Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr. put Giants at center of attention | Pro Football Talk | NBC SPorts


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  • ThePlushKing
    ThePlushKing  2 months back

    slight jab at big cat off the top but the host with the same radio voice as everyone else would get more views if they mentioned bigcat was in the video somewhere hahah

    • Ryan .Vassallo
      Ryan .Vassallo  2 months back

      This is embarrassing. Who tf is this guy? I want to avoid everything he "tries to do." This isn't his thing obviously.

      • Brian Curry
        Brian Curry  2 months back


        • Free Tilly
          Free Tilly  2 months back

          The Giants picked a coach without any history of winning and followed it up with a QB with no history of winning. The Giants and Browns switched places as franchises.

          • Free Tilly
            Free Tilly  2 months back

            Daniel Jones is making a lot of money. Until the Giants figure out he is not good, which will be a few years since they'll let Eli play until his arm falls off. However, if i was a Giants fan, I'd be more worried about the incompetent head coach.

            • Free Tilly
              Free Tilly  2 months back

              Let's just wipe our tears and play some football. When did our society become so sensitive and empathetic to other people's feelings?

              • Real Matic
                Real Matic  2 months back

                Who is this clown 😂

                • 1badawg 66
                  1badawg 66  2 months back

                  He only said what EVERY FOOTBALL FAN SAID AT THE TIME.

                  • S&J Consulting services
                    S&J Consulting services  2 months back

                    If Lamar is like Bake, they will crush him

                    • Free Tilly
                      Free Tilly  2 months back

                      @Cruzan26 Of course. I wasn't saying you do. I'm tired of the media trying to divide the world and claim everything is racist. There is racism in the world, but to claim everything is racist, is like saying nothing is racist.

                    • Cruzan26
                      Cruzan26  2 months back

                      @Free Tilly I don't claim everything is racism. But they're still racism in this world.

                    • Free Tilly
                      Free Tilly  2 months back

                      @Cruzan26 All I am saying is: if you want to end racism, stop claiming everything wrong in society has to do with a person's skin color.

                    • Cruzan26
                      Cruzan26  2 months back

                      @Free Tilly Cop choke a black man to death and didn't spend one day in jail.

                    • Cruzan26
                      Cruzan26  2 months back

                      @Free Tilly Lol in what world? I've seen cops shoot black men and get away with it. FOH

                  • HARRY WALTER
                    HARRY WALTER  2 months back

                    Wait till TJ Watt rips him in half. Big mouth's finish last.

                    • Free Tilly
                      Free Tilly  2 months back

                      You either love him or hate him. I'm glad he is leading my team. If I'm a Steelers fan, I'd be more worried about Miles Garrett ripping Old Man Ben apart.

                  • Craig Gambles
                    Craig Gambles  2 months back

                    Baker is not even the best QB is his DIVISION!! hahahaha

                    • ART BANDIT
                      ART BANDIT  2 months back

                      OH PLEASE! You are telling me he doesn't sit around bashing Daniel Jones? Thats exactly what he is doing! Period

                      • Amazing Guy
                        Amazing Guy  2 months back

                        Along with his new clown receiver.

                    • Champion Wiseman
                      Champion Wiseman  2 months back


                      • Fullmetaljango
                        Fullmetaljango  2 months back

                        So we really gonna sit here and get mad at baker when literally EVERYONE said when giants draftes D.Jones.

                        • Tyler Clayton
                          Tyler Clayton  2 months back

                          Who fucking cares. Why does anyone care?

                          • Rodrell Green
                            Rodrell Green  2 months back

                            Dude is taking this commitment to Baker way too seriously.

                            • Melody Rogers
                              Melody Rogers  2 months back

                              I think he's trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. This guy is a goon.

                          • Skeeter Man
                            Skeeter Man  2 months back

                            Baker is young. He will learn what reporters are really about. This is not news. Go Browns.

                            • bumdog
                              bumdog  2 months back

                              Hey, Big Cat!

                              • HeyFranziska
                                HeyFranziska  2 months back

                                Baker’s statement is just plain wrong though - no matter the context. Saying a QB must have a winning record in college to be successful in the NFL is just false. He also has no business hating on some rookie QB.

                                • bumdog
                                  bumdog  2 months back

                                  You didnt read the article...if you did, you would know what he meant

                              • TheBenolan
                                TheBenolan  2 months back

                                Read the GQ article, the 2 sentences were responses to different things. Barstool put them together and turned this into a scandal. It's dishonest reporting.

                                • Free Tilly
                                  Free Tilly  2 months back

                                  "Dishonest reporting". There is no need to say both of those words. Most reporting is dishonest. They want a story. Before he got all the facts, Colin couldn't wait to talk about what a loser Baker was in the NFL. Look at what Baker did after Hue got fired. Keep in mind one of his losses was K.C., one Houston, one Baltimore. All playoff teams. He now has more experience, OBJ, and Hunt after 8 weeks. We'll see Baker play with a talented and confident team now. Let's see.

                                • Rodrell Green
                                  Rodrell Green  2 months back

                                  Barstool didn't put them together, GQ did.

                                • bumdog
                                  bumdog  2 months back

                                  HeyFranziska not if you read it the right way

                                • HeyFranziska
                                  HeyFranziska  2 months back

                                  Still two sentences that should have been left unsaid by Baker

                                • Brendon Eckrich
                                  Brendon Eckrich  2 months back

                                  Yes, context. Cmon media

                              • Boyders oftheshire
                                Boyders oftheshire  2 months back

                                Sorry but Baker is an adult... he should put context to his comments

                                • Joey Perrotta
                                  Joey Perrotta  2 months back

                                  *Baker kills someone*
                                  I will defend him!

                                  • A Skiier
                                    A Skiier  2 months back

                                    Typical youtube commentators, making sure they pay no heed to context. Keep on going, bucko, facts can't stop you where you're going!

                                  • From The Westside With Love
                                    From The Westside With Love  2 months back

                                    No doubt