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  • Joao Manoel Gomes
    Joao Manoel Gomes  10 months back

    tenho cofre safe box com chave segurança e rei o código como faso para reinisiar sanha

    • Matt Wilson
      Matt Wilson  1 years back

      You guessed wrong. They have not improved the locking mechanism

      • Greg p
        Greg p  2 years back

        You are not using the right technique with mallet

        • Piotr Kasprzyk
          Piotr Kasprzyk  2 years back

          I'm getting this for my birthday money

          My birthday is 10th October

          • Tral Faz
            Tral Faz  2 years back

            Tin can

            • carlos salazar
              carlos salazar  2 years back

              nice gun

              • vonzon07
                vonzon07  2 years back

                6:05 if the door is close you have no way of pressing that red button using those small holes for... try mo ahahahah

                • Aneelia Wieand
                  Aneelia Wieand  3 years back

                  why is mine the only freakin one that wont open when you hit it while turning the knob!

                  • BostonJay
                    BostonJay  3 years back

                    thanks for showing the inside parts, now i will buy one and modify it!

                    • Riemann Hypothesis
                      Riemann Hypothesis  4 years back

                      You are doing it wrong: You hit the top and then simultaneously turn the knob - otherwise nothing will happen.

                      • J Israel
                        J Israel  4 years back

                        If you hit the top at the same time as you turn the knob, it will open

                        • Ben G
                          Ben G  4 years back

                          You don't hit the metal. It will do nothing at all. You need to hit the knob that you turn it with