Electronic Key Pad Safe Unboxing and Set up Instructions

  • Published: 18 April 2013
  • Electronic Key Pad Safe Unboxing and Set up Instructions
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  • Sim
    Sim  3 months back

    ­čśé Few bumps on the way

    • Abood Al hussni
      Abood Al hussni  4 months back

      How to set numbers/letters?

      • Alejandro Sosa
        Alejandro Sosa  4 months back

        Thanks brother! Found the keys but not the manual. Your instructions worked perfectly to enable me access and to reset the code...­čÖĆ­čĆ╗­čĹŹ­čĆ╗

        • Becca Fugit
          Becca Fugit  5 months back

          Great video! You saved a lot of cussing lol!!!

          • Rufus Chan
            Rufus Chan  6 months back

            Just inherited this safe from someone. No manual given. Any idea to to even open the safe? Like what do you press to open? Pin + # or ?

            • Aslan Kismetov
              Aslan Kismetov  8 months back

              *I absolutely love this lock!>>>**t.co/vp9mBUK6H1** With two young children that seem to never have their keys, this is perfect. Love it so much, I am purchasing one for back door also.*

            • Antlerdreamer
              Antlerdreamer   8 months back

              Good to hear the video helped

              • Nichol Denison
                Nichol Denison  9 months back

                Thanks! I just bought one of these style safes from a pawn shop and there are no manufacturer instructions, just the key. Reset the code in 2 minutes.

                • javier cruz
                  javier cruz  2 years back

                  You cpuld also use a tire iron

                  • Christy
                    Christy  1 years back

                    you saved me man thanks