🦍BIGGER 🦍, 💪STRONGER 💪, and 🔝BETTER 🔝 - Liberty Safes New Military Style Locking Bars

  • Published: 10 August 2018
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    Liberty's NEW patent pending Military Style Locking Bars are 🦍BIGGER 🦍, 💪STRONGER 💪, and 🔝BETTER 🔝.

    Always forward thinking, Liberty's Engineers have taken safe security to a whole new level! Stronger and more secure than the competitions traditional round pins, Liberty's new 🔒Military Style Locking Bars are 60% stronger, offer more surface coverage to protect against pry attacks and are 🔥 forged from 🇺🇸 American Made Steel 🇺🇸 and then laser cut to precision!

    All three safes in this demonstration are equivalent safes at similar price points.

    Liberty's models come in the following locking bar thickness:
    Centurion: 3/16"
    USA, 1176, Colonial, Franklin, and Fatboy: 1/4"
    Lincoln and National: 3/8"
    Presidential and Magnum: 1/2"
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Comments • 12

  • J D
    J D  2 months back

    Can I get one of those Liberty work shirts he's wearing? I wear work shirts almost daily for concealed carrying and would wear that with pride. Im on week five waiting for my Liberty to be delivered.

  • Donnie Crouse
    Donnie Crouse  2 months back

    I love how almost all safe companies beef up their doors and use that as a sell point. Truth of the matter is the body of most Liberty safes are 11 gauge or less. Ordinary person can cut a hole in the side with a battery power grinder with a cut off wheel in 20 minutes or less... The presidential series however has 7 gauge which is a little better but still...Not knocking Liberty cause pretty much the entire safe industry does it.

    • HWYHOG1
      HWYHOG1  7 months back

      Competitor #1 was the first to dislike this video.

      • Justice Served
        Justice Served  10 months back

        What thief is hefting 6900 pounds of pry bar? Overkill, oversale.

        • HWYHOG1
          HWYHOG1  7 months back

          Justice Served so what kind of safe do you have...one of those tin lock boxes?

      • KodiDonCo
        KodiDonCo  10 months back

        I would like to see more videos about the new locking bars. Especially on the fatboy safe haven’t seen a review for this yet

        • Skidz1818
          Skidz1818  5 months back

          I agree on the jr, normal and extreme

      • Victor Da Silva
        Victor Da Silva  11 months back

        So if Rosie O’Donnell sat on it would open?

      • Benjamin Lehman
        Benjamin Lehman  1 years back

        What about a liberty safe with bolts? Test that one.

        • ThatGuyScott
          ThatGuyScott  1 years back

          Benjamin Lehman they discontinued them bc they weren’t happy with the results.