WE FOUND A 100 YEAR OLD SAFE! It's Locked- What's Inside?

  • Published: 06 December 2017
  • While shopping for some money-makers at GoodWill, we found a rusty, 100 year old safe with the key broken off in it. It's super heavy, $50 and we are taking a risk, hoping it's full of gold coins. See what's inside this thing in today's episode of Homesteadhow.


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Comments • 236

  • A3668m Milling
    A3668m Milling  7 months back

    Hilarious! Empty! “In the Arms of an Angel”. Crying here!

    • Daniel Krankovich
      Daniel Krankovich  7 months back

      U brokes

      • Clinton Campbell
        Clinton Campbell  7 months back

        What a waste of time. You couldn't just get to the opening part?

        • Gorillaglue
          Gorillaglue  7 months back

          What a load of bullocks what a s*** video obviously the safe was opened before whoever sold it to him probably

          • michael Mccord
            michael Mccord  8 months back

            wanker and yer a cunt

            • Nosey Parker
              Nosey Parker  8 months back

              Can I have my 8:41 back please :-(

              • Tianna Mcmahon
                Tianna Mcmahon  8 months back

                Well at least it wasn't one of those fake videos good luck on your next one

                • Jusuf Agung
                  Jusuf Agung  8 months back

                  😂 you will never find anything inside the old safe bought from a Department Store! 🤣

                  • Cameron Scott
                    Cameron Scott  8 months back

                    Well that's 9 minutes of my life that I won't get back..... Bollox

                    • Danmark er mit fædreland

                      Why putting a video up on youtube when the end its just like pissing your pants on cold winterday..?

                      • Nadeem Dalwl
                        Nadeem Dalwl  8 months back

                        i think i am 10000% idiot

                        • Danny White
                          Danny White  9 months back

                          sad to see a Child punished

                          • HomeSteadHow
                            HomeSteadHow   8 months back

                            What in the world are you talking about!?

                        • William Doubleu
                          William Doubleu  9 months back

                          A waste of 8:41 that ill never get back!

                          • Sujeesh mr
                            Sujeesh mr  9 months back

                            Stop uploading videos, u fool .

                            • ann page
                              ann page  9 months back

                              That is wrong....wrong....wrong

                              • Ess666
                                Ess666  9 months back

                                So you thought - these safe opening videos are really popular, maybe people will like me if I do one and I will get views so you opened one and found it contained fuck all but you decided to just post it anyway

                                • Nancy Brown
                                  Nancy Brown  9 months back

                                  I would have tried ala heavy duty magnet to pull out the key

                                  • Pratik Talavanekar
                                    Pratik Talavanekar  9 months back

                                    Congratulations- you have found 100 years old air in to the tank

                                    • HomeSteadHow
                                      HomeSteadHow   9 months back

                                      It was well worth the time and money, it was exciting to find out if there was anything in there and we are real, so we didn't plan or put anything in there, honest and pure

                                  • Rob Ryf
                                    Rob Ryf  9 months back

                                    Geraldo Rivera’s mustache

                                    • jpsholland
                                      jpsholland  9 months back

                                      People dont understand, as always. You made a big mistake by open the box. You lost probably several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

                                      You should put on diving gear and go with the box into an airtight chamber, seal it off and pump all the air out of it. Then open the box.

                                      It is obvious that the box contained historic air from an era the earth was a lot cleaner then nowadays. That air was worth a lot.... You could have bottled it and sell it to the aluminium head cap community.

                                      If Michael Jackson would still be alive, he probably payed you a million to to breath this historic clean air for 5 minutes.

                                      • Pamela Chadwell
                                        Pamela Chadwell  9 months back

                                        It's really cool! I would make a coffee table!

                                      • Pamela Chadwell
                                        Pamela Chadwell  9 months back

                                        Dead body!

                                        • King Flacko
                                          King Flacko  9 months back

                                          Awwww damn I'm sorru bro

                                          • Kenneth Byrd
                                            Kenneth Byrd  9 months back

                                            What a jip why would you post this

                                            • Battle Ground Master
                                              Battle Ground Master  9 months back

                                              these guys are awesome!!

                                              • Natalia Mendoza
                                                Natalia Mendoza  10 months back

                                                I subscribed for the white button clicker...

