Disneyland Safety & Security Fail - Liberal Paradise Gun Free Zone


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  • Magic Toecutter Cly
    Magic Toecutter Cly  12 hours back

    Awww, this was a good learning experience.

    • Mega MindyLou
      Mega MindyLou  14 hours back

      I wonder if the other hundreds of videos that were done on this clip are getting the same scrutiny? 🙄

      • CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL
        CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL  14 hours back

        Just as in jails when there is a fight or disturbance you had better make sure nothing is happening in your area. (They use fights as a distraction)

        • CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL
          CPL, MP, C/O, CPT CL  14 hours back

          Rick-Common Sense is like a super power. LMAO 😂🤣😂🤣

          • The Gutless Leading The Clueless

            Minute 11:03 LOL well what a mess and why..?! Poor lilltle todler.... what a mess

            • Jarlabanke1
              Jarlabanke1  16 hours back

              Good video - thanks

              • mkw2555
                mkw2555  19 hours back

                Probably some teens has complained 😉

                • Ronin Kraut
                  Ronin Kraut  22 hours back

                  My like and comment got scrubbed. WTF!

                  • Ronin Kraut
                    Ronin Kraut  12 hours back

                    Think Like A Cop
                    Be carful, they are deleting channels that don’t push the liberal agenda.

                  • Think Like A Cop
                    Think Like A Cop   13 hours back

                    youtude did it, not me

                • Susan Jamison
                  Susan Jamison  22 hours back

                  YouTube is a little late. This clip is all over the internet. I don’t know if they’re being liberal or wanting everything to be sweetness and light. Bah

                  • Gun Hiker
                    Gun Hiker  23 hours back

                    When I was there, priority was my family's safety, fun second. I've been in the security field for years...I feel the most vulnerable when I am surrounded in a crowd, vulnerable and unarmed, I never stopped scanning and evaluating my environment and options. My wife knows I can't relax in a crowd or when I'm unarmed. When unarmed, your best defense is your awareness.

                    • Bobby Mccoy
                      Bobby Mccoy  23 hours back

                      There community standard suck ass

                      • Equate Bond
                        Equate Bond  23 hours back

                        That family cursed, name-called and yelled as much as we did in the comments. The difference is, we're typing harmless words, whereas pink-shirt guy injured his sister (big woman), wife (big boobs) and mother. He threatened people, called even white folk the N word, and claimed to be a Crip. He wasn't arrested, but YOU risk getting a strike.

                        • Hill Shepherd
                          Hill Shepherd  24 hours back

                          Watched it on the other link !!!! Most unsafe place to be is Disneyland ! I had no Idea !! I have never been there & never wanted to go any time in my life. BUT, I sure thought there would be guards with guns. I think I would rather rely on Mickey or Donald!!!

                          • Susan Gardiner
                            Susan Gardiner  1 days back

                            Thanks Rick, it was a great video about situation awareness.

                            • Albert Barnes
                              Albert Barnes  1 days back

                              How is the guy in the red shirt walking/breathing?

                              • Albert Barnes
                                Albert Barnes  24 hours back

                                I’m just sayin if me or my brothers are there he’s not strutting around like that.

                            • Pete Mahaffey
                              Pete Mahaffey  1 days back

                              Rick I don't care what YouTube says I need to see more bitch slappin' videos.

                              • Gun Hiker
                                Gun Hiker  22 hours back

                                YouTube is a monopoly that should be broken apart.....doesn't America have anti monopoly laws?

                            • Adam bar
                              Adam bar  1 days back

                              Lets form an anti-left wing tube lol. Then ban all the snow flakes and cry babies.
                              Keep it up Rick. Love your videos.

                              • shawn diamond
                                shawn diamond  1 days back

                                Man that was another good one from you Rick.

