Finally, a Biometric Safe That Doesn't Suck - Verifi Smart Safe S6000 Review

  • Published: 23 February 2018
  • If you''ve been in the market for a sub $400 biometric safe solution you're probably aware the choices aren't great. The majority of biometric safes in that price range have fingerprint readers that don't work! The Verif S6000 performs FLAWLESSLY, i can't say enough good things about it.

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  • MiamiJester
    MiamiJester  1 months back

    My mom builds these exact safes and designs them. They are super dope. I have one myself and it’s amazing

    • DaveJustDave
      DaveJustDave   1 months back

      nice! tell her great work! i still love mine

  • Titus h
    Titus h  5 months back

    Thanks for the great info.... I was looking all week for a reliable safe ... now I know what to get!!

    • Justsome Randomdude
      Justsome Randomdude  6 months back

      That’s a serious looking weapon.

    • Francis Faustino
      Francis Faustino  7 months back

      Thank you for this review. I don't know why safe manufacturers in general have such a tough time designing fingerprint bio-metric readers. Reliable "tap" fingerprint readers (the kind that just needs a tap instead of swiping) have been available on phones for I think close to 4 years now. Yet, even expensive high end safes such as Vaultek still can't seem to get it right. For a gun safe, I need fast and reliable access each and every time. I was so close to buying a Vaultek but can't quite pull the trigger on it because of the fingerprint reader. I do like that this safe has an indication for un-authorize access attempts. My daughter is still a baby right now, but this un-authorize alert will come in handy later on. It will tell me every time I need to have a sit down and talk with her about gun safety.

      • Ryan Visser
        Ryan Visser  1 years back

        These can be purchased on Pretty reasonable prices. I also like that Costco will return anything for any reason. So I feel great purchasing from them. I will be purchasing the S4000 to hold my pistols.

        • Verifi Smart.Safe.
          Verifi Smart.Safe.  1 years back

          Hi Dave,

          Thanks for the review! Great video and great points discussed; you covered many features that we spent a lot of time developing and feel are very important. I would like to point out that in an emergency situation, you can reduce the time it takes to open the safe to about 2 seconds by placing your finger on the sensor and pressing the "start" button at the same time.

          We're here to help if you run into any issues with the safe at all or have any questions about its features. Feel free to give us a call or e-mail any time.

          Cori Yarbrough
          Zvetco Biometrics

          • DaveJustDave
            DaveJustDave   1 years back

            Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely keep that in mind though I hope I'll never need to open it that quickly!

        • Nhi Lan
          Nhi Lan  1 years back

          So anyone without authorized fingerprint can open the safe by removing the screws?

          • Nhi Lan
            Nhi Lan  1 years back

            DaveJustDave hi Dave, how long do u have to change the batteries?

          • DaveJustDave
            DaveJustDave   1 years back

            Nhi Lan they also need a physical key

        • Nhi Lan
          Nhi Lan  1 years back

          The weight?

          • Bonnie Rasmussen
            Bonnie Rasmussen  10 months back

            I think I read on the Costco write up that it weighs 31 lbs.

          • DaveJustDave
            DaveJustDave   1 years back

            I didn't weigh it but I'm sure the manufacturer posts the information on their website

        • Nhi Lan
          Nhi Lan  1 years back

          Hơw long does the battery last? How often do you have to change it?

          • DaveJustDave
            DaveJustDave   1 years back

            I haven't had mine all that long, but I've heard stories of a year or more. It has a battery level indicator so you can check it periodically and not have any nasty surprises

        • ridemgis
          ridemgis  1 years back

          Thanks for review. After seeing this I cancelled my order for another biometric safe in favor of this one. Took 5 minutes from unboxing to complete setup. Very nice!

          • Nhi Lan
            Nhi Lan  1 years back

            ridemgis how has your experience with it since?

        • russekk
          russekk  2 years back

          Nice job interesting review