Breaking Into Winchester Safe


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  • FirearmsHistory
    FirearmsHistory  1 months back

    Ok that was useless...   You should RESEARCH Safes next time....  Winchester is a good safe but it is a low end model.  You want a Good HIGH end model safe you will pay BIG BUCKS!

    • Ray Jinright
      Ray Jinright  2 months back

      I wish I had spent more time looking at peoples reviews of Winchester Safes before I bought my "24" long gun safe yesterday... It might be a 24 BB gun safe but not Real Guns... It is a Damn Lie! If they lie about one thing, they will lie about everything. I bought mine more for storage than protection... very expensive storage.

      • #Resist#PunchaNazi#SJWfaggot#RedRum

        Winchestor has a heavily armoured version called the silverado weighing 1600 pounds. It costs a lot more but still no ones coming to your house with a loud metal cutting tools anyway

        • Shawn Dean
          Shawn Dean  4 months back

          For all you guys who have a safe, thay will keep someone from steeling your goods if thay didn't come prepared. But if thay are a decent thief thay have done a recon sit and watch if thay suspect you have something of value due to someone you know running that head. If thay have time an angle grinder with matabo blades will get into any safe. As far as the sheet rock fire proof, that shit is a joke and no safe will servive a fire unless it's a bank vault with concrete walls and ceiling. I've known of three safes that didn't servive home fires, winchester , liberty and a browning safe, last two where really expensive ones , first one wasn't real cheap. Total loss on all three, so get one to keep thiefs at bay mine saved me from a break in, thay took everything not nailed down but didn't touch the safe. But get good insurance against fire and don't put your trust in one keeping your stuff from being toast.

          • HighSpeedNoDrag
            HighSpeedNoDrag  5 months back

            I would use this safe as a DECOY and or Diversion.

            • Bobby Harper
              Bobby Harper  8 months back

              I can cut any metal with tools.

              • Ramo's Vids
                Ramo's Vids  8 months back

                I have the same issue right now, I was sent a piece of crap new plastic NL keypad to replace my Lagard keypad from Winchester and I still can't get in. Apparently the internal lock is bad. I will NEVER buy from Winchester their customer service SUCKS they hardly ever answer the phone. I am going to have the safe drilled, opened and then I will replace the electric lock with a mechanical one. I urge everyone stay away from electronic push button key pads they eventually will go bad on the inside of the safe which leaves no option but to have a locksmith drill. I probably will put a SafeLogic Xtreme on it myself after it is opened. I think the reason Winchester has only answered the phone once of the twenty times I called is due to too many people having problems with electronic piece of 💩 pads. Oh yeah this happened when I first got the safe and I was giving a master code that only works once.

                • Rennie Smith
                  Rennie Smith  9 months back

                  Almost all safes are built like that sheetrock between thin sheets of steel. The sheetrock is where the fire protection comes from believe it or not sheetrock has a very high combustion temp

                  • M&M Outdoors
                    M&M Outdoors  1 years back

                    Hope you kniw almost all safes now have drywall

                    • glockman945
                      glockman945  2 years back

                      ALL safes in this price range are built this way. A higher end safe that size would be 2 or 3 times the price. The lesson here is to get a manual lock not cheap electronic lock. Liberty gives 5 year warranty on S&G electronic locks and Fort Knox gives a lifetime warranty. These safes are to stop kids from getting guns, fire protection, and to slow down a smash and grab punk when the safe is bolted down properly.

                      • James Reedy
                        James Reedy  1 years back

                        Yep, that's the right attitude. Most break in's are all about opportunity. They want cash, jewelry and pills for the most part. They encounter a safe it's likely not going to be worth their effort to go nuts on the thing and risk getting caught. I once had my house broken into, I'd just moved there and I had a couple guns there in a side room just in bags. They didn't touch em, cop said a lot of criminals know better than to be caught with a stolen's a serious enhancement to their crimes.

                    • RMSG
                      RMSG  2 years back

                      The sheet rock is fire proofing as that safe is fire rated.

                      • Kamikaze Krunch
                        Kamikaze Krunch  2 years back

                        takes about 5 minutes or less to cut a hole into a liberty as well. lol

                        • Jules Gifford
                          Jules Gifford  2 years back

                          Wow glad i didn't spend $499 on the 18 gun one.