                                • Jesse Hinson
                                  Jesse Hinson  1 days back

                                  FYI. Ur first video of this video with the total break down was absolutely priceless!!! Honest to god your funniest video yet and I shared it with my parents who loved it sooo much they shared it with literally everyone they know!!! 😆 😂 keep it up

                                  • *Tracy Born Again Farm Girl

                                    Sending you flowers and chocolate 🍫 ❤️ !

                                    • Matt's Horsemanship
                                      Matt's Horsemanship  1 days back

                                      Ya I don't blame you. DON'T take any chances for them to ban your channel. Do what you gotta do. Put the most controversy ones on Bitchute.

                                      • Matt Cosgrove
                                        Matt Cosgrove  1 days back

                                        No kidding those comments were totally savage. I keep it clean however there were some super creative and funny comments. Free speech is not a YouTube thing.

                                        • Matt Cosgrove
                                          Matt Cosgrove  4 hours back

                                          That’s the truth. Lefty land is without reason. I have been laughing my ass off as the democrats are now calling each other racists. The monster always comes back to the castle.

                                        • Think Like A Cop
                                          Think Like A Cop   1 days back

                                          funny is hate to youtube unless you are hating white people and american then it is ok

                                      • poor mans sewing
                                        poor mans sewing  1 days back

                                        It is sad people want to control you and make things hard on you I like the video

                                        • Paul Delasco CPS
                                          Paul Delasco CPS  1 days back

                                          c'mon gun people dont be big dummies and ruin it for all of us!!! Rick can walk away he aint doing this for $$ lets behave.. .

                                          • Allen lee
                                            Allen lee  1 days back

                                            That's wrong in every way! You have no control over other people's comments. I'll try controlling myself!

                                            • NoMerc
                                              NoMerc  1 days back

                                              Rick, why don’t you post a very short description of the video and the link.... or better yet, hey, I have a new video, link below with a standard background?

                                              • Think Like A Cop
                                                Think Like A Cop   1 days back

                                                A lot of my viewers can view bitchute it is blocked over there since they left the new zealand shooting up..

                                            • iutrteiu sakljdsaj
                                              iutrteiu sakljdsaj  1 days back

                                              I love the new format!! Post link.. Go watch elsewhere.. Much better experience.. You tube sucks!! My 15yr old hates the censorship.. Keep it up!!

                                              • Bander1
                                                Bander1  1 days back

                                                Also disneyland security are grossly underpaid they earn around 25K a year. Min wage mcdo wages.

                                                • Bander1
                                                  Bander1  1 days back

                                                  Well being security for ten years, I have to say that I think its understandable why it took security this long to arrive probably: 1. They are understaffed(maybe) 2. Disneyland is a huge place. 3. the guy with the cameras is not really doing his job. 4. the security are probably fucking around . 5. In terms of domestic disputes, we dont meddle unless it causes a public disturbance, Ive seen incidents where the victim will turn around and blame security.

                                                  • Frank Miller
                                                    Frank Miller  1 days back

                                                    Rick "Learn to read a room, people." @5:06 the white guy, red shorts 👫🏼

                                                    Edit.. You noticed him. The shorts looked red to me LOL. Go back to 5:06. He had his back to the fight with his arm around the wife. You can see his wife, mouth wide open, can't believe what's she seeing. It looked like he wanted to leave at first.

                                                    • ron36105
                                                      ron36105  1 days back

                                                      Thank You Rick, You are a probably the best Teacher I have ever had in my lifetime.. Teaching is a gift either a person can do it or they can not. There is no in between. Thank You for all you do for all of us. Have a great Texas evening.....
                                                      BIG RON OUT.....

                                                      • Joe Cola
                                                        Joe Cola  1 days back

                                                        Keep dodging them Rick...we appreciate you and your voice

                                                        • Kenneth Krist
                                                          Kenneth Krist  1 days back

                                                          I have been to Disneyland and accidentally got past their security check, the bathrooms are right next to the metal detectors, and I went in there and then came out and got right past the security checkpoint very unsafe place, also there security is unarmed so they can't do much.

