How to reset safe lock or password


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  • chakravarthy anne
    chakravarthy anne  4 months back

    Yes its working

    • khairyil hossain
      khairyil hossain  4 months back

      THANK YOU!

      • Unknown
        Unknown  9 months back

        Thank you so muchhhh this was so helpful even though not same design

        • stacen atwood
          stacen atwood  10 months back

          *Installed pretty easily if you have the right tools to bore holes and etc.>>>**** Easy to program and use. Great for not having to carry keys.*

          • Muantei 98
            Muantei 98  1 years back

            The programming of a new password doesn't work on mine

            • hafizfizor90
              hafizfizor90  1 years back

              Tq so much

              • lawn flamingos
                lawn flamingos   1 years back

                Pls subscribe to my channel as I need to find 1000 new subscribers as I have been dropped out of monetization. Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

            • Robson dos Anjos
              Robson dos Anjos  2 years back

              tks for sharing you video. I'm from brazil, I've bougth a safe... another model, but looks like this... and I'have noticed(after seen your video) that the only one button had make some noise.. so there's obviously a problem... So I decided to open and check the CPU inside... that was when I could see that there was a cable disconected.... after conecting, everythink works good just like in your video. tks.

              • lawn flamingos
                lawn flamingos   2 years back

                +Robson dos Anjos wow nice that u found it useful

            • Lovish
              Lovish  3 years back

              But my fisic safe is showing clear whenever i press the reset button... Plz tell me what to do

              • lawn flamingos
                lawn flamingos   2 years back

                Once it shows clear, key in the new passcode straightaway. But it also depends on the model.