How to Hide a Security Camera (Indoors or Outside)

  • Published: 23 May 2018
  • Here are 7 unique ideas on how to hide a security camera in your home. Hiding a security camera can help prevent the camera from being stolen or smashed by a burglar.

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  • Smart Home Solver
    Smart Home Solver   1 years back

    Who was able to spot one of our hidden cameras before we showed where it was? ✋
    Thanks for watching! Comment below if you have another idea for hiding a security camera.

    • Karlo Santos
      Karlo Santos  5 months back

      Where to buy that mini cam tia

    • Ersula Williams
      Ersula Williams  6 months back

      Smart Home Solver how do I hide the cord?

    • Angel Figueroa
      Angel Figueroa  7 months back

      Cool video man , thanks for the advice.

    • Isabelle BANGOURA
      Isabelle BANGOURA  9 months back

      I thought in the tree, but in a different spot🙂

    • Smart Home Solver
      Smart Home Solver   12 months back

      +Lewis Kelly sorry about that. It's difficult to know how much time to give but maybe next time I will give a chance to pause the video so you can take as much time to think about it as you like. Thanks for the feedback!

  • REB Bal
    REB Bal  1 days back

    Is that lady at beginning of video Ms Annie Laurie? Looks like her.

    • Cripple guy
      Cripple guy  2 weeks back

      My dog shit on the floor. Nobody's going to look in that pile for a camera . 😂👍🏻

      • michael madrid
        michael madrid  3 weeks back

        pointless video... the most obvious is the least obvious...

        • Neil Hamersly
          Neil Hamersly  3 weeks back

          just use 2 camera in the teddy bear, then it's look normal?

          • thetomatowoman
            thetomatowoman  3 weeks back

            How to hide a camera in an area outside without any places to hide anything...!!!
            Someone has been stealing things off a very private patio area somewhat hidden from walkways & streets.
            So it has to be someone who knows the patio is there.
            It is not anyone living in the area, because it is a small building in an upscale area.
            None of the neighbors in our building would take anything.
            They have no use for 2 small tables & a chaise lounge chair cushion.
            The chaise cushion was taken in the middle of the daytime!!!
            The tables were taken several mos. apart. I have no idea when they were taken... It isn't easy to see the patio area unless you go around to see it. So in day to day going & coming I didn't notice anything gone because I can't see the area normally.
            So how can I catch this person.??
            I also don't think it is a homeless person because they would have no place to keep the tables. the cushion maybe they might take it to sleep on, but I found it in a trash can in the alley where anyone could see it or take it for free!
            I was washing & drying it for a chair I wanted to use it with.
            Don't have to have it, but it would make the chair comfier. It is a chaise lounge chair...
            Also if U know a small better wifi camera for outdoors I would like to hear your opinion.
            I will research of course but would like to know what U think...

            • x2xtreme360
              x2xtreme360  4 weeks back

              I hide them to monitor the bastard kids misbehaving when we leave them home. Old enough to stay home, but they're boys, and we need to know when they're doing something stupid. If the camera is out in the open, they'll change their behavior.

              • Gino vaffanculo
                Gino vaffanculo  1 months back

                the problem I find is the battery life is not longer than 1 hour unless connected to a USB charge
                which makes the wireless WIRED

                • Kim Jong-un
                  Kim Jong-un  1 months back

                  Most cameras you have to pay a service fee every month ,are there any cameras that dont have a service fee?

                  Kind of like how a home security have a service fee.
                  I want to get a home security camera but they all come with a monthly service fee.

                  • Ron Smith
                    Ron Smith  3 weeks back

                    @Jessica Walton Or 32g microsd with push notice thru app
                    ~$60 all in 1 cam 2 open door sensor 1 ir motion sensor. Wired not battery powered. uses wifi & www

                  • Jessica Walton
                    Jessica Walton  1 months back

                    Wyze cam is free with free cloud storage.

