YouTube about how to open a digital safe without the key, so I thought I should find out if it is true as I have provided many of these safes for my tenants.

    Well, it is true.

    But luckily, all the safes are embedded in the wall, so banging it is out of the question.

    I will try other methods as in the youtube vid clip.

    But I have my own method which happened a few years ago, when the safe was embedded in the wall but I am not telling.

    ps: banging with the palm really hurts, LOL, maybe should use a mallet.
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  • لايف ستايل
    لايف ستايل  3 weeks back


    • Rick Stephen
      Rick Stephen  2 months back

      From indonesia...thanks to u.. It really works..

      • putianren
        putianren   1 months back

        Hope it is your own safe. LOL.

    • 76yuyuan
      76yuyuan  2 months back


      • Alfiq Har
        Alfiq Har  2 months back

        Wtf that really worked. I blew my money on a useless safe

        • Joker JR.
          Joker JR.  2 months back

          Hay five years later can u help mine is a pain in the back and hand just to open it didn't work for me plse if you can

          Give me some help😩

        • Rolig Rolig
          Rolig Rolig  3 months back

          Thx a lot my grandmothers safe ran out of batteries and she didnt know where she put her keys.. this safe is shit

          • György Sándor
            György Sándor  3 months back

            Thank you myfriend! You a great man!

            • mark antonio puharic
              mark antonio puharic  4 months back

              Ok ... lol its working years , butt there are the sameone deposit safe wit long key , they look exactlly only the front has no weal only to stick the key?!?!? Thnx

              • Yuri Vidal
                Yuri Vidal  4 months back

                UNBELIEAVABLE, you nailed it!

                • john doe
                  john doe  4 months back

                  Just that easy. Ive been tryin to get in this thing for months!!!!Thnx fam..!!

                  • mark antonio puharic
                    mark antonio puharic  4 months back

                    putianren hay i have my own safedepozit box butt with no weal , with long key! I am trying to open it like this one witch I have butt this is not going , can you help me?

                  • putianren
                    putianren   4 months back

                    you are welcome. Just make sure it is your own safe, LOL.

                • Mike N
                  Mike N  6 months back

                  Awesome Awesome Awesome , such a joke

                  • Angelo Cartagena
                    Angelo Cartagena  6 months back

                    It worked! Thank you!

                  • Felix lopez
                    Felix lopez  6 months back


                    • fizistile o
                      fizistile o  6 months back

                      No fakt plbe

                      • boomer8659
                        boomer8659  7 months back

                        Ok so I learned jack shit from that.
                        I know if I go ape shit on it!!! Ta da!!!

                        • Guerrero del Camino
                          Guerrero del Camino  8 months back

                          Falso, no funciona...!!!

                          • alexia Badman
                            alexia Badman  11 months back

                            Same safe but didn't work.

                            • Dukedrunk Reutov
                              Dukedrunk Reutov  12 months back

                              GUESS WHAT, MY SAFE ISNT CHEAP

                              • edrasusita
                                edrasusita  1 years back

                                Yeayyyy.. It's works.. Thanks sir!!!

                                • MR.Azoom
                                  MR.Azoom  1 years back

                                  Thank you so very muchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

                                  • The Craigs
                                    The Craigs  1 years back

                                    Life saver

                                    • Kaushal Jethaliya
                                      Kaushal Jethaliya  1 years back

                                      Man dis video helped me crack my vault lock which I was locked 8 years ago. Thank you

                                      • 1Damnplayer1
                                        1Damnplayer1  1 years back

                                        OMG I still can't believe that this worked like a charm!! Well in my case I did keep trying for a solid 3 minutes. STILL WORKED LIKE A CHARM THOUGH THE MOMENT IT UNLOCKED IN FRONT OF ME!!

                                      • Luca Francis
                                        Luca Francis  1 years back

                                        Thanks, you saved me from throwing away my box!

                                        • putianren
                                          putianren   1 years back

                                          You are welcome as long as it is your own safe, LOL.

                                      • Prajwall Narayana
                                        Prajwall Narayana  1 years back

                                        It works

                                        • sumper man
                                          sumper man  2 years back

                                          Damn worked instantly, I need a better safe😂💀

                                          • Shiny Fox Bachin
                                            Shiny Fox Bachin  2 years back

                                            LOLOLS! I just bought it man.. but its from Yale.

                                            • Martin Mistery
                                              Martin Mistery  2 years back

                                              I put my code but it no opens (my son play with the buttoms) any suggestions?

                                              • putianren
                                                putianren   2 years back

                                                If it is the same safe, then just do as I did in the video clip.

