• Published: 06 June 2018
  • Masterlock 5423D - Normal Operation, Decoded and Bypassed, and some Number-Game Ranting at the end for your security awareness and field application of Tactical Lock Picking!

    The theme of the week is NUMBERS! Today we talk about how this push button mechanical lock box works, we teach you how to decode / bypass it, and how to apply this numbers game to the field application of Tactical Lock Picking ... as we sip booze from our adult sippy cups ;)

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  • djjohnking
    djjohnking  1 months back

    This is good if only 4 digits but this can be programmed up to 12 digits. So the variance is much higher than 495.

    • Rascal Pup
      Rascal Pup  1 months back

      I was just about to say this, one could use 3 numbers, or 6 or 8, and if they're expecting only a 4 digit code itll throw them for a loop.

  • Goon Sauce
    Goon Sauce  4 months back

    I found a way of opening the wall mounted version of this lock, you pull down unlock button and hold down the reset button for the keypad and feel for which numbers are stiffer than the rest and that is your combination

    • MrSmith1288
      MrSmith1288  4 months back

      Anybody find solutions for my P19919 model. Forgot the combo. Thank you

      • Hatchit Bear
        Hatchit Bear  2 months back

        I have a p19919 and this doesnt work right.

    • Mohamed Patel
      Mohamed Patel  6 months back

      I have not rotated the numbers correctly and locked it won't open. solution ?

    • Adriana Jackson
      Adriana Jackson  10 months back

      Do you know how to open this locker if is jammed?

      • Uncensored Tactical
        Uncensored Tactical   10 months back

        Adriana Jackson As far as my research tells me the company has updated this lock so that this technique doesn’t work anymore. BUT there are only 495 possible combos. Get on our Discord App and send me a message and I can get you a list ;)

    • Rich Scott
      Rich Scott  1 years back

      nice job.

      • nifreaky
        nifreaky  1 years back

        Thanks for the video. BTW, What is the mounted 5 button lock and do you have any way of bypassing or decoding it?

        • Uncensored Tactical
          Uncensored Tactical   1 years back

          nifreaky That is the Kaba Simplex 900 series. I am currently in production of some printable pdf's you can use to QUICKLY brute force a lock by listed trial and error. There are "methods" to use to help you guess a code, and there are things like manufacture default codes. I'm not sure of any way to "pick" it yet but I'll be doing more on this topic soon, Check out our podcast for more. 👍🏼 Thanks for the question!