                          • Matthew Cahoon
                            Matthew Cahoon  3 years back

                            pretty much all safes are sheet rock wrapped in tin. Spend more money, get more sheet rock and thicker steel. Or get one with inch thick steel sides and door. it'll be a lot of weight and money.

                            • T ROD
                              T ROD  3 years back

                              BUY AMSEC SAFE FOR A BUDGET BUY...
                              Best for your dollar value if on a Budget...

                              • onewickedgun 1
                                onewickedgun 1  3 years back

                                safes are deterrents, thats all, sheetrock is the norm, until you get into higher end safes, and safes without sheetrock are so heavy you aren't taking it in the house, unless you have a basement

                                • evo8mrman
                                  evo8mrman  3 years back

                                  about a 45$ fix   good thanking

                                  • dunno yolo
                                    dunno yolo  3 years back

                                    try liberty or Rhino safes very nice.

                                    • kayok07
                                      kayok07  2 years back

                                      dunno yolo lol look it up people cut into those as well they are pretty much the same

                                  • JESUSISGODALLMIGHTY
                                    JESUSISGODALLMIGHTY  3 years back

                                    Thats fire board...Not typical drywall.. Its to meet the fire rating... Your a smart one arent you.

                                    • Tom Currie
                                      Tom Currie  12 months back

                                      Contrary to the All Knowing Fool, many Chinese "gun safes" do use ordinary drywall - and still meet UL fire rating levels for a Residential Security Container (and by the way "fire board" is simply a grade of nominally fire resistant dry wall). I don't know which thickness or grade of drywall is used in the so-called Winchester brand so-called safes, but they ARE made in China, and the ARE a "Residential Security Container" NOT actually a "safe" which calls for different rating standards.

                                    • glockman945
                                      glockman945  2 years back


                                  • AKBuilder762
                                    AKBuilder762  3 years back

                                    I could have tested that keypad to see if it could have been repaired.

                                    • Ramo's Vids
                                      Ramo's Vids  8 months back

                                      AKBuilder762 We then can I send you my key pad Winchester will not answer the phone and it has been two weeks. I usually open my +2,000 lbs safe daily. Anyway call 2819369090

                                  • Hemp Farmer
                                    Hemp Farmer  3 years back

                                    thank you now I wont buy one

                                    • 1342000harley
                                      1342000harley  3 years back

                                      Any dime store locksmith could have put a new keypad on the safe in about ten minutes. I get your frustration, I guess you just didnt think thu your options or had a dumbass locksmith. . Its not a high end safe, Winchester is a budget safe, that will keep the smash n grab criminals at bay, thats enough 4 some of us..

                                      • ray hanes
                                        ray hanes  3 years back

                                        Sheet rock?? WTF??? I was looking into getting one of these so here I am. thanks!! and what do you recommend for a 10-12 gun safe under $400? Does such a safe exist?

                                        • Tom Currie
                                          Tom Currie  12 months back

                                          Nothing that will hold 10 to 12 guns securely at that price. But then again, no 10-12 gun "gun safe" will hold 10 to 12 guns, so I'm not sure if you are looking for a safe rated for 10-12 guns or are actually looking to store 10-12 guns (which requires at least an "18 gun" safe from most companies) For some better options, take a look at

                                        • glockman945
                                          glockman945  2 years back

                                          You can not buy a much better quality safe for 10-12 guns under $1000. Look for steel size. 7 gauge is better than 10 which is better than 11 which is better than 12 which is better than 14.

                                        • oakcliff42
                                          oakcliff42  3 years back

                                          In that price range?! you just saw it. If you value your belongings its best not to cheap out.

                                        • AKBuilder762
                                          AKBuilder762  3 years back

                                          Sheet rock is the norm.
                                          It's more for fire protection than preventing a break in.

                                        • 1342000harley
                                          1342000harley  3 years back

                                          With that budget, WINCHESTER, try Tractor supply on Black Friday..

                                      • ANTHONY N.
                                        ANTHONY N.  4 years back

                                        Do you still have that safe sitting around, Sir? If so, I'd like to see (a video) a crow bar/pry bar attacking the front door, just to see how difficult and how long it'd take to pop that door open. I have the same exact safe and was wondering how secure/strong the door is. Thanks.