                                            • Ali El Yassaki
                                              Ali El Yassaki  2 years back

                                              OH MY GOD! Now I KNOW my things are not safe if everybody here can just open my safe with these instructions. I will buy another safe and will get rid of this one. WILL NOT BE A portable LockState. I keep my Opioids in this one. Worth around
                                              $5000.00 on the street. GOOD GOING YOU ASSES THAT PUT INSTRUCTION ON THIS WEB PAGE.

                                              • Noah and Loui's fantastic adventures

                                                Did not work for me

                                                • Noah and Loui's fantastic adventures
                                                  Noah and Loui's fantastic adventures  2 years back

                                                  Thank you i will try that....cheers

                                                • putianren
                                                  putianren   2 years back

                                                  I am sorry if it did not work.
                                                  But if the safe is the same unit, it should work.
                                                  If your safe is the same unit, try using a rubber mallet
                                                  to do a continuous knocking at the "sweet spot"

                                              • Dana Lisse Mendoza Lopez

                                                Lo hice gracias a este video pude abrir mi caja fuerte yeahhhh

                                                • DJ JAMIQUE
                                                  DJ JAMIQUE  2 years back

                                                  My own opened in led than 3 sec

                                                  • putianren
                                                    putianren   2 years back

                                                    Great, Hope it is your own safe, LOL.

                                                • rj bernardino
                                                  rj bernardino  2 years back

                                                  A bro thanks this shit helped a lot

                                                  • putianren
                                                    putianren   2 years back

                                                    You are welcome, as long as it is your own safe, LOL.

                                                • Караоке-бар Way2Song


                                                • Rafaqat Hussein Talati
                                                  Rafaqat Hussein Talati  2 years back

                                                  It worked mahn ... thanks alot

                                                  • RICH MAN
                                                    RICH MAN  2 years back

                                                    Im amazed it worked
                                                    Thks a lot

                                                    • putianren
                                                      putianren   2 years back

                                                      You are welcome so long it is your own safe, LOL

                                                    • putianren
                                                      putianren   2 years back

                                                      You are welcome but is it your safe ?, LOL.

                                                  • Hakuna Matata
                                                    Hakuna Matata  2 years back

                                                    thx u sooooooo much this vedio saved my day

                                                    • putianren
                                                      putianren   2 years back

                                                      You are welcome, so long it is your own safe, LOL.

                                                  • Caroline James
                                                    Caroline James  2 years back

                                                    Superb hack and I really appreciate it for sharing, I had to call for Locksmith Services in Philadelphia PA but this trick helped me out :)

                                                    • nationsmostwanted
                                                      nationsmostwanted  2 years back

                                                      Do u have one of these still

                                                      • nationsmostwanted
                                                        nationsmostwanted  2 years back

                                                        putianren can u tell me if this fixes the hammer unlock issue. if u take the cover off. you will see the solenoid and a latch thing. loosen the solenoid and push up and loosen the latch and push down. it closes the space between solenoid and latch. can u see if that stops it from unlocking with hammer

                                                      • putianren
                                                        putianren   2 years back

                                                        yes, not one but about 30 units still working.

                                                    • jeff grabowski
                                                      jeff grabowski  2 years back

                                                      Hahaha so much for securing One's valuables

                                                      • Shaun Galea
                                                        Shaun Galea  2 years back


                                                        • Ali Ayadi
                                                          Ali Ayadi  2 years back


                                                          • Mutaz Mahmoud
                                                            Mutaz Mahmoud  2 years back

                                                            well done man. thanks a lot

                                                          • José Antonio Palacios Cuadrado

                                                            Excelente consejo, a la de nosotros se le dañó el teclado y no abría, incrédulos ante la necesidad de abrirla intentamos lo del video y funcionó, gracias. Lo que nos deja preocupados es que se pueden abrir así de sencillo, Jajaja, gracias igualmente.

                                                            • putianren
                                                              putianren   2 years back

                                                              Please check my other video clip how to prevent this.
                                                              Thank you & have a nice day

                                                          • Tanya Ryland
                                                            Tanya Ryland  2 years back

                                                            Right on it worked with the numbers 😬😬😬💯‼️

                                                            • Richard Rickard
                                                              Richard Rickard  2 years back

                                                              omg... I watched this video and though YEAH RIGHT! But I swear this worked!!

                                                              • Lucien Tan
                                                                Lucien Tan  2 years back

                                                                you are a life saver! works after a few palms are red but it's well worth it =)

                                                                • putianren
                                                                  putianren   2 years back

                                                                  haha, hope it is your own safe box, LOL.