                                              • JW
                                                JW  10 months back

                                                skimmed through it... so much crap and garbage, and so much waste of film and time... wasn't worth the watch, a total waste of time and even more nothing of a video than what was inside the box...they "tried" to make it dramatic... it failed almost as badly as this video, which was so "anticlimactic" that it makes boredom look like an absolute thrill, drama and excitement... sheesh, that's bad...

                                                • HomeSteadHow
                                                  HomeSteadHow   9 months back

                                                  Sorry you feel that way, like I said in a previous comment, we work hard on editing and adding music to our videos and we are honest at showing what we find/do. We took the time to create a video in case there was something spectacular in there, it was in real time.

                                              • pablo millaqueo
                                                pablo millaqueo  10 months back

                                                esa falsa tapa abrila move las trabas de los dos costados y tira de la correa del medio suerte

                                                • paddy brady
                                                  paddy brady  10 months back

                                                  look for a secret drawer compartments.

                                                  • Vineeth Jyothsna
                                                    Vineeth Jyothsna  10 months back

                                                    Empty box. Don't bother to watch.

                                                    • HomeSteadHow
                                                      HomeSteadHow   10 months back

                                                      It was empty, but we were real in showing the viewers truthfully of what was inside. We could have hidden something in there, but that is not who we are. But thanks for watching

                                                  • Richard Provost
                                                    Richard Provost  10 months back

                                                    Ass hole ...

                                                    • concerned american
                                                      concerned american  11 months back

                                                      Really boring

                                                    • Princess Chewie
                                                      Princess Chewie  11 months back

                                                      Jimmy Hoffa is in it..😏

                                                      • Everett White
                                                        Everett White  11 months back

                                                        A leprechaun beat you to the safe that’s all. You were strong through it all. 😎😀

                                                        • Dean Daul
                                                          Dean Daul  11 months back


                                                          • J Q
                                                            J Q  11 months back

                                                            Stupid crap

                                                            • Riri Ririn
                                                              Riri Ririn  11 months back

                                                              Hi...im Merry from Indonesia ....i already follow u...please put the location addres Where u hunting ☺️

                                                              • Geraldine I brooks
                                                                Geraldine I brooks  11 months back

                                                                I'm happy for your findings
                                                                That's yours
                                                                Godga veitoyou
                                                                Keep it

                                                                • Dee Bee
                                                                  Dee Bee  11 months back

                                                                  STOP!!!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I DID.

                                                                  • Laine Drotz
                                                                    Laine Drotz  11 months back

                                                                    It was smart how you figured out how to open it without destroying it. Watched other people's videos and they always do it the hard way and end up running the safe.

                                                                    • HomeSteadHow
                                                                      HomeSteadHow   11 months back

                                                                      thank you. yes we were happy to not break it we did not break it.. and going to store stuff in it- in my office, camera things.. thanks

                                                                  • FordFracture
                                                                    FordFracture  11 months back

                                                                    I just waited 8 minutes of my like watching this lame and video !

                                                                    • HomeSteadHow
                                                                      HomeSteadHow   11 months back

                                                                      I wasted 8 seconds reading your comment, are we even?

                                                                  • San Lee Yun
                                                                    San Lee Yun  12 months back

                                                                    That is my box please return it to me or i will press cahrges

                                                                    • auxmike
                                                                      auxmike  12 months back

                                                                      Those tools are way overpriced

                                                                      • loxxxton poxxxton
                                                                        loxxxton poxxxton  12 months back

                                                                        Er...... meh!!!

                                                                        • Lisa Farris
                                                                          Lisa Farris  12 months back

                                                                          You and Geraldo can get together & commiserate!

                                                                          • Homer Simpson
                                                                            Homer Simpson  12 months back

                                                                            7:11 to see what's inside

                                                                          • Happy Miller
                                                                            Happy Miller  12 months back

                                                                            That's 8 minutes 41 seconds of my life I'll never getback

                                                                            • HomeSteadHow
                                                                              HomeSteadHow   12 months back

                                                                              plus another 15 minutes coming up with such a witty comment. Plus more time to read this reply and time to try think of something clever to say in return.

                                                                          • Rachel Guillossou
                                                                            Rachel Guillossou  12 months back