Sally's Haul while lit

  • Published: 07 July 2018
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    Baddie B Lashes launches this monday 7.09.18
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    Lighting provided by: Stellar Lighting
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Comments • 860

  • Kasey Vogl
    Kasey Vogl  5 months back

    Don’t grab ur vapes cuz They deliver metal toxins to your brain

    • Rare Xquisite Unique
      Rare Xquisite Unique  5 months back

      Where do you get your lashes🤩🤩🤩

      • Marisol Santamaria
        Marisol Santamaria  7 months back

        Jenny looks like a freakin Barbie doll con esa peluca 😍❤️

        • melissa alvarez
          melissa alvarez  7 months back

          I know her lashes are baddie b but does anyone know which style they're in ??

          • Audriana
            Audriana  7 months back

            This look is soooo good😍
            Can you do a skin care (moisturizers, eye creams, masks) video with high end and affordable stuff?

            • Ruby Gonzalez
              Ruby Gonzalez  8 months back

              can u do a video on this look @jen_ny69

              • Faith Riner
                Faith Riner  9 months back

                where do you get your wigs ?

                • Paola Lobos
                  Paola Lobos  9 months back

                  I hate ritch bitches !!

                  • Sean Gray
                    Sean Gray  10 months back

                    Conversate is not a word. It’s converse.

                    • Nathaly Holguin
                      Nathaly Holguin  10 months back

                      I love you. Wow you are so funny and down to earth

                      • Lsabael0.2
                        Lsabael0.2  10 months back

                        Get Cetaphil moisturizer thank me later

                        • Sarah Marissa Maglalang
                          Sarah Marissa Maglalang  10 months back

                          That wig is fire😍😍🔥🔥🔥

                          • jocelyn ramirez
                            jocelyn ramirez  10 months back

                            Makeup tutorial on this look🤩

                            • Miss. Miranda
                              Miss. Miranda  11 months back

                              Jenny lit is giving me life...literally all my thoughts said out loud

                              • Chelsea G
                                Chelsea G  11 months back

                                Please do a wig tutorial! I love your pink wig where is a good company to buy a pink wig? 😊

                                • veronica Ave
                                  veronica Ave  12 months back

                                  “*burps* cuse me” 🤣🤣😘💕

                                  • Karlyn Garcia
                                    Karlyn Garcia  12 months back

                                    Does anyone know what camera she used looks so real her videos ? Thank you

                                    • elektrified _
                                      elektrified _  1 years back

                                      Ew at the dirty ass chanclas on the back thoe...🤢

                                      • Millian MUA
                                        Millian MUA  1 years back

                                        Wig review pls

                                        • Error R.I.P TellTale
                                          Error R.I.P TellTale  1 years back

                                          Is that a replica Louis Vuitton Damien Ebene Bondolier size 25?! The handles are way too long and big then they should be.

                                          • Error R.I.P TellTale
                                            Error R.I.P TellTale  1 years back

                                            Witch one of your lashes are you wearing here?!

                                            • 9 carbajal
                                              9 carbajal  1 years back


                                              • Cristina Lynn
                                                Cristina Lynn  1 years back

                                                Look like a pink princess!!

                                                • Natalie Nicole
                                                  Natalie Nicole  1 years back

                                                  Girl you should do a makeup tutorial on this look 😩💙 i luv this

                                                  • Romina Ruiz
                                                    Romina Ruiz  1 years back

                                                    I really like dermalogica. I used this hand cream from them and it did wonders with evening the tone of a scar I have on the top side of my hand. I do not have dry skin, however, so it did leave them a little more like silky than I would like. I did put una penca de savila, and this little mezcla de savila con miel first, but some friend of my mom's recommended it to me, and I thought it would help the skin tone. So idk if the remedios de la abuela helped too, but yeah def helps even tones and HYDRATE to the MAX, more than I personally need.

                                                    • angelpositivity
                                                      angelpositivity  1 years back

                                                      😂You so had me laughing when you made the face when the Sally told you the price. So real!

                                                      • Jessica Santos
                                                        Jessica Santos  1 years back

                                                        Those are really good moisturizers! I was trained in dermalogica and those are my favorite. I now am trained in PCA skin, you should try the dry skin relief bar:)

                                                        • Klifestyle
                                                          Klifestyle  1 years back

                                                          Do more of the noche to putaar videos it was so fun and helpful and I felt like I’m getting ready with a friend

                                                          • Klifestyle
                                                            Klifestyle  1 years back

                                                            Do a muckbang with your sister pls

                                                            • MRZ_LADY_DUKE BAY_AREA
                                                              MRZ_LADY_DUKE BAY_AREA  1 years back

                                                              Girl I love your videos I never get bored of them!!

                                                              • Chuya Booya
                                                                Chuya Booya  1 years back

                                                                Anyone else watching this lit asf?

                                                                • Rose Petals
                                                                  Rose Petals  1 years back

                                                                  Girl u need to shop at the Tj maxs or Marshels cuz you will go broke... buying expensive shit over in the beauty supply or ULTA or where ever u go ...

                                                                  • Angela Buttery
                                                                    Angela Buttery  1 years back

                                                                    Love ur hair😍

                                                                    • Arielle Castillo
                                                                      Arielle Castillo  1 years back


                                                                      • Arielle Castillo
                                                                        Arielle Castillo  1 years back

                                                                        Love you Jenny 💕💕💕

                                                                        • Kossett Garza
                                                                          Kossett Garza  1 years back

                                                                          you're the baddest bitch 😈

                                                                          • ely pollerana
                                                                            ely pollerana  1 years back

                                                                            you could get those mask at walmart for 1.79 ... i went there and bought so many of em for only like 10- 15 dollars

                                                                            • Steph Too Sweet
                                                                              Steph Too Sweet  1 years back

                                                                              I love every video 💋

                                                                              • Nina Madrigal
                                                                                Nina Madrigal  1 years back

                                                                                What purple mask are u talking about ??

                                                                                • Courtney Simmons
                                                                                  Courtney Simmons  1 years back

                                                                                  Love the pink hair

                                                                                  • yes TR
                                                                                    yes TR  1 years back

                                                                                    the black purse in the background looks like a hairy VAJ!

                                                                                    • Caitlyn Marliece
                                                                                      Caitlyn Marliece  1 years back

                                                                                      Lancome genifique - can you review :D

                                                                                      • marissa Ramirez
                                                                                        marissa Ramirez  1 years back

                                                                                        This is more like an effin wig haul 😡

                                                                                        • Crystal A.J
                                                                                          Crystal A.J  1 years back

                                                                                          Baby girl!!! you need to make a pelucas video, please 😭❤️

                                                                                          • Gaby Manquera
                                                                                            Gaby Manquera  1 years back

                                                                                            where do you get your wigs

                                                                                            • Sylvia Kalege
                                                                                              Sylvia Kalege  1 years back

                                                                                              Those face masks are $1 at Walmart where I live

                                                                                              • Sabrina Salorio
                                                                                                Sabrina Salorio  1 years back

                                                                                                Can you do a swatch vid for all the KKW lipsticks? I want to know if it's guna be worth buying, or if I should just get a few

                                                                                                • Tina Block
                                                                                                  Tina Block  1 years back

                                                                                                  Bitchh love this makeup with this wig give it to me 💁🏽‍♀️