• Published: 27 July 2012
  • This was produced by Security Labs in conjunction with a report on the insecurity of many gun and asset safes produced primarily by Stack-On but also be Gun Vault and Bulldog manufacturers and sold by major retailers including Wal-Mart, Cabelas, and Scheels.Many of these safes can be opened easily and are not secure for the purpose intended.

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  • David Lowrance
    David Lowrance  4 months back

    You missed the easiest way to open the safe. Drop it lock side down on hard surface from 2 feet and inertia will cause the locking hook spring open.

    • Adam Brier
      Adam Brier  2 years back

      THANK YOU! bought a truck with this lock box in the middle console, but no key anywhere to be found, you helped me hack it and be able to use it now,
      THUMBS UP!!!,,,,,

      • Tom H.
        Tom H.  4 years back

        A smash-and-grab burglar who's trying to run through your house and grab whatever they can in five minutes before police respond to a burglar alarm is not going to pick the lock. If it's in a car, its purpose is just to prevent casual unauthorized access such as by passengers.

        • Eric
          Eric  4 years back

          My two year old won't crack this.. I'm using it until she's older. Money well spent in my opinion

          • Eric
            Eric  3 years back

            +END6987 đź‘Ť

          • END6987
            END6987  3 years back

            +Eric S that is what I wont one for.

        • el hajj shabazz
          el hajj shabazz  5 years back

          Thanks you just showed every thief in the world how to open this.  Thanks again...

          • Gary March
            Gary March  3 years back

            +el hajj shabazz Once a thief gets a hold of any safe... hes gonna get in one way or another. All this item does is stop a smash and grab (Maybe) and hopefully prevent a little kid from getting at your pistol.

          • Possibly David
            Possibly David  4 years back

            @el hajj shabazz A decent thief could figure this stuff out with a couple of pictures and a couple of minutes. This shows people who are considering buying it or who own it some flaws with it.

        • Christopher Salvetti
          Christopher Salvetti  5 years back

          Great. I just bought one of these. Of course, nowhere on the packaging does it use the word "gun" or "firearm". It's merely marketed as a locking case. I just figure this is better than the glove box. 

          • fightnuttube
            fightnuttube  5 years back

            Why does everybody keep using the word "safe"?? It's not a safe, and doesn't claim to be one.

            • phrezy
              phrezy  6 years back

              Was just looking at this and liked it till I saw this video. Just saved me $70 worth of crap.

              • WxGuy
                WxGuy  6 years back

                Bought one yesterday. Taking back today!!!

                • gmodesike
                  gmodesike  6 years back

                  these safe designers are pretty dumb to be able to crack into this easily. good video. thanks for posting.

                  • gmodesike
                    gmodesike  6 years back

                    3^8=6561 go with that one, you can go to 8 and that will calm your complaining

                    • PugGaming
                      PugGaming  7 years back

                      Its called controlling my kids and raising them right. Unlike some people./.

                      • Grim Fandango
                        Grim Fandango  7 years back

                        Got yourself a crystal ball, have you? Good luck with all that

                        • PugGaming
                          PugGaming  7 years back

                          No. My kids when they are older will not know how to open my safe.

                          • Grim Fandango
                            Grim Fandango  7 years back

                            I can open your gun safe in 30 seconds, because there are numerous videos on youtube showing exactly how. Your kids can't do this now, but how about when they are a little older? Did you know this video came about due to a 3 year old opening his Daddy's gun "safe" and then killed himself with the loaded pistol? IMO something to think about

                            • PugGaming
                              PugGaming  7 years back

                              lmao this box is being sold as a case to either simply keep your kids out of it and accessing your firearm or a simply method to allow it to travel while you travel.. my kids will certainly not be able to do any of the shown methods so imo this case is still very dam good for what its USED for. Doesnt help the people in this video are pros at what they are showing. Meaning you can take a $500 safe and with the right knowledge open it right up.

                              • Matt Grimm
                                Matt Grimm  7 years back

                                first, there are way more than 27 combinations since you can use between 3 and 8 #'s. second, if you are storing extreme valuables in a $50 lockbox, well thats your fault. now if you are storing a self defense weapon in it so your children cant access it, then you are using it as it was designed for. if a theif can access it without you knowing right next to you at night, they could have already stabbed you.

                                • Adrian Lee
                                  Adrian Lee  7 years back

                                  Excellent job on the videos. I have seen a number now. So these are basically decorative units then, which also doubles up as a toy for kids. a bad way.

                                  • spoofedex
                                    spoofedex  7 years back

                                    Wait, let me get this straight... This safe supports a 3-8 button combination (according to Amazon), with 3 different buttons? And you can tell how many digits it is? So with a combination of 3 buttons, you have a 3^3 = 27, so 1 in 27 chance of opening it with your first try! You can brute force it in 27 tries, what is that supposed to protect against..? Even a length of 4, 3^4 = 81, so for every 81 kids that try a random combination, one will open it...

                                    • Thomas Landmann
                                      Thomas Landmann  7 years back

                                      It seems like there are a lot of the Stack-On safes out there.

                                      I own two! :-(

                                      It seems like (for each model) a kit could be offered to harden the safe somewhat.

                                      An upgraded key lock, metal plates or trim to frustrate identified by-pass methods, etc. should be fairly easy to assemble, and someone could make some money selling such kits on eBay.