Vikings Security Safe VS-50BLX Review

  • Published: 30 May 2017
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    Part Number VS-50BLX
    Item Weight 43 pounds
    Product Dimensions 14 x 12 x 20 inches
    Item model number VS-50BLX
    Color Black
    Material Steel

Comments • 12

  • Thomas Knute
    Thomas Knute  7 months back

    Not a good review at showing the safe, size comparison, inside size comparison, pointing the camera away so we can't even see how the fingerprint works and the camera shaky. Just constructive criticism

    • Daniel Morgan
      Daniel Morgan  6 months back

      Didn’t need to know how much pressure but we need to know is the big 5 gum or matches still safe?

    • TroubleShootReviews(TSR)
      TroubleShootReviews(TSR)   7 months back

      Not paid. First video and thanks I guess and only point away to which finger I used that is it everything else was shown. Did you need to know how gentle to press your finger?

  • Jill Starise
    Jill Starise  7 months back

    is there a key.....

    • TroubleShootReviews(TSR)
      TroubleShootReviews(TSR)   7 months back

      Yes but it supposed to be used when you forget your code. Looks like a old jail house key

  • Craig R. H. Laurent
    Craig R. H. Laurent  9 months back

    Disorganized, hesitant, and inept review.

    • TroubleShootReviews(TSR)
      TroubleShootReviews(TSR)   9 months back

      Thanks one of my first reviews. And I am not sponsored and unpaid. So you get a normal person review. Knowing I am not just getting paid to sell a product. Thanks again

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan  9 months back

    Glad your protecting that peppermint 5 gum!!

    • pickering chris
      pickering chris  2 years back

      Bro, the safe is worth more than the contents. lol jk

    • peter gabe
      peter gabe  2 years back

      why keep chewing gum in a safe lol