                                                          • Ed Acevedo
                                                            Ed Acevedo  1 days back

                                                            This was an interesting and informative video. Glad I was able to view it before you were forced to remove it.

                                                            • PennsyltuckyPatriot
                                                              PennsyltuckyPatriot  1 days back

                                                              DisneyLAND is the "Six Flags" of Disney. It's a total ghetto shithole.

                                                              DisneyWORLD has 24/7 armed police and state police presence at all parks including dogs, etc all day long, everyday. My wife and I have also spotted fully armored SWAT teams with AR-15's and all suddenly appear on top of rooftops in Epcot than quickly dissapear within seconds.

                                                              Fully armed SWAT guys can reach any points within the parks in a matter of a minute or so because of the vast, underground tunnels under all the parks. Walt's biggest regret with Disneyland was not having that underground superstructure.

                                                              With that said, it is total BS I'm not allowed to legally carry in a park. I have witnessed a plains clothes armed security quickly nab a guy within feet of the Magic Kingdom park entrance for noticing his carry bulge under his shirt. I have to at least say their security is psycho level on point at Disneyworld.

                                                              • Keila Fleischbein
                                                                Keila Fleischbein  1 days back

                                                                Lmao disneyland is hardly a ghetto. Please remove the cranium from the pelvis.

                                                            • Kenneth Brasket
                                                              Kenneth Brasket  1 days back

                                                              You going to cover the cop that got busted planting drugs?

                                                              • Boogerdog
                                                                Boogerdog  1 days back

                                                                I may have been a "bad dog" on the comment stream on said video...if so, I will DIGRESS...But didn't **** no Columbia County S.D. deputy....comment, no, I don't recall making no references to rear ends, snacking, or dining habits.
                                                                Of that, I'm an innocent dog!

                                                                • Boogerdog
                                                                  Boogerdog  1 days back

                                                                  @FlamQ Dbltap
                                                                  I come here just to get the thought police off my tail! They have eyes on evah where now I hear.

                                                                • FlamQ Dbltap
                                                                  FlamQ Dbltap  1 days back

                                                                  Boogerdog I probably said something horrible now that your comment made me think about it. Rick asked us to be careful what we said in the comments because it could affect his channel. So I didn’t say anything horrible but I probably thought something horrible.🤣

                                                              • I'm too stupid to pour piss out of a boot

                                                                I don't know why you'd get a strike for the comments but all you have to do is either disable comments or have comments approved

                                                              • Matt!! Damon!!!!!
                                                                Matt!! Damon!!!!!  1 days back

                                                                YouTube starting to suck lately you're a good teacher I've learned a lot from you

                                                                • tenkmosey
                                                                  tenkmosey  1 days back

                                                                  Stupid YT

                                                                  • cookieman136
                                                                    cookieman136  1 days back

                                                                    Have we found a YouTube replacement we can all agree on yet?

                                                                    • Dragon Of Dojima
                                                                      Dragon Of Dojima  1 days back

                                                                      @Matt!! Damon!!!!! oh yes the great white knight as he should be remembered. He did what whites want but are to afraid to do.

                                                                    • Matt!! Damon!!!!!
                                                                      Matt!! Damon!!!!!  1 days back

                                                                      @Dragon Of Dojima is it the picture of the New Zealand shooter as your profile

                                                                    • Dragon Of Dojima
                                                                      Dragon Of Dojima  1 days back

                                                                      Dlive or bitchute

                                                                    • Ryan Morris
                                                                      Ryan Morris  1 days back


                                                                  • deucedeuce22oz
                                                                    deucedeuce22oz  1 days back

                                                                    Ridiculous People need to fight them on this (and EVERY infringement). They wouldn't do it if we didn't Allow it.

                                                                    • bmoraski
                                                                      bmoraski  1 days back

                                                                      I'll get caught up on your Bitchute channel Rick. Thanks for the heads up.