Bankers grade safe


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  • Dadu Dadi
    Dadu Dadi  9 months back


    • alex0236
      alex0236  2 years back

      ECB-S Grade 6 ?

      • Faraj M sarhan
        Faraj M sarhan  2 years back

        اريد ان اعرف هل لديكم الة لنقل القاصات واريد الجواب وشكرا

        • VaporheadATC
          VaporheadATC  2 years back

          Hello. If you had to secure over a million dollars in jewelry, bullion, etc,. what safe would you use?

          • TrippyNoShoe
            TrippyNoShoe  3 months back

            @Kit Bear I just thought that, as the question posed, if someone had over a million dollars of bullion etc the cost of the safe would not be an issue ?? I actually collect safes ( yes i know its odd ) and when I tell people "my money is in safes" I mean it !  The Tann Diamonds are hard to come by but they can be found, its moving them where the costs can spiral.

          • Kit Bear
            Kit Bear  3 months back

            @TrippyNoShoe You sir know your safes but the Diamond is way out of most peoples price range, that's if you can find one for sale. I would choose the Financier.

          • Mav Div
            Mav Div  5 months back


          • TrippyNoShoe
            TrippyNoShoe  1 years back

            Chubb Sovereign, Chubb Financier or Tann Diamond TS5.But even better ( if you can find one )  a SLS Gem.

          • Love the Metals
            Love the Metals  1 years back