                                        • Tom Currie
                                          Tom Currie  12 months back

                                          That is a rather small safe, so the door is hard to pry open (bigger safes are easier to pry open!) -- but as this video and others show, it takes only seconds to cut through the sides, back or top of almost any "gun safe" The folks at SecureIt have a video of a couple of amateurs prying open a typical 5' "gun safe" in a couple of minutes. A common "gun safe" can be reasonably secure IF you bolt it down, AND locate it where crooks cannot get to the sides, back or top, AND make it hard to get leverage to the door on the side away from the hinges -- but there are better ways to store your guns and other valuables. Take a look at

                                      • lance roe
                                        lance roe  4 years back

                                        You can cut a Fort Knox safe to or a nice cutting touch

                                        • Tom Currie
                                          Tom Currie  12 months back

                                          Fort Knox "gun safes" are much better than any you will find at the mass market or big box stores. They can be cut but it takes longer and the rest of their features are much better than the typical chinese "gun safe" crap. BUT for a much better choice take a look at

                                      • swhite10539
                                        swhite10539  4 years back

                                        I know a man that had a guy break into his cabin and work on the safe for a long time and never got in...Winchester send him a brand new safe afterwards.  The thief never got in.  They sell and extended warranty for the lock and it is a no brainer to buy it for $75 for 9 more years!

                                        • Andrew Hall
                                          Andrew Hall  5 years back

                                          Who breaks into your house intending on needing a jig saw, hammer drill, and whatever other power tools they'll need to get inside? Almost they'll have a crowbar or sledge hammer, neither of which will get you in before the cops arrive.

                                          • Lifter015
                                            Lifter015  7 months back

                                            @Tom Currie Is Liberty a good safe for Guns? The under 2k models?

                                          • Tom Currie
                                            Tom Currie  12 months back

                                            If you are talking about your neighborhood kids or the local junkie breaking in for a quick grab of anything he can pawn, then you are right, these amateurs are not prepared to break into a security container.

                                            BUT any pro is ready. Pros rarely break into a home without knowing in advance what they can expect. Whether the pro cases the house himself or gets his information from others (as most do) doesn't matter. The simple fact that you HAVE a "gun safe" makes you a target and guarantees that any pro who comes to your house will have either a double-cut saw or an ordinary circular saw with a carbide tipped blade -- either of which will cut through the sides, back, or top of your "gun safe" in less than a minute. No pro bothers attacking the door because there is simply too much junk in the way inside the door, but the sides, back, and top are just one or two layers of thin sheet metal, with a layer of drywall and maybe OSB and carpeting.

                                            Pros love "gun safes" even if they aren't interested in stealing rifles and shotguns because they can be pretty sure of finding handguns and other valuables that people stick in these "safes" thinking it will protect them.

                                            If you are going to waste money on one of these Residential Security Containers pretending to be a "gun safe" at least find a way to position it where there is no access to the sides, back, and top -- but a far better choice is to get something better because most "gun safes" on the market are actually very bad places to store a gun. The Drywall or "Fireboard" used to get the Fire Protection Rating causes moisture inside the safe promoting rust, the carpeting and the adhesive used to install it will outgas chemicals that attack the metal. Nearly all "gun safes" are greatly over-rated for the number of guns they are supposed to hold -- one of the major causes of damage to guns comes from banging against other guns when people try to take them out or put them into a gun safe.

                                        • terrapin98k
                                          terrapin98k  5 years back

                                          why didnt you just buy a new keypad? Your keycode is stored internally. just unplug and plug a new one in for $60, would have saved you from destroying your safe

                                          • Andrew  Kowalyk
                                            Andrew Kowalyk  1 years back

                                            Mr. Maki, nope the code is stored internally and on the lagard key pads the contacts go bad, so you buy a new pad twist off the old pad replace with fresh batteries and wait 5 mins the enter your code

                                          • Mr. Dude
                                            Mr. Dude  2 years back

                                            IN fact its not as easy as that ... the whole lock mechanism needs to be replaced

                                        • Desert Explorer 302
                                          Desert Explorer 302  5 years back

                                          It didn't have a manual key override? Well at least you got it opened.