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  • Michael Konopka
    Michael Konopka  8 months back

    After researching a whole bunch of safe companies , I finally came across Tom after being educated ( hence weapons education ) on safes , I went ahead and purchased a american eagel and could'nt be happier......a big thumbs up for a seamless painless safe buying experience........

    • Weapons Education
      Weapons Education   8 months back

    • Weapons Education
      Weapons Education   8 months back

      Thanks Mike, you are a class act:) My Vaults are now recognized as the best "Custom Made" Safes is America.

  • Stephan Hatch
    Stephan Hatch  1 months back

    These look great and I’d love a 1/4 safe over 10g. My only concern is when I go to the web site it states the safes are made at multiple sites throughout the US. That part I don’t like. Just sub co reacting out the work. I looked at Rhino Safes. Loved them too. Still researching and I’ll put out a call

  • cowboy life
    cowboy life  2 months back

    Has earned my business looking forward to my safe

    • PAUL H
      PAUL H  3 months back

      great video i am now educated on gun quality production work

      • Dindo Nuffin
        Dindo Nuffin  3 months back

        So do you get paid by Fort Knox Safe Co for promoting their products I do not see you mention anything about Chubb or CMI I find Fort Knox safes look too shiny and gimmicky Chubb is BIG and solid no fancy shiny surfaces just security which is all I want. Your "education program" on security is very limited to guns nothing about what sort of safe one uses for HIGH security that would be a floor safe more secure than a vertical box safe unless at the top end of the range a Bankers/Jewellers Safe weighing in at say 2,000kgs and cost $60,000 I think a security room with a vault door might be the better answer

        • Skidz1818
          Skidz1818  5 months back

          i know you have a personal investment into these particular safes but how do you feel about the Liberty Safes? i am thinking of getting the Fatboy Extreme

          • Weapons Education
            Weapons Education   5 months back

            Do not buy any safe unless it is handmade. Also the Steel must be 10 gauge or less. Mine are 3 Gauge. The lower the gauge the thicker the steel. 1/4" body is really what you want plus all the best fireproofing.. 1/2" to 3/4" door, etc.....No chinese steel also BTW.

        • chris wirth
          chris wirth  6 months back


          • jeremy stewert
            jeremy stewert  6 months back

            Very impressive safes, love the seal. I'm still going to attempt the John Wick concrete sealed floor safe.

            • Traxxnfire Channel
              Traxxnfire Channel  7 months back

              Great video!!

              • Ed Balcerzak
                Ed Balcerzak  7 months back

                Tom are you still making videos on YouTube? I love them but have not seen one in a while.

                • Weapons Education
                  Weapons Education   7 months back

                  I do not know why you asked that question, I have made about 100 videos since this one. Please subscribe and ring bell. I put up a video yesterday. Thanks Tom

              • its Me
                its Me  8 months back

                If its plate steal, it’s going to be just about anti-tank proof, that means it’s going to survive anything short of a nuclear war.

                • David Helmuth
                  David Helmuth  8 months back

                  There has been not one word on the material changes that happened when the safes were mass produced. They went from using concrete to sheet rock type materials. The big problem with that is the chemical leaching that absolutely nobody wants to talk about. That is what I want to “ask the expert”!

                  • Buck Jones
                    Buck Jones  8 months back

                    Thanks for the knowledge about buy safes

                    • Brian
                      Brian  8 months back

                      You guys make some very nice safes. I'm in the market for one and may be giving you a call. Thanks for the very informative video.

                      • Malcolm Naylor
                        Malcolm Naylor  9 months back

                        Great video guys. From Australia.

                      • TSC Doggz
                        TSC Doggz  10 months back

                        Can I buy a safe room?

                      • Ramo's Vids
                        Ramo's Vids  10 months back

                        My Winchester electronic lock failed on the inside. They sent me a piece of crap plastic NL to replace piece of 💩 Lagard keypad but that did not work. The main problem with these people is you can't get to customer service when electronic lock stops working. I will do a video of the safe getting drilled and opened because I can't get any help. I will then weld some plate tool on inside of door where it was drilled and then I will replace the key pad with SafeLogic Xtreme emp resistance electronic and mechanical lock. I urge anyone thinking about buying a Winchester to call them first and see how many days and calls it takes to talk to someone.

                        • Jones
                          Jones  6 months back

                          Oh, and that’s not at all to say that I’m trying to pull punches for Winchester. Bad customer service & a bad product = failed business model.

                        • Jones
                          Jones  6 months back

                          dudechuck82 And that goes to show you something about consumers: an upset customer will tell anyone/everyone who will listen. A happy customer will often only tell a handful of people, if any. Funny how that works.

                      • Tom H.
                        Tom H.  11 months back

                        I don't even want to think about those modular snap-together safes advertised in gun magazines--the kind that you bribe your friends with pizza to help you assemble on a Saturday afternoon.

