American Security Safes at KyGunCo


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  • farmhand
    farmhand  4 years back

    holy crap, its the same guy from the 1980's Amsec video here on youtube. He's aging a lot better than me.

    • The KY Woodsman
      The KY Woodsman  4 years back

      After a fire, how do you open your safe if the electronic access is melted off the front of it?

      • 3D Outdoors
        3D Outdoors  4 years back

        Can't seem to find them on the web site.

        • HONKY SAVAGE
          HONKY SAVAGE  4 years back

          If you had both a mechanical and a digital lock on the same safe you'd put everyone out of business. Many preppers are afraid the mechanical lock will lock you out in the event of emp or similar electrical disruption.

          • binyamj
            binyamj  4 years back

            I know that these are high quality safes, but it's very disappointing that the body is only 11 gauge. That is very easy to cut through with simple hand tools, or even an axe. This safe will also fail a punch test against the bolts, which is easy to get access to because the body is so thin. They should make it 7 gauge, then this would be much better.