GunVault MV500


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  • 757MrMark
    757MrMark  3 months back

    Thanks, better than instructions

    • Adam S
      Adam S  5 months back

      You have no idea how much this help me I was getting so pissed

      • robin marsh
        robin marsh  7 months back

        if you ever misplace your keys (as i did on my GV500 safe) and your box wont open even though you get all green lights when putting in your code, you're pretty much screwed. The person at Gun Vault said my box wasn't opening probably because i didn't have a "5 year battery installed,?? I called GunVault (which is almost impossible to get ahold of) and the person said he would email me a key replacement form (which he never did) and online you cannot order a new key without the serial number ( which is INSIDE the gunvault). I just emailed again to see how i can get a replacement key (at the tune of $15) without the serial number.** I don't recommend this gun vault because in an emergency and your safe doesn't open you may be in a fatal situation! P.S., I noticed on You Tube that i'm not the only one having unlocking issues with this GV500 safe and it is "out of stock" on their site, coincidence??

        • Chelsea Williams
          Chelsea Williams  8 months back

          So if you open it with the key and already have a programmed key code, would it remmeber the finger code or would it reset due to opening it with the master key?

          • Jim Partridge
            Jim Partridge   8 months back

            The key is a mechanical method of opening the safe and the keypad opens it with a small electrical solenoid. So opening with a key has no effect on the key code. The code will not reset when you use a key to open it.

        • Libertas1
          Libertas1  11 months back

          who the heck is Brian?! lol ­čśü

          • Jim Partridge
            Jim Partridge   8 months back

            Haha, Brian is a professional mechanic friend who struggles with all things electronic....and windchimes.

        • 991 911S
          991 911S  1 years back

          Nice idea on handle!

          • Shelbie Britton
            Shelbie Britton  1 years back

            Thank you for making this quick and simple

            • Brian K
              Brian K  2 years back

              Lifesaver! Thanks!

              • Christian Liriano
                Christian Liriano  2 years back

                Life saver

                • Gimie Itnow
                  Gimie Itnow  3 years back

                  Any chance you can do a video on how to install the handle?

                  • Jim Partridge
                    Jim Partridge   8 months back

                    I should but no. All I did was find a handle I liked at Home Depot, then lined it up where I wanted to install it, marked where the holes needed to be, and drilled the two holes. Really cool addition. Can't believe GunVault doesn't do this.

                • meuswe meuswe
                  meuswe meuswe  3 years back

                  Genius on the handle.

                  • Rhett Pilcher
                    Rhett Pilcher  4 years back

                    I use my vault about 2 or 3 times a year. Every single time I have to rewatch this video on how to program it! haha Thanks for the upload!

                    • TAPPorSNAPP
                      TAPPorSNAPP  4 years back

                      I LOST MY MANUAL. THANKS BUD!

                      • Mary E
                        Mary E  5 years back


                        • Cori Prasifka
                          Cori Prasifka  5 years back

                          This works up to the point when I'm ready to try my new code, then it flashes all red and won't open. But I get the multiple green lights after holding down learn the third time that shows it accepted it. Help!

                          • Breakpoint
                            Breakpoint  3 years back

                            Can now confirm, the power level of the battery caused the issue. A brand new battery resolved the learn functionality not accepting the new code

                          • Breakpoint
                            Breakpoint  3 years back

                            i have same issue, let us hope it is just a newer battery being needed. I don't want to take the one out of my fire detector so I will order some on amazon and wait a few days

                          • Cori Prasifka
                            Cori Prasifka  5 years back

                            @Jim Partridge I'm pretty sure I replaced the battery while troubleshooting, but it's been a while, so I'll try again. Using a key to get it open - especially in an emergency situation - is not ideal. Will likely have to get something else if a new battery doesn't fix it.

                          • Jim Partridge
                            Jim Partridge   5 years back

                            @expletivedeleted111 The only time I've had trouble with mine was when the battery was weak. I keep mine in my car and have used it almost daily for the last two years and it hasn't failed me yet. I do keep the key stashed just in case it does. Sorry yours is giving you trouble. Good luck.

                          • expletivedeleted111
                            expletivedeleted111  5 years back

                            I'm having the same issue, I don't understand what's going wrong

                        • Daniel Lenke
                          Daniel Lenke  6 years back

                          We had an MV500 that was returned to our store because the owner screwed up programming it. I called GunVault for assistance and they said that I needed the code that was set by the owner. Well she changed it from 1234 and I couldn't get it to open, except with the keys. I followed your advice on the video and it worked perfectly. Thanks!