Master Lock Medium Digital Safe Review


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  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea  1 months back

    These units are decent, not Fort Knox, but for most punks who break in the clock is ticking and these safes are a pain, especially hidden.

    • OC Guy
      OC Guy  2 months back

      seems like a solid case and good value

      • terrell mack
        terrell mack  6 months back

        Oh a microwave can I have it lol.

        • bongoboyj
          bongoboyj  1 years back

          'MERICA FUCK YEA.

          • Bobby Budnick
            Bobby Budnick  1 years back

            This is a stupid question when the battery’s go dead you don’t have to program it again each time right?

            • Danyal A.
              Danyal A.  2 years back

              If you need to keep cash or other valuables, just put hide it somewhere no one can see or touch and you'll be fine.

              • VI Silencer
                VI Silencer  2 years back

                Am using for my hentai

                • Little Jenny
                  Little Jenny  3 years back

                  But I want to make sure my safe keys are secured. LOL

                  • pinkiewerewolf
                    pinkiewerewolf  3 years back

                    You did an excellent job with this video but I'd appreciate some input from Lance. I'm sure that he would have different... ummm... stuff to secure.

                    • MrHolster
                      MrHolster  3 years back

                      I like using these to store loaded mags around the place.

                      • mdspider
                        mdspider  3 years back

                        To the newbies, pick one up before you bring you first gun home.

                        • Bald&curious
                          Bald&curious  3 years back

                          For $40 , I might go get one or two myself.

                          • Cmax Arms
                            Cmax Arms  3 years back

                            nice review...thanks man

                            • BangSwitch
                              BangSwitch  3 years back

                              you can open them with a rare earth magnet!

                              • BangSwitch
                                BangSwitch  3 years back

                                Steven Sihota you can get them on eBay ( the rare earth magnet) watch a video by Mr. locksmith... he'll show you exactly how to do it..

                              • Steven Sihota
                                Steven Sihota  3 years back

                                BangSwitch and I don't want to try to ruin the keylock by picking it

                              • Steven Sihota
                                Steven Sihota  3 years back

                                BangSwitch I left the keys in my safe and I guess I don't remember my combo ...

                              • Steven Sihota
                                Steven Sihota  3 years back

                                BangSwitch any recommendations on which magnet I should buy?

                              • BangSwitch
                                BangSwitch  3 years back

                                Steven Sihota the magnet will actuate the celanoid to unlock..

                            • Annie Farmer's Farm
                              Annie Farmer's Farm  3 years back

                              Great review liked it!

                              • treesablowin
                                treesablowin  3 years back

                                That is nice, to bad the key board doesn't lite up, make it easier in the night. But if one was to practice with feel you could get it down in the dark.

                                • ŹÈÚŠ
                                  ŹÈÚŠ  3 years back

                                  I have had one about a year. no issues. pretty handy lock box and key is on my keys! nice review brother!

                                  I payed twice that :( lolz

                                  • TheRealCobraBurnout
                                    TheRealCobraBurnout  3 years back

                                    Looks like a good deal. I have more than one 'little' lock boxes around the wife asks why. Little hands is the answer...If its not on me in my control, gotta keep them out of little hands.

                                    • Andrew Miner
                                      Andrew Miner  3 years back

                                      can you turn off the beeping when pressing the buttons? I don't want someone at the door knowing I am opening a safe

                                      • peter muchko
                                        peter muchko  3 years back

                                        love the video

                                        • BrianOnTheGo
                                          BrianOnTheGo  3 years back

                                          Really cool!

                                          • Isyour6covered®
                                            Isyour6covered®  3 years back


                                            • Machine Gun Kelly X
                                              Machine Gun Kelly X  3 years back

                                              Nice review KB. Appreciate the info!

                                              • Anonymous Vapes
                                                Anonymous Vapes  3 years back

                                                Thanks! I picked one up for a gift as well.

                                                • predawndeath
                                                  predawndeath  3 years back

                                                  I really love these makes people's valuables so much easier to carry...haha jk

                                                  • 3nertia
                                                    3nertia  12 months back

                                                    No, no you're not xD

                                                • Joe Dirt
                                                  Joe Dirt  3 years back


                                                  • Nolan Outdoors
                                                    Nolan Outdoors  3 years back

                                                    I've got the one made by sentry..... Like you said, it's excellent for a quick option to temporarily store your firearm or valuables.

                                                    • Big Johnson Guns and Gear

                                                      Nice little unit, I may grab one! Carry On!

                                                      • Big Johnson Guns and Gear
                                                        Big Johnson Guns and Gear  3 years back

                                                        Kotaboy32 Tactical Firearms Review ok so I found & bought 3 of them today! Thanks brother for the Intel! Carry On!

                                                    • 1776 or Bust
                                                      1776 or Bust  3 years back

                                                      nice I need one

                                                      • Hawkeye 1776
                                                        Hawkeye 1776  3 years back

                                                        Never 1st