5.11 Tactical Belt

  • Published: 30 August 2013
  • Not the best belt in the world, but I think it's more that adequate.

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  • propdoctor21564
    propdoctor21564  2 years back

    I recently picked up the operator series which is a very stiff belt and it is excellent

    • jcnme2020 ooo
      jcnme2020 ooo  6 years back

      I enjoy all of your videos. The straight forward simplicity of them is perfect. Thank you for your work.

      • BFerry10
        BFerry10  6 years back

        SOE makes the toughest belts that I know of. Some are reinforced to provide rigidity.

        • Mike Lopez
          Mike Lopez  6 years back

          What would be the ideal nylon belt. My beltman leather belt still sags with glock 17 and magazine. I'm looking to buy a nylon rigid belt. Thanks

          • PlzenPlinker
            PlzenPlinker  6 years back

            I agree, pretty happy with mine. Just have to get the hang of the buckle so it doesn't loosen too much, I push the free side of the buckle opposite of the tag end of the belt as I feed it through the belt loops and it works. Airport friendly, amen!

            • alex o'neal
              alex o'neal  6 years back

              Hey Doc ...try the 511 Trainer belt...I have two (black and OD green) and they work well...

              • krazyrican2009
                krazyrican2009  6 years back

                I love the 5.11 Operator 2 inch with the nylon insert.

                • YourMilageMayVary
                  YourMilageMayVary  6 years back

                  I use a 5.11 Operator. I find the rigidness of this belt makes carrying larger guns much more enjoyable.

                  • wcropp1
                    wcropp1  6 years back

                    5.11 Double Duty FTW! Not the best belt ever made, doesn't have any kydex lining or anything, but hard to beat for the price and airport friendly, especially if you don't like super-rigid belts or large metal belt buckles.

                    • jmuse5639
                      jmuse5639  6 years back

                      Right now i just wear a gi bdu belt. Seems to work ok but after reading some of the comments i may get a dbl duty.

                      • nylon camo
                        nylon camo  6 years back

                        A thicker leather belt has worked much better for me, looks better to for civilian use.

                        • bignbad2282
                          bignbad2282  6 years back

                          I have the 5.11 double duty belt in black and coyote tan. I really like it because it's basically like 2 of your belts stitched together.

                          • CJStryke
                            CJStryke  6 years back

                            I have the 5.11 operator belt. I am a big guy, and having lost 70 pounds(still losing) dod not want to make a huge investment in something that will most likely not fit me long. love it so far and will look to get another.

                            • abz520
                              abz520  6 years back

                              Try the Bushido Tactical Shooter Belt. It has a piece of polymer woven into it for rigidity.best belt ever

                              • BudgetBugout
                                BudgetBugout  6 years back

                                I EDC tactical belts to work, church and everywhere in between. It's in every EDC vid I upload as well.

                                • Avg Joe Patriot
                                  Avg Joe Patriot  6 years back

                                  I only chose the double duty belt over the regular 511 web belt because I sometimes use a drop leg holster and it pulls down pretty hard on the belt. Plus, the double duty is reversible so you can have it brown or black, and they are about the same price as the normal brown belt.

                                  BTW, I have tried a single point kydex, and hybrid holster with the cotton belt and the hybid didn't help. The belt is what will make a big difference in comfort, and preventing sagging when you carry. Nice vid.

                                  • Avg Joe Patriot
                                    Avg Joe Patriot  6 years back

                                    The timing of this video coming out is a funny coincidence. I just got my new 511 double duty belt in the mail today. I have been carrying my M&P Shield in the waistband all day and the belt has made a world of difference. I was just using a thick cotton D-ring belt that came with a pair of pants I bought a while back, and the belt would sag down by the gun all the time. The 511 belt has completely eliminated that problem, and is very comfortable.

                                    • eltenda's channel
                                      eltenda's channel  6 years back

                                      i might get one...

                                      • ThePlague1138
                                        ThePlague1138  6 years back

                                        I have this belt too. It takes some getting used to, but I like this belt very much.

                                        • MultiMrNoone
                                          MultiMrNoone  6 years back

                                          I have the same belt and love it. Though one day a few months ago I accidentally went for a swim and it took about 2-3 days for it to dry out. and become rigid again. Very floppy when wet.

                                          • Clay Pierson
                                            Clay Pierson  6 years back

                                            Aresgear ranger belt. Best belt hands down

                                            • Taji Tuck
                                              Taji Tuck  6 years back

                                              I have the same belt except my 5.11 is thicker and I can flip it inside out to switch to black or tan

                                              • GrayMan
                                                GrayMan  6 years back

                                                I use the same exact belt, have been for about 2 years now. I'm thinking of getting a SOE EDC belt

                                                • Appalachian Freedom
                                                  Appalachian Freedom  6 years back

                                                  Thank you Sir!

                                                  • Hunts4Food67
                                                    Hunts4Food67  6 years back

                                                    Ares Gear Ranger Belt, have 3 of them & love them.

                                                    • Brett McCormick
                                                      Brett McCormick  6 years back

                                                      Soe 1.5 rigid cobra belt

                                                      • RIP JAW
                                                        RIP JAW  6 years back

                                                        Can't beat a good leather belt. I carry a Springfield XD-40 in a blackhawk Serpa holster on a $30 leather american eagle belt ive never had a problem.

                                                        • TheSmokinApe
                                                          TheSmokinApe  6 years back

                                                          Just got this belt two days ago... So far so good...

                                                          • bassdudeguypunk
                                                            bassdudeguypunk  6 years back

                                                            I actually got a cheap walmart knock off that is like that...use it mostly for outdoorsy things like backpacking etc...but also use it as my main belt to just wear every day. Seems to hold up strong and hasn't given any signs of falling apart. Kind of hard to mess up a belt though I guess.

                                                            • WisconsinEric
                                                              WisconsinEric  6 years back

                                                              I have 5.11's Tactical "Trainer" belt that has the layer in it to make it more rigid, and it is a good belt, but I still prefer carrying with a leather belt.

                                                              Leather is so durable, I hear they are now making animals out of it :)

                                                              • Steel Shooter
                                                                Steel Shooter  6 years back

                                                                I use two GI riggers belts that I sewed together, cheap and very effective.