                • Arnaldo Motita
                  Arnaldo Motita  2 months back

                  what is the name brand of the cam?

                • daniyal sheikh
                  daniyal sheikh  2 months back

                  PEER MOLLA ALI SARKAR .......

                  • Jason Wilson
                    Jason Wilson  2 months back

                    mini cam.... Currently unavailable.

                  • pmarie2003
                    pmarie2003  2 months back

                    Good video! I got some ideas for the indoor cameras I'll be setting up. I have an Arlo Pro, with a dark brown skin, mounted in an oak, by my driveway. Some stranger pulled up one morning, set off my notification, and I came around the garage, phone in hand. The guy was out of his truck, and said, "Are you taking pictures of me?" (Hey idiot, it's MY driveway.) I told him no, he just tripped the alarm. The camera was recording him the moment he drove in, and he had no clue. I don't even want the jokers getting to my front door.

                    • yashdeep srivastava
                      yashdeep srivastava  2 months back

                      How to hide in bathroom

                      • 11 11
                        11 11  3 months back

                        Why do you want the cameras to be hidden? You want them in the face of the burglar or home intruder. Out of reach yes, but not out of sight.
                        Most of the time just seeing a camera is enough to make most criminals move on, but if they don't think there been recorded then the will come right in. This method would only work if your trying to capture people and you want them to get in.
                        I always think of each security measure as a layer and the more layers you have the more secure your home is. The first layer should be a garden fence or secure lighting. Keeping people as far away from your home as posable.

                        • Shivu MG
                          Shivu MG  3 months back

                          Plz guide me am TV reporter so sting operation vedious caughts so plz which one Best Buy??? Audio vedio booth recording in one touch

                          • Xuseen caydiid
                            Xuseen caydiid  3 months back

                            2:46 😃😂😁😀😁😂😃

                            • Andy Villa
                              Andy Villa  4 months back

                              Now thats smart

                              • scottishmale1970
                                scottishmale1970  4 months back


                                • R.I.P RP
                                  R.I.P RP  4 months back

                                  My phone is my camera 😂

                                  • ANTHONY BOOTH
                                    ANTHONY BOOTH  4 months back

                                    my cams Were spitting out ftp; - one of them that runs via PoE is momentarily Down until I repair the PoE module on my (old Catalyst c3560 PoE Multi- Layer beast)...
                                    - I have now a Second c3560 PoE but in a Twat location relative to the Cam which needs (inline ) PoE...

                                    • Jen Gable
                                      Jen Gable  4 months back

                                      I will have to watch this later, however, I need to install a few devices because my belongings are getting destroyed again, food is being tampered with, etc ! All true, all insane !

                                      • philly car keys
                                        philly car keys  4 months back

                                        Nice, except that you have to keep climbing the ladder (tree) to change the battery.

                                        • Brandon DPersonal
                                          Brandon DPersonal  4 months back

                                          But how are you plugging all these in?

                                          • Tina's baby
                                            Tina's baby  4 months back

                                            Just the info I've been looking for.

                                            • NickFX
                                              NickFX  4 months back

                                              U should paint the bear’s other eye full black too,so it wouldn’t B so different from further

                                            • Logan Russell
                                              Logan Russell  5 months back

                                              there like kane you see it when the camera isn't on the screen

                                              • citra anugrah
                                                citra anugrah  5 months back


                                                • Captain Skippa
                                                  Captain Skippa  5 months back

                                                  Hide Real Cameras, Show Fake Ones!

                                                  • Kalei H
                                                    Kalei H  5 months back

                                                    Thank you for the excellent tips!
                                                    I place cameras outside as a deterrence but also have a couple hidden. The deterrence cameras are meant to keep a nasty neighbor on edge, thereby preventing more vandalism by them. But sometimes I wonder if they’re testing my cameras and planning to vandalize them as well, so the hidden cameras are set to “watch” my deterrence cameras. LMAO!

                                                    • Smart Home Solver
                                                      Smart Home Solver   5 months back

                                                      I'm sorry you have a neighbor like that. They probably will try and do something out of sight of your cameras in sight so it sounds like you have a good setup!

                                                  • mobgma
                                                    mobgma  5 months back

                                                    can you do a review of outdoor IP67/68 cameras that are rated for -40 C/ or F?

                                                    • Tony D
                                                      Tony D  5 months back

                                                      Should have changed the other eye to a black button

                                                      • Karlo Santos
                                                        Karlo Santos  5 months back

                                                        Where to buy this kind tia

                                                        • hevalan
                                                          hevalan  5 months back

                                                          Karlo Santos Amazon. I recommend Foscam

                                                      • Roulette Dan
                                                        Roulette Dan  5 months back

                                                        Girls don't even go to this guys home..( He's creepy)

                                                        • Nirusha Kodithuwakku
                                                          Nirusha Kodithuwakku  5 months back

                                                          How to buy it camera

                                                          • Tomasaki
                                                            Tomasaki  5 months back

                                                            How do you power an outdoor camera like the one in the tree I assume you have some uber long cable stretch but that seems really inefficient.

                                                            • Tomasaki
                                                              Tomasaki  5 months back

                                                              @Smart Home Solver damn that's impressive battery life.

                                                            • Smart Home Solver
                                                              Smart Home Solver   5 months back

                                                              Yeah a long cable would be pretty annoying. It's actually an Arlo Pro in the tree which uses a rechargeable battery that lasts 6 months. It's completely wireless and works pretty well so I would check it out. They also have an Arlo Pro 2 which is 1080p that I have also done a review of.

                                                          • Mama Moore
                                                            Mama Moore  5 months back

                                                            How would you hide the camera that plugs in the wall socket? My camera shows that orange or red light

                                                            • Mama Moore
                                                              Mama Moore  5 months back

                                                              How would you hide the camera that plugs in the wall socket? My camera shows that orange or red light

                                                              • Matt Y TheApplianceGuy
                                                                Matt Y TheApplianceGuy  5 months back

                                                                This guy is the landlord of your daughter's house. Lol

                                                                • Michael Werbick
                                                                  Michael Werbick  5 months back

                                                                  The only time you want to hide camera is when you are trying to catch someone doing something wrong...other than that...keep them open as a deterent

                                                                  • Renee Kerns
                                                                    Renee Kerns  5 months back

                                                                    will these record and save recordings all day while you're at work or at night while you're asleep? I read cloud charges $10 a month per each camera to save recordings? I have no experience, so please know I am not trying to joke about this. Can you save recorded footage on the tiny camera? Single mom; affordability matters.

                                                                    • fhpd350
                                                                      fhpd350  1 months back

                                                                      The Wyze Cameras have free Cloud storage for 14 days and you can use a 32 GB micro memory card as well. Free, free. The Wyze has to be plugged in [email protected] Kerns

                                                                    • Riley Jones
                                                                      Riley Jones  4 months back

                                                                      Get the blink cameras they work great and there is no monthly.

                                                                  • colleen t
                                                                    colleen t  5 months back

                                                                    These cameras require power. Changing the batteries would be a bitch resulting in me not doing it until it's too late

                                                                    • Marco P
                                                                      Marco P  5 months back

                                                                      I loved the black mirror reference, made the video 10x better.

                                                                      • Rich Lo
                                                                        Rich Lo  6 months back

                                                                        Its better to me to expose the camera outside this way they know they are being recorded already

                                                                        • Patrick Parker
                                                                          Patrick Parker  6 months back

                                                                          Weeks ago when I was thinking of getting a security camera this video didn't do much for me. Now that I got a security system on Christmas I got great ideas from this video.

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                                                                            • Esteban Guti
                                                                              Esteban Guti  6 months back

                                                                              😂 the 🐻

                                                                              • Bre Mitchell
                                                                                Bre Mitchell  6 months back

                                                                                Awesome video