Liberty Safe Fatboy! Best Selling Safe

  • Published: 20 April 2017
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Comments • 330

  • Christopher Fusari
    Christopher Fusari  1 weeks back

    sorry,secureIt make the best safe out there design and function can not be out done. liberty ain't shit you want a real gun safe go to secureIt .THEY REALLY GET IT!

    • Polish Locks
      Polish Locks  2 months back

      Best unpickable lock needed as Polish Combination Lock.

      • Eric Oxford
        Eric Oxford  2 months back

        I'm sold! A liberty fat boy is on my wish list.

        • sexy monkey
          sexy monkey  3 months back

          I like the back up drive idea thats one of my concerns lol since everything is on our devices now adays

          • sexy monkey
            sexy monkey  3 months back

            Can you increase the fire resistance like for money by putting a smaller safe for money stash.

            • Bill Fender
              Bill Fender  4 months back

              And I can still have it open in five minutes.

              • Wayne Ealey
                Wayne Ealey  5 months back

                Must be nice send me a safe free I’ll review it for u lol.

                • Eric Eckert
                  Eric Eckert  5 months back

                  You should checkout the Champion safe co. All made in Utah. I just bought the Trophy series with a S&G mechanical dial.

                  • tommy seymore
                    tommy seymore  5 months back

                    HOW CAN iIGET ONE FREE

                    • potgrow 420
                      potgrow 420  5 months back

                      To much door gap look like you can put your finger in there and a crowbar

                      • Stiles Humphrey
                        Stiles Humphrey  5 months back

                        Very informative! Great video!

                        • Jonathan Kelly
                          Jonathan Kelly  6 months back

                          I'm a fat boy.

                          • Jeffrey Kelley
                            Jeffrey Kelley  7 months back

                            How do reconcile the fact that a house fire burns at 1350 degrees and burns for 56 minutes. It same like the rating isn't adequate

                            • TWANGnBANG
                              TWANGnBANG   7 months back

                              How do your reconcile the fact that not all houses burn to the ground before the fire department arrives?

                          • Wade Wilson
                            Wade Wilson  7 months back

                            Have you ever done any voice over work?

                            • WHO_TEE_WHO
                              WHO_TEE_WHO  7 months back

                              thanks for the video

                              • Andy McGowan
                                Andy McGowan  8 months back

                                Its bolted to the floor in the wrong orientation to the corner. If you rotate the safe 90 deg so the opening edge of the door is along side the wall, it will provide protection against pry bar attacks as there is no room to use a pry bar of any size.

                                • TWANGnBANG
                                  TWANGnBANG   8 months back

                                  Sure, but I wouldn't have been able to open the back door. Regardless, without getting a safe like this on its back, even a large man will have a hard time getting enough leverage on a prybar to gain entry into the safe before LE arrives.

                              • AKBuilder762
                                AKBuilder762  8 months back

                                If one of those cables goes bad you have a big problem. I understand they put it on the back to protect it but with no access you could be screwed.
                                A side access with a secured cover plate would be a good idea.

                                • Scorpion Sunday
                                  Scorpion Sunday  8 months back

                                  Composite doors are not very good. I would only by a safe with a steel door

                                  • pbanthonyv
                                    pbanthonyv  8 months back

                                    This is putting all of your valuables in to something that can be breached with a fire axe... Bad idea.

                                    • TWANGnBANG
                                      TWANGnBANG   8 months back

                                      By the time you got into this safe with an ax, you’ll be Swiss cheese.

                                  • rico wetem
                                    rico wetem  9 months back


                                    • Tony Smith
                                      Tony Smith  9 months back

                                      before you buy anything liberty.... see how easy you can break in

                                      • Tony Smith
                                        Tony Smith  9 months back

                                        Because that's what they told you.... I'm sure they wouldn't ever fib about that either.
                                        They are also just making residential containment, not actually a safe.

                                      • TWANGnBANG
                                        TWANGnBANG   9 months back

                                        I’ll take the statements from the guys who replace damaged safes over this guy’s claