Tactical Savage Sniper Rifle, MDT Tac 21 Chassis, Command Arms Stock


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  • Mark Pugh
    Mark Pugh  2 years back

    Will this work with the Savage 110 30-06?

    • TacticalAdv
      TacticalAdv   2 years back

      Yes, but you would have to get the long action version

  • Robert Cerda
    Robert Cerda  2 years back

    what brand stock, and grip?

  • jared allen
    jared allen  3 years back

    Wanna get married...?

    • Christopher Franklin
      Christopher Franklin  3 years back

      Looks great! Savage 10 FCP action right? I have one and love it.

      • Alpha Fort
        Alpha Fort  3 years back

        beautiful rifle. pity there wasnt any commentary though

        • lilbeserk
          lilbeserk  3 years back

          Nice system. Savage Arms has put out the Savage Stealth 10 BA (110 BA) for a mere $1,100.

          • av8rgrip
            av8rgrip  3 years back

            I have to ask.  Why do folks think this is a nice rifle?  Is it because it is effective, reliable, and accurate, or is it because of the way it looks?

            • Trevor .Raggy
              Trevor .Raggy  4 years back

              Sa c'est du matos mon bon monsieur

              • Turner Bros Basketball Channel

                Was this originally a Savage FCP-SR?

                • Erik Middleton
                  Erik Middleton  4 years back

                  wow bad ass

                  • targetshooter2
                    targetshooter2  4 years back

                    this must be eye candy for kids ,, you don't work the safety from that little side port hole do you ?? what do you do in cold temps with gloves on ?? looks like they tried to make one chassis fit several makers here .

                    • Terry LeGrand
                      Terry LeGrand  4 years back

                      What type of Hand Guard did you use.

                      • Andre
                        Andre  4 years back

                         I really like the build you have.  What scope do you have on it?

                        • Kristof Rogiers
                          Kristof Rogiers  4 years back

                          nice looking gun . I want to build my Custom sniper starten from my remington 700 Police 308 win. I will buy an MDT TAC 21 chassis , the only hard choise (for me) is the butt stock . It has to be from CAA but im in Doubts between the SRS and ARS i Just cant find a good compairison video some where. It doesnt actually be on a rem. just to see the difference. my Guess its just the lenght of the stock and maybe another tube connection ?

                          • Tyler Snider
                            Tyler Snider  5 years back

                            i know the LSS they make weighs less, but did this add weight or take weight from the rifle? is that aluminum or polymer? thanks

                            oh and do you know your rifles weight?

                            • T C
                              T C  5 years back

                              Looks awesome except for the TURD of a scope... : (

                              • Brian White
                                Brian White  9 months back

                                And the turd of a bipod and the turd of a buttstock.

                            • Rafael Galvez
                              Rafael Galvez  5 years back

                              It's coming out bada$$.
                              And Would those things you shared fit the savage trophy hunter xp in .308?

                              • TacticalAdv
                                TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                Since I am getting the question pretty often now I suppose I could be persuaded to build a custom for the right person. As far as caliber is concerned, I could build this exact rifle in any of the Savage or Remington Short Action. A long action receiver could also be built but would require a different model of chassis from MDT

                                • Thom Thompson
                                  Thom Thompson  5 years back

                                  Oh HECK yeah-real gun porn! I've rebuilt our 110BA 30-06. 24 inch 1-10 twist fluted varmit-fluted bolt-target/tactical bolt handle. Savage are underrated tack drivers.

                                  • Wormsniper
                                    Wormsniper  5 years back

                                    Looks good!

                                    • Vince g
                                      Vince g  5 years back

                                      Pretty gun

                                      • Northerner26
                                        Northerner26  5 years back

                                        that is one sexy rifle! and would be so much fun at the range!

                                        • Larry Robertson
                                          Larry Robertson  5 years back

                                          are you producing this for sale ?  and are there calibre options?

                                          • TacticalAdv
                                            TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                            No Im not producing these but MDT makes these chassis for most popular calibers in the Remington and Savage product lines. I would be more thanhappy to discuss it with you if you need further info. Feel free to send me a message. Thanks for watching

                                        • Jedi Majic
                                          Jedi Majic  5 years back

                                          Oh yea nice rifle !!!

                                          • TacticalAdv
                                            TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                            lol....I am pretty stoked with it. Still have a long way to go before its done but I am a believer in the MDT TAC21 product now 100%

                                        • Frank Hampton
                                          Frank Hampton  5 years back

                                          My mouth is watering I want one.

                                          • chris bean
                                            chris bean  5 years back

                                            easy to do and significantly cheaper than buying a 110BA that's for sure

                                        • neutered10mm
                                          neutered10mm  5 years back

                                          sweet looking lead slinger you go there ;)

                                          • The Brew Tank
                                            The Brew Tank  5 years back


                                            • El Terrible SoCal
                                              El Terrible SoCal  5 years back

                                              She looks like she's ready to go to work.
                                              I have that same scope on my budget build and I love it. I'm not an expert shooter but, the TRS does what I want it to.
                                              Can wait to see her in action.

                                              • Keaton Eggleston
                                                Keaton Eggleston  5 years back

                                                Looking damn nice

                                                • TheALOwens
                                                  TheALOwens  5 years back


                                                  • chris bean
                                                    chris bean  5 years back

                                                    just wait, theres much more to come

                                                • Militaristics
                                                  Militaristics  5 years back

                                                  MDT makes some real nice stuff. I have a MDT LSS thats holding a 700AAC-SD and the only issue I have so far is figuring out a front sling mounting point, after all every gun needs a sling or at least a sling mounting option right? do you plan for your build?

                                                  • TacticalAdv
                                                    TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                                    Ive got a line on a cool little hand made product that will double as a semi-shorty sling as well as a bipod pull and bipod loading helper. Its pretty cool, Ill have a video up in a couple weeks for it. I am very impressed with the MDT worksmanship. The action just feels better in a ultra stiff chassis. Even cycling the bolt you can tell the difference. Remember, I have a 700 going into a JP Enterprises chassis coming up as soon as this build is complete. Gonna be a fun summer at the TacticalADV camp

                                                • Gun Enthusiast
                                                  Gun Enthusiast  5 years back

                                                  Very cool rifle. ..

                                                  • TacticalAdv
                                                    TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                                    Thanks Im happy with it so far. The donor savage wasn't even in an accustock so it really needed some help. Ill make some videos actually talking about the chassis and parts but I just had to make a gun porn vid...lol. Still have a lot of work to do and a multicam dip job to complete but I am really happy with how it looks. Now it better perform ...lol

                                                • MasterClass Outdoors
                                                  MasterClass Outdoors  5 years back

                                                  Awesome rifle! Nice vid too.

                                                  • TacticalAdv
                                                    TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                                    Thankk you master Yoda, padawan's learn slow but they learn...lol

                                                • SkinnyMedic
                                                  SkinnyMedic  5 years back


                                                  • TacticalAdv
                                                    TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                                    Coming together nicely. Still have quite a bit left to do though

                                                • MyHollowpoint
                                                  MyHollowpoint  5 years back

                                                  Damn good looking rifle.