Learn the Basics of Buying a Gun Safe_Gun Safe Reviews_Part 1 of 3


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  • Ricky Burton
    Ricky Burton  5 months back

    I’m not worried about 🔥 fire, I’m worried about some asshole breaking into the damned thing!😡. It’s the paper thin walls that suck!

    • Mark C
      Mark C  8 months back

      It's SAFE to say this safe video is booooorrrring! Take a shot every time this guy says "safe" you would have alcohol poisoning lol
      Does this monster safe come with a new reinforced floor for your house lol.

      • Sean
        Sean  10 months back

        Weapons Education channel has way better information and videos about safes.

        • JustMe9
          JustMe9  10 months back

          12 gauge or 3/8", they all cut easily with the right saw. The door doesn't mean shit, because the top, bottom, and sides are so weak in gun safes. Put a deadbolt on your closet and get insurance.

          • electromechanical stuff

            None of those are safes and he says that. Then continues to call them safes? A safe is metal fire rated concrete then metal again on all sides. These are all RSC UL rated ( residential security "cabinets") the grading isnt what cost more its the production.

            • Doug Prentice
              Doug Prentice  3 years back

              the diameter of the bolt means nothing.

            • fosho 5.0
              fosho 5.0  3 years back

              more like bs rated safe

              • fosho 5.0
                fosho 5.0  3 years back

                i like to ask what your putting in your safe lol,

                • W. M.
                  W. M.  3 years back

                  Seems like a plasma cutter would make quick work of these.

                  • Ping Pong
                    Ping Pong  9 months back

                    so will a $10 angle grinder

                  • bill adams
                    bill adams  10 months back

                    @Sean Fuck you it is disrespectful. You pile of shit

                  • Sean
                    Sean  10 months back

                    @Ken A Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress.

                    Here is the relevant part of the US Code of Laws regarding how to fly the flag when in distress:

                    THE UNITED STATES FLAG CODE 
                    Title 4, Chapter 1

                    § 8(a)The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

                    Most individuals who have served in military service of our nation should recognize this signal.

                  • bill adams
                    bill adams  11 months back

                    @Ken A that is exactly what I was thinking but no matter who is President I love our flag

                  • Ken A
                    Ken A  1 years back

                    Hey stupid fuck......... present our country's flag correctly. That upside down shit was appropriate when Odumbo was President but not now!!!!