How to Dial and Change Safe Combination Lock Part 001 | Mr. Locksmith Training Video

  • Published: 30 March 2015
  • How to Dial and Change Safe Combination Lock Part 001 | Mr. Locksmith Training Video.

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    This information is typical of a Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G), Ilco, or LaGard safe Mechanical Group II Combination Locks.

    Combination Operating Instructions:
    To unlock the safe use the "Opening Index" (located at the 12 o'clock position) on the dial ring for each number. You must dial the combination precisely without backing up.

    - Left 4 or more turns to the left (counterclockwise) stopping at the first number "20"
    - 3 turns to the right to the 2nd number stopping at "40"
    - 2 turns to the left to the 3rd number stopping at "60"
    - Right to open: turn the dial to the right until it stops moving.

    There are a few safes out there that are R-L-R instead of L-R-L. In that case, you utilize the same procedure except that you would reverse the direction.

    Note: See upcoming videos on "forbidden zone," drop point, opening locked safes, combination lock maintenance, troubleshooting, safe tools and the most important tool to open a safe!

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Comments • 47

  • Jack Landis
    Jack Landis  2 months back

    How about a Sentry 5130 with forgotten combination?

    • Ray Lopez
      Ray Lopez  4 months back

      I have a 1909 safe i took off back plate on the door it have 4 wheels each one haves a notch how do I get combination numbers to find out what combination numbers on dial to open safe

      • Hatzby Hatzby
        Hatzby Hatzby  4 months back

        How to open combination dial sentry safe MSO 200..PLEASE

        • John R
          John R  9 months back

          If you can’t open the safe, try one number high or one number low when dialing up the lock. My safe was off by one number and it would not open. Its trying, but you have to have patience.

        • BSBrick
          BSBrick  11 months back

          where can I buy this mechanism???

          • Dr. bright
            Dr. bright  11 months back

            Can you try to do a video on how to change the combination to a Sentry Safe?

          • J R H
            J R H  1 years back

            Does this work with sentry safes with dial combination.

            • Vanessa Holland
              Vanessa Holland  1 years back

              When I insert my change key the dial will only turn so far before it hits something and won't turn anymore .. hindering my efforts to change combo .. it's an s&g lock .. any suggestions

              • Nachtgeist
                Nachtgeist  1 years back

                Where can I bye or get hold of a practice lock you have on this video?

                • Rob Aitken
                  Rob Aitken  2 years back

                  Awesome! Great video

                  • chris G
                    chris G  2 years back

                    36-24-36 Hey, I lead a life of crime!

                    • Eric Joslin
                      Eric Joslin  1 years back

                      I hear dirty deeds are still reasonably cheap.

                  • Luca McManus
                    Luca McManus  2 years back


                    • John Eaves
                      John Eaves  2 years back

                      Where would I get a key ??? I need to change the combo

                      • Terry Davis
                        Terry Davis  2 years back

                        can not open it !!!

                        • Terry Davis
                          Terry Davis  2 years back

                          remington rand safe cabinet its says yale on combination dail I have the numbers but can open it I have spin to right stop on 18, left 3 times stop 88, right 2 times stop on 38, left to 0 I have tried so many times any suggestion ? thanks

                          • Mr. Locksmith
                            Mr. Locksmith   2 years back

                            Terry Davis 4 x Left, 3 x Right, 2 x Left, spin slowly to the right to open (just past zero).

                        • b
                          b  2 years back

                          really interesting. i really liked seeing the mechanism work while you turned the dial. thanks for taking the time to make and post this!

                          • ed elsey
                            ed elsey  2 years back

                            I've got a Browning gun safe with S&G dial combination lock. It won't unlock the safe on the last rotation to the right after dialing the combination. Any ideas?

                            • Lorenz Victor Anyayahan

                              How do I change the combination if there is no key hole for change key? Any tips guys? thank you

                              • Mark Anderson
                                Mark Anderson  3 years back

                                I have just received an old sears roebuck and company safe with Yale on the dail- with no lever-just a knob to pull. If possible could you give me some help on how to open. I've just started watching your video classes and look forward to watching more and hopefully taking some classes. Thank you for your time regardless of being able to help me.

                                • Mayra Vasquezq
                                  Mayra Vasquezq  3 years back

                                  How I can fix the dial when got stuck I meant it is so hard to turn around every directions

                                  • Mr. Locksmith
                                    Mr. Locksmith   3 years back

                                    Your safe combination lock is failing. If you get the safe open, do not lock and replace the safe combination. I recommend you call a locksmith.

                                • Exodiac47
                                  Exodiac47  3 years back

                                  How do I change a xl sentrysafe's combination?

                                  • Mr. Locksmith
                                    Mr. Locksmith   3 years back

                                    Its a pain lol. Check out your owners manual or go to the Sentry Safe website or call your local locksmith.

                                • James Rice
                                  James Rice  3 years back

                                  Is this the same for a safe with a key

                                • Ravi Arora
                                  Ravi Arora  3 years back

                                  Hi ! Thanks for such a detailed video. I would appreciate your guidance on a related matter. We have a new safe with La Gard combination. Its user manual is not as comprehensive as your video. It says that factory set combination is ‘50’. With only one number ‘50’ described as combination, we are confused whether the 3-number combination could be with same number (50-50-50) or it is only 1-number factory setting ‘50’. We would like to change the combination, but are not sure if we should it with an assumption, as we might end up with a jammed lock. Could you please guide whether it could be simply one number ‘50’ that has been set 3 times? Thanks for your help.

                                  • Mr. Locksmith
                                    Mr. Locksmith   3 years back

                                    Yes, it is set on factory code. Just follow the video. Note: Do not lock the door of the safe until you have tested that the new code works a minimum of three times in a row to open before locking it. Example: lock it open and test new code.

                                • Matt Astbury
                                  Matt Astbury  3 years back

                                  okay I have a question my nephews and my sons we're trying to watch videos on how to break into a safe and so they attempted to mess with my step dad's gun safe well since they did that and we're holding the lever the whole time they've messed it up where now the combination will not work the only other option is cut it open or calling a Safecracker for for $500 is there anything I can do to try to do it without having to cut open the side maybe even pop the lock if I can I don't know

                                  • Mr. Locksmith
                                    Mr. Locksmith   3 years back

                                    Sounds like the forced or broke the handle. Not a hard job to open but will require a safecraker.

                                • UNCLE ARTHUR's Magick
                                  UNCLE ARTHUR's Magick  3 years back

                                  [sounding like Kenny Rodgers ] "turn it once, Twice , three times to numberrrr"

                                  • Bianco Dennis
                                    Bianco Dennis  3 years back

                                    if i forgot the code hw do i open it

                                    • Mid-west_man
                                      Mid-west_man  2 years back

                                      Mr. Locksmith Great video, I have a Lagard lock on my safe and the combination changed by one number during a move across the country, after watching your video I ordered a change key and will be changing the combination to a new one, thanks to your help.

                                    • Mr. Locksmith
                                      Mr. Locksmith   3 years back

                                      You will need to call a local locksmith

                                  • Jeremy Speers
                                    Jeremy Speers  3 years back

                                    I have a century safe by liberty I need to change the combo. I took back off but didn't find a spot for the change key

                                    • Luis P
                                      Luis P  3 years back

                                      I enjoy your videos. I have a small sentry safe with lock and key. I forgot combo but it's open. How can I find the number or put a new one in?

                                      • Mr. Locksmith
                                        Mr. Locksmith   3 years back

                                        Call Sentry Safe and give them the serial number. They have pretty good customer service

                                    • Silentfrowny
                                      Silentfrowny  4 years back

                                      What is the change key multi-tool?

                                      • Mr. Locksmith
                                        Mr. Locksmith   4 years back

                                        +Silentfrowny KDX makes the Safe Change Key Tool

                                    • Lori Trogdon
                                      Lori Trogdon  4 years back

                                      I have lost my combination but don't know if its registered or not it is unlocked right now

                                      • Lori Trogdon
                                        Lori Trogdon  4 years back

                                        I have lost my combination but don't know if its registered or not it is unlocked right now

                                        • Kaye Keith
                                          Kaye Keith  4 years back

                                          How can I open a Sentry safe if I've lost the factory code?

                                          • antac55
                                            antac55  4 years back

                                            +Kaye Keith Go to their website and fill out their online form, requesting a combo/key.