Liberty Safe Revolution RSC 5 pry test


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  • Kamikaze Krunch
    Kamikaze Krunch  3 years back

    I want to see a legit safe breakin test, this stuff is all set up. the common way now is for them to use a saw and go from the top or the sides.

    • Kamikaze Krunch
      Kamikaze Krunch  3 years back

      NWSafe it isnt practical because that is how every demonstration is. i want to see a demonstration of a cheap stack-on safe, standing upright, bolted to the floor doing this pry test. i've. done it and its mich tougher to pry open any safe that is upright and bolted down.

    • Kamikaze Krunch
      Kamikaze Krunch  3 years back

      NWSafe right, and i dont see tests with the safe upright and bolted down. its much harder and still hard to pry an upright stackon safe rather than pushing it over which really isnt practical.

  • David Millan
    David Millan  3 years back

    I'll just get Jeff Sitar to crack safe it in 1 or 2 minutes... easy

    • AlabamaM4n
      AlabamaM4n  4 years back

      Glad I just bought a new one, 24 Centurion

      • T iibgdi
        T iibgdi  4 years back

        I don't see a Liberty "Revolution" Safe. their safes start out at "Centurion" then "Revere" then "Colonial" then Franklin then Lincoln then Presidential is the top end. ??

        • Jamey Skousen
          Jamey Skousen  4 years back

          Liberty changed the name to Centurion for 2016.

      • Beertruck85
        Beertruck85  4 years back

        I hate to pee on the parade but a safe just buys you time.

        you can have a $20,000 safe, if they come in with plasma cutters it's a done deal.

        99% off theft is quick smash and grabs so a safe like this will do the job.

        • Dominic Petruzzelli
          Dominic Petruzzelli  5 months back

          Where the hell are they going to plug in a plasma cutter ? Those cutters require 220 volts and a special outlet.

        • Beertruck85
          Beertruck85  3 years back

          Haha yes!

        • David Higgins
          David Higgins  3 years back

          With as much noise as they're making the owner of the safe should have shot them by now. ;)

      • snowismas
        snowismas  4 years back

        Wait, is suppose to show its a good safe?   HAHA.  Give them some real pry bars. This video talked me out of buying one.   Thanks.

        • end user
          end user  4 years back

          Lets see a pry test while the safe is bolted to the ground. If a 300lbs safe is not bolted to the ground, criminals will just steal it to open it up later with power tools.

          • Jon Homrich
            Jon Homrich  4 years back

            Very true but this also proves a very common mistake most people make about not bolting their safes down and putting it in a secure location. But here's the thing also, security starts at your front door, do you have an alarm do you have a good deadbolt are your windows locked are you making yourself an easy target or are you sheep dog per say; constantly aware and prepared for an attack. Every safe from a $799 lowes special to a $15,000 Graffunder can be breeched, it's a matter of how much time it's going to take and what tools you have on hand. Of course your average crooks with only basic tools won't break into the $15,000 safe, but if he's an experienced bank robber with the right tools and amount of time he won't have any problems getting in.

        • Jesse
          Jesse  4 years back

          This might be the one for me, my install location prevents prying as the wall of my house will be in the way and it will be bolted in place.

          • Marcus Lawson
            Marcus Lawson  5 years back

            I have one of those. The key is bolting it down. You get one on its back and it's vulnerable. Standing up and bolted down keeps the crooks from getting leverage.