REACTION to 10 Distrubing crimes Solved by children


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  • Marvel 333
    Marvel 333  3 years back

    i love ur vids u deserve mroe views

    • Derya T.
      Derya T.  3 years back

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us:)
      I personally don't believe in reincarnation.
      Maybe some kids really saw the crime but are confused and just tell the story in the
      I also believe that children are born sinless and they are close to God. It is a part of the test in life especially for their families. Because there are children who are right about their claims we all think about how special kids can be and how they also are a huge win for our society.
      They are not just products of parents which needs to be protected.They are already unique individuals.
      I think that's a reminder for all of us:)

      • Stephen
        Stephen  3 years back

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