                        • CHEECHMUN
                          CHEECHMUN  11 months back

                          Love it!

                          • Rych G
                            Rych G  1 years back

                            Nice presentation. Residing in a 2nd floor apartment, weight is BIG factor I have to consider.

                            • RJ Viva
                              RJ Viva  1 years back

                              I just got a Cannon 48gun Scout safe for $200 at an estate sale. Good deal?

                              • Big Sean247
                                Big Sean247  10 months back

                                @Weapons Education " Check on the gauge of your steel, only buy 3 gauge," you said this and i know its thinner. so im asking why do you even sell 10ga if that is how you feel? will a die grinder cut open the 10ga on the side of the safe?

                              • Weapons Education
                                Weapons Education   10 months back

                                @Big Sean247 10 gauge is obviously thinner steel. Less protection.

                              • Big Sean247
                                Big Sean247  10 months back

                                @Weapons Education you say only buy 3ga but you sell 10ga? so is the 10 not good to keep someone out of it?

                              • RJ Viva
                                RJ Viva  1 years back

                                Weapons Education Welp. I just bought a 200 dollar paper weight then lol

                              • Weapons Education
                                Weapons Education   1 years back

                                Also you probably have Chinese steel, mostly sand....Not true 100% USA Steel. About 50% less strength.

                            • John Hoffman
                              John Hoffman  2 years back

                              I got a lot from Your first video with the Florida vendor (Fort Knox vaults). The major problem You have with Your old Fort Knox safe are the gaps which could allow heat into the safe and harm the contents — I guess. Obviously this new fellow's safes are nicer, but does that really make the Fort Knox safes so inferior? (I doubt it, and I'd be very glad to have a Fort Knox, well, for my meager purposes.)

                              • John Hoffman
                                John Hoffman  2 years back

                                I believe You made a video about Your company. I don't know what 'military grade' means, but it sounds impressive. Thank You so much for these videos, what terrific information, You really filled an important void.

                              • Weapons Education
                                Weapons Education   2 years back

                                Fort Knox is twice the price and I have my own personal manufacturer now. Military grade. not the company in this video.

                            • Jay B
                              Jay B  2 years back

                              Looks good, interesting how some have hinges on the outside of the door.

                              • Tom Gavin
                                Tom Gavin  2 years back

                                What's up with the pic of the lady in the back

                              • Just a Regular Guy
                                Just a Regular Guy  2 years back

                                where are you in the USA specifically im at the east coast in Maryland

                              • dreydin
                                dreydin  2 years back

                                Jesus Christ, I cannot afford even the eco-line. What is a person to do when they are looking at spending $600? There has to be a decent option. I don't even need anything big. Maybe 8-12 long rifles simply as a reference.

                                • Brian Bourgeois
                                  Brian Bourgeois  2 years back

                                  The only way you get something of decent quality at a reasonable price is to buy small and only store Mooney and jewelry in it. If you need to store rifles then it needs to be around the 2000 mark.

                                • Hans
                                  Hans  2 years back

                                  dreydin I'm thinking the same but from everything I'm learning 1000 is the bare minimum for anything worth a damn.

                              • The World's Most Dangerous

                                I was sold! at 00:01

                                • Drew Gray
                                  Drew Gray  2 years back

                                  "It's amazing how tight that is! … Tight as a clam." Hey-oh!

                                • Seth B
                                  Seth B  2 years back

                                  That's why I said "F___ IT" and bought a high quality used commercial grade safe. Pull out the shelves and it holds an arsenal, and it still sleeps 4 soldiers.

                                  • Greg Lee
                                    Greg Lee  2 years back

                                    I just bought a liberty safe, I did do some research and thought I was getting a good America made safe, you're telling me it's not a good safe??? I will purchase one of these safes if he take my liberty on trade, cause I cannot afford to buy another one...

                                    • WD 40
                                      WD 40  3 months back

                                      You're probably just fine with a liberty... these custom safes are for stopping top notch thieves, not smash and grabbing dindus from the other side of town

                                    • sik59rt
                                      sik59rt  1 years back

                                      Greg Lee of course he’s going to recommend his safe that he sells over anyone else’s

                                  • wakeupandsmellthecoffee

                                    just have a nice thick bit of copper layer that will kill the heat

                                    • weasel101
                                      weasel101  8 months back

                                      Copper? Lol, talk about a price increase!

                                  • wakeupandsmellthecoffee

                                    i know of a safe a free standing so heavy the door the whole safe weight is 3.5 ton,s

                                    • mss burr
                                      mss burr  2 years back

                                      How would you bolt down a safe in a double wide trailer. I was going to put it in the master bedroom bathroom walk-in closet... Female on a budget living alone so I will need it installed. I would like to lockup my video cameras DVR inside the safe as well. I don't have a week I guess a 16 or 24 gun safe would work. Does the safes have a integrated hole in the back for electronic power cords. They way in the break in they can't get the DVR video footage.

                                      • Jeff Bjelland
                                        Jeff Bjelland  2 years back

                                        My rule of thumb on how much you should spend on a safe is this; You should spend 10% of the amount of valuables that you will store in the safe, on the safe. In other words, if you are going to store $20K in valuables, you should spend $2K on the safe and so on.

                                        • Honey Bee 42900 Sting like a bee

                                          can I put this safe, up stares in a bedroom???

                                          • Izzy P
                                            Izzy P  3 years back

                                            This safe series of videos have been so interesting..thank you.

                                            • Kevin Douglas
                                              Kevin Douglas  3 years back

                                              Weapons Education hello my name is Kevin Douglas and I own a jewelry store. And I was interested in a high security safe. I have a question regarding the limit of steel you're allowed to put on one of the safes. For me and my Business we need a safe that has 2 inches of stainless steel on the body and 3 inches of stainless steel on the door. Can your company make this kind of safe?

                                              • Kevin Douglas
                                                Kevin Douglas  3 years back

                                                Weapons Education The site you linked me does not fill the requirements me and my company needs. We are looking for s TRTL30 equivalent safe. A 3 gauge body and door does not offer the necessarily security requirements for my Company.

                                              • Weapons Education
                                                Weapons Education   3 years back


                                            • me2ontube
                                              me2ontube  3 years back

                                              Tom is #1 for top quality and honesty in every product he deals with - i wouldnt go to anybody else on the planet

                                            • I'm that guy you love to hate

                                              honestly it was between in Liberty presidential and a Fort Knox. but now actually I will be buying American Eagle 740. as soon as I get the money up for it.

                                              • I'm that guy you love to hate
                                                I'm that guy you love to hate  3 years back

                                                @Weapons Education the same company or a different one tom

                                              • Weapons Education
                                                Weapons Education   3 years back

                                                I am partnered up with a Military Grade Company. Best in the world by far. My company is who you deal with.

                                              • Weapons Education
                                                Weapons Education   3 years back

                                                We are up to 6,000 degree fire protection. Best in the world.

                                            • SUPERNOVA
                                              SUPERNOVA  3 years back

                                              I'm convinced when you spend multiple thousands of dollars on a safe, these companies sell your info to professional thieves. My father NEVER had a break-in until he spent a ton of money on a "safe"

                                              • Venomxjjb
                                                Venomxjjb  9 months back

                                                The one downside to safe's is they do tend to broadcast "something important is in here". which is why you also need to buy a quality one and have it installed properly. All that being said, anything that is made can be unmade, if the thief is determined and well equipped enough they'll eventually get in it. Really the quality of the safe just buys you time and is a deterrent, most criminals are smash and grabbers and wont waste time on any safe.

                                              • Justice9111
                                                Justice9111  1 years back

                                                What likely happened in your fathers case was the freight company that delivered your fathers safe had some crooked guys working for them. Or a neighbor saw the safe being delivered.

                                              • Brian Bourgeois
                                                Brian Bourgeois  2 years back

                                                SUPERNOVA could you elaborate. Did they ever catch the person? Did the thieve know him and knew he had bought a big safe are overhear in a conversation about the safe.

                                            • Rafael Diaz
                                              Rafael Diaz  3 years back

                                              Outstanding, as always great informative video.

                                              • Stephens Boone
                                                Stephens Boone  3 years back

                                                I want one NC I got 3,000 what can I got for that.

                                                • AuAg preper
                                                  AuAg preper  3 years back

                                                  american security bf series
                                                  Homeland security level VII
                                                  liberty presidential 25

                                                  hope this helps!

                                              • MrLotus0303
                                                MrLotus0303  3 years back

                                                Thanks for the vid these safes look awesome. Did you get one?

                                                • Rough Rider99
                                                  Rough Rider99  3 years back

                                                  Awesome video!

                                                  • mikesvacation gear, gun& cigar reviews

                                                    thank for the info tom, it is a great video!

                                                    • Andrew
                                                      Andrew  3 years back

                                                      I wish my house was built as well as those safes are.

                                                      • lawrence unkart
                                                        lawrence unkart  3 years back

                                                        I love your video, but I do not have that many guns and valuables to spend $1000.00 or more for a safe. I was looking at a winchester safe for around 4 to 500.00. I was just wanting to store my guns in to prevent someone from getting to them to easy. We have two German shepherd to get past first. I know most people will find another house after they hear them at the front door greeting them. Again love all your videos. We live just north of you up by Tampa.

                                                        • Ralph C
                                                          Ralph C  4 years back

                                                          prices? web site?
                                                          do you ship to the North East ?
                                                          I'm impressed so far..