Pride and Prejudice - Liz on top of the world


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  • Nancy Wu
    Nancy Wu  3 weeks back

    I feel that the scenery is actually a representation of her mind - perhaps that is why it cuts from such an intimate shot of her closed eyes (her mind) to this vast valley. Like it, her mind is vast, complex, with a desire to be free, unlike many others around her.

    • Stavroula ch
      Stavroula ch  2 months back

      I should have seen this moovie in theater, but i was a child back then...the music, the picture, the directing...everything is so touching and mesmerizing.Kiera made such a wonderful portrait of Elizabeth Bennet, so feminine and childlike at the same time.

      • Photographe Demode
        Photographe Demode  3 months back

        This was one of the best scenes in the film.

        • Sara and Elise
          Sara and Elise  4 months back

          We did a cover of this piece and would love for you to listen!

          • Zeynep Merdan
            Zeynep Merdan  8 months back


            • Amel Massora
              Amel Massora  1 years back

              My favorite scene ever!!

              • Julianna Campo
                Julianna Campo  1 years back

                this scene and music does soooo many things to me. It makes me feel light as a feather and as free as a bird, oh my god i cannot express in words how i feel when i hear this masterpiece

                • Míriam Isern Garzón
                  Míriam Isern Garzón  10 months back

                  Julianna Campo igual q la protagonista. Sentirse libre, sin depender de nada ni nadie.

              • Vlog da Saah
                Vlog da Saah  2 years back

                aaah nada nesse mundo pode explicar o amor que tenho por essa música 😍😍😍😍

                • Martha Drake
                  Martha Drake  2 years back

                  this makes my heart ache in the best way ❤️

                  • Anna Banana
                    Anna Banana  3 years back

                    I never realised this was the same music played at the end when Darcy walks across the field😩🙄

                    • L Y
                      L Y  3 years back

                      I love this so much! :)

                      • Rasha Tariq
                        Rasha Tariq  3 years back

                        by standing there at the edge of this mountain she had just knew that her love of life and her dreams has been disabled and not because of any circumstances or any human its just because of her fault decision ;so painful

                        • RamiFive4Five
                          RamiFive4Five  3 years back

                          My favorite track and scene, I'd love to hear an extended version of this theme.

                          • naw28878787
                            naw28878787  3 years back

                            The best part of this movie.

                            • Mahnoor Fatima
                              Mahnoor Fatima  3 years back

                              Divine !

                              • Crystal Tears
                                Crystal Tears  3 years back

                                Oh the frustration of the those days! but the liberating comfort of being able to see beauty from the top of a hill. A different type of freedom not idealised or corrupted by politics of today. I love this music, the landscape and Lizzie's cleverness.

                                • armytags
                                  armytags  4 years back

                                  I usually listen the "Pride and Prejudice" soundtrack before I sleep. When I listen this piece with my eyes closed, I can see flowers of different colors. Synesthesia? Anybody else?

                                  • Ask Me Why
                                    Ask Me Why  4 years back

                                    Miss Elizabeth. I love!

                                    • Nesrine Makhfi
                                      Nesrine Makhfi  4 years back

                                      I've watched Pride and Prejudice more than I can recall. This particular scene touches my soul, the music, the scenery, it has a really peculiar effect on me...

                                      • nate061607
                                        nate061607  1 months back

                                        This is my favorite scene, for all of the reasons you said.

                                    • Rasha Tariq
                                      Rasha Tariq  4 years back

                                      i want to live at the time of this touching scene

                                      • Mayra Cadena
                                        Mayra Cadena  4 years back


                                        • Lorena Mondragon
                                          Lorena Mondragon  4 years back

                                          mine too :D

                                          • najwa khater
                                            najwa khater  5 years back

                                            the scene that best characterizes lizzy and tells us exactly who she is instead of bringing up a conversation to describe her 

                                            • Karen Blye
                                              Karen Blye  5 years back

                                              Is there really such a place in the world? It is so harsh and yet beautiful. Lonely and yet it calls to you. I love this scene in the movie almost more than the rest. The music captured my heart. And I agree with you Tanya Hafeez. This is the perfect setting for Elizabeth as she resolves that she be true to her own independent self. 

                                              • B Johnson
                                                B Johnson  5 years back

                                                The music is too beautiful to be so short. It pains me that this scene wasn't longer.

                                                • bladerunnerchile
                                                  bladerunnerchile  3 years back

                                                  You can listen the track 'Your Hands Are Cold', plays same melody but more longer... Have a nice day

                                              • Mia Cid
                                                Mia Cid  5 years back

                                                check out my cover of this song :)

                                                • Tanya Hafeez
                                                  Tanya Hafeez  5 years back

                                                  I always felt this scene signified her independent, free-thinking nature. The movie was set in 1797 when Jane Austen had finished the first draft of what she then called "First Impressions." Back then, women were told to act a certain way. In this scene, no one is around and Elizabeth Bennet can finally be herself instead of being scrutinized and judged by "polite society."

                                                  • eebbeerrttpp
                                                    eebbeerrttpp  8 months back

                                                    Tanya Hafeez Always??? Like when you’re cutting your nails too?

                                                • Micah Rose
                                                  Micah Rose  5 years back

                                                  This better be good......

                                                  • october71777
                                                    october71777  5 years back

                                                    A pretty dangerous scene for her to shoot. Wind is blowing in the right direction, but.

                                                    • Indomitable T
                                                      Indomitable T  10 months back

                                                      october71777. Do not worry, she was, of course I might add, strapped to a significant cable, which was digitally erased from the scene🧐🌬🎬

                                                  • Jossette D'Hermanni
                                                    Jossette D'Hermanni  5 years back

                                                    Very romantic song :)

                                                    • Cherisse Fernandes
                                                      Cherisse Fernandes  5 years back

                                                      I don't get the significance of this scene. I love the movie so much but idk why this scene was necessary. She's just standing on top a cliff in a dream.....

                                                      • Glassy_eyes
                                                        Glassy_eyes  11 months back

                                                        Cherisse Fernandes I think that this is a symbolic meaning of women in the 17 hundreds, that they habe a certain role and have to be like the way they are told. In this dream she‘s fully independent, nobody‘s arround and she looks under the big cliff „she‘s standing on the top of everyone“. So I think this is very important to understand her feelings and thoughts and her values.

                                                    • kokaki kokakion
                                                      kokaki kokakion  5 years back

                                                      What's the name if the song?

                                                    • Patricia Liberato
                                                      Patricia Liberato  6 years back


                                                      • Anissa Wilson
                                                        Anissa Wilson  6 years back

                                                        This scene makes my heart skips beats. One of my favorite movies, Simply lovely.

                                                        • Joana Henriques
                                                          Joana Henriques  6 years back

                                                          This scene is so pure and amazing, I love it. I love the soundtrack, I love the movie, I love the novel. I wish I knew they were shot it

                                                          • Mia Cid
                                                            Mia Cid  6 years back

                                                            Please check out my version of this song, its a bit different. It's so hard for pianists now a days

                                                            • taylorswizzzle
                                                              taylorswizzzle  6 years back

                                                              I listen to this when I'm lonely because it makes the feeling seem less severe than I think of it. If only it was longer!

                                                              • Bryn Wright
                                                                Bryn Wright  6 years back

                                                                One of the best pieces of cinematography I've seen, I liked it very well, its shot at Stanage Edge in Derbyshire, its a lovely and very easy walk, head east out of Hathersage up a road called the Dale and onto Ringlow Road, the car park for walking the edge is on the right

                                                                • DragonHeart613
                                                                  DragonHeart613  6 years back

                                                                  Does anyone here know the location of that cliff that she's stand?

                                                                  • Rakell Rachelle Useche
                                                                    Rakell Rachelle Useche  6 years back

                                                                    Escuchar esta canción es como escuchar un suspiro de tranquilidad!!!

                                                                    • Korina Protsyuk
                                                                      Korina Protsyuk  6 years back

                                                                      'Like' if you want a longer version of this Song :))))))

                                                                      • Lisa -
                                                                        Lisa -  6 years back

                                                                        And Kiera is perfectly lovely.

                                                                        • Lisa -
                                                                          Lisa -  6 years back

                                                                          I want to live in this movie and stand on these cliffs. Someday I'll visit Derbyshire.

                                                                          • Alpha_Infinity
                                                                            Alpha_Infinity  6 years back

                                                                            I walked down the aisle to this. :)

                                                                            • Jason Atkins
                                                                              Jason Atkins  6 years back

                                                                              Me too! Me too! I'm so glad to see we're not the only ones! Thank you!

                                                                              • nate061607
                                                                                nate061607  6 years back

                                                                                Not the miserable half of Derbyshire, hopefully ;-)!

                                                                                • Lizzy Bennett
                                                                                  Lizzy Bennett  6 years back

                                                                                  Meraviglioso, ti trasmette una pace infinita....

                                                                                  • D
                                                                                    D  6 years back

                                                                                    beautiful movie