Electronic Safe Opened in 10 seconds with Black Box | Mr. Locksmith Video


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  • Robin Campfens
    Robin Campfens  2 weeks back

    Why is this called a safe...

    • Dale White
      Dale White  3 months back

      Reason #200 not to by a sentrysafe.

      • MaltaMcMurchy
        MaltaMcMurchy  4 months back

        You're a hero, Mr. Locksmith! 🔐

      • Crazy pop Anime land
        Crazy pop Anime land  8 months back

        Can you open a Winchester safe the same way??

        • Mr. Locksmith
          Mr. Locksmith   8 months back

          Crazy pop Anime land Depends on the Model and year the Electronics was manufactured, however, several exploits exist but are very expensive and are not sold to non-government agencies.

      • Jessel Mahon
        Jessel Mahon  9 months back

        What about sentry safe rotary dial safes? Cant remember my combination .

        • Kiba
          Kiba  1 years back

          Another great video warning consumers to quit buying cheap junk safes and lock sets just because they can acquire it at wal mart or costco.... If it's important you buy a REAL safe!

          • Brian brooks
            Brian brooks  1 years back

            Seems like a lot of trouble, considering all sentry safes can be opened with a magnet.

            • Mr. Locksmith
              Mr. Locksmith   1 years back

              Brian brooks The Problem with using a rare Earth Magnet to open the safe is you still may not have the code. Most times the Dumb Box will open the safe and add a new code so they safe is still useable.

          • Pyro4100
            Pyro4100  1 years back

            Let's not forget that a sledgehammer opens up Century Safes very easily it's the master key to these things

            • quasi modo
              quasi modo  1 years back

              How much the black Box?

              • Frank Wu
                Frank Wu  1 years back

                do you require a permit to buy a black box ?

                • john rossell
                  john rossell  1 years back

                  Looks like that dum box isn't so dum

                  • Marcos Raudkett
                    Marcos Raudkett  1 years back

                    does the black box happen to be made out of raspberry pi?

                    • IG canthitmehoeツ
                      IG canthitmehoeツ  1 years back

                      The cod black hat

                      • Tristan james brumley 1

                        Can i have one of the safe plz

                        • Laurence Cope
                          Laurence Cope  1 years back

                          So if you enter your own code is the factory default code still active, it looks like it is.

                          • Tim Folland
                            Tim Folland  1 years back

                            I have a 3059 Honeywell gun safe they sent keys that don't work and do not know the combination on the front of the digital it says program but I don't have any information to program it will that box work the Honeywell 3059

                            • djlowtek
                              djlowtek  1 years back

                              Reminder: Never buy Sentry Safe

                            • David Fernandez
                              David Fernandez  1 years back

                              Mr. locksmith i need your black box can i have information as to getting one please

                              • Walter
                                Walter  2 years back

                                Wow this is pretty ridiculous, so I guess the point of this videoIs to show anybody how to get this box to break into other peoples livesThis should be totally illegal!.

                                Also by the way I do not own this safe and will never purchase something this small I have a few comments thinking that I purchased this which I did not i stumbled on this video by accident looking for much larger safe. :)

                                • WaschyNumber1
                                  WaschyNumber1  2 months back

                                  @Sunny Wu not when someone is building his own safe.

                                • Ethan Ellis
                                  Ethan Ellis  1 years back

                                  Sunny Wu um actually if you had any idea of how a lock works you would know that this is impossible and you should stop believing every conspiracy theory that you see on the internet.

                                • Cryptopolis
                                  Cryptopolis  1 years back

                                  Breaking into other people's safes without their permission IS illegal.... You didn't know that?

                                • kkeiaa
                                  kkeiaa  1 years back

                                  Actually Sentry Safe does keep a Master code for every safe they sell.

                                • Cat Herder
                                  Cat Herder  1 years back

                                  Walter Any safe can be opened, some just easier than others! Your average crackhead usually just relies on brute force attacks not locksmith techniques!

                              • ryan hall
                                ryan hall  2 years back

                                Will this work for any other brand safe

                                • Diener Christi
                                  Diener Christi  3 months back

                                  Ochiltree J I don’t waste my time with this thing. And if I get a sentry, it’s being pried open. Not going to waste time putting on a show for a cheap fire box.

                                • Diener Christi
                                  Diener Christi  1 years back

                                  ryan hall I’ve personally seen guys try to use this thing on ESL 10s and ESL 20s with absolutely zero success.

                              • Tony Berlini
                                Tony Berlini  2 years back

                                Left key inside my sentry safe by accident, how can I open it

                                • Mr. Locksmith
                                  Mr. Locksmith   2 years back

                                  Call Sentry for a replacement key or have your local locksmith pick it open.

                              • Vijay Dwivedi
                                Vijay Dwivedi  2 years back

                                hii sir.. sir how to reset a series lock on bidaut auto key programme

                                • Mr. Locksmith
                                  Mr. Locksmith   2 years back

                                  Available on the Mr. Locksmith Training website.

                              • Tomasz Owocki
                                Tomasz Owocki  2 years back

                                Where I can buy this box in Europe? Please let me know

                                • Fu Chung
                                  Fu Chung  12 months back

                                  Can I still use the old code when I already opened safe box

                                • Fu Chung
                                  Fu Chung  12 months back

                                  If I open my safe box Can I still

                                • Brandon  Storie
                                  Brandon Storie  2 years back

                                  Ordered one from his site 2 months ago have not received my order this guy is very unethical

                              • Raul Rodriguez
                                Raul Rodriguez  2 years back

                                nice video how to get the black box

                              • Camrahnbay Camrahnbay
                                Camrahnbay Camrahnbay  2 years back

                                Hello ordered black box what is the lead time to receive it also how do you register on your website cannot find registration information.

                                • Gollammeister
                                  Gollammeister  2 years back

                                  id never buy one id rather invest in a good qaulity one

                                  • Kurtis K. Cullen
                                    Kurtis K. Cullen  2 years back

                                    Dear Mr locksmith

                                    I desperately need to get into my safe....
                                    DSW3607..... BK220960..... IT'S LITERALLY A serious problem. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

                                    Loyally yours
                                    Det.......Kurtis Cullen

                                  • Samuelle Luce
                                    Samuelle Luce  2 years back

                                    Will you keep me posted? If it does work I'll order a black box. Would like to get these safes open asap. Thanks

                                    • Jacob Leviste
                                      Jacob Leviste  2 weeks back

                                      Samuelle Luce you litterally watched a video of him using

                                  • Sam Lucey
                                    Sam Lucey  2 years back

                                    Hello, Will this product work for the Sentry DH series as well? Thank you

                                    • Sam Lucey
                                      Sam Lucey  2 years back

                                      Mr. Locksmith any word yet on compatibility?

                                    • Mr. Locksmith
                                      Mr. Locksmith   2 years back

                                      Not tested on the the Sentry DH series yet. I have a few on order and lets see.

                                  • john mendoza rios
                                    john mendoza rios  2 years back

                                    Mr. Locksmith. I'm waiting for my order, 2 weeks ago I did it and you dont confirm anything, you dont answer the messages, what happens?

                                    • justanotherbum007
                                      justanotherbum007  7 months back

                                      Are you still waiting? What ended up happening?

                                    • mimithompson2011
                                      mimithompson2011  1 years back

                                      john mendoza rios did you ever receive the product? And did it work?

                                  • john mendoza rios
                                    john mendoza rios  2 years back

                                    Hi, good morning. a week ago i bought your product (black box) and i didn´t receive a mail about the tracking number. how long will it take arrive?, i need it.

                                    • john mendoza rios
                                      john mendoza rios  2 years back

                                      Hi, I entered your website to buy the black box and there are no available, how much time do you think is available ?, it needs to be as soon as possible

                                      • john mendoza rios
                                        john mendoza rios  2 years back

                                        thank you

                                      • Mr. Locksmith
                                        Mr. Locksmith   2 years back

                                        john mendoza rios Sold out! I will be shipping the next batch in two weeks approx. May 01, 2017.

                                    • Kyle Corey
                                      Kyle Corey  2 years back

                                      how much do you sell this for

                                      • Manny Perez
                                        Manny Perez  2 years back

                                        what locks do you recommend for every day use?

                                        • stagepyro
                                          stagepyro  2 years back

                                          Mr. Locksmith Protec2 are great. One of their advantages is their worldwide availability and there are almost all types and shapes of cylinders. Btw, I watched your video recommending it.

                                        • Mr. Locksmith
                                          Mr. Locksmith   2 years back

                                          I have an Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolt installed on my house and office.

                                        • stagepyro
                                          stagepyro  2 years back

                                          Manny Perez For your doors, get some commercial grade ASSA or Medeco,. Even Schlage has some commercial ones. For safes, S&G or german Lebtig (formerly known as Kromer) 4-disc mechanical combination locks are a good choice. Look for 'manipulation protection'. Electronic safe locks? Paxos with dial or Kaba Mas X-09. Padlocks: Abloy with Protec2 core. Sorry, but everything mentioned has a rather hefty price tag on it.

                                        • Fusion Developer
                                          Fusion Developer  2 years back

                                          Some good ones are: ASSA, Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, BEST. American has some good padlocks. I'm not a locksmith, but maybe if nobody else replies, then I have told you the names of some good brands. If your only choice is Schlage and Kwikset, go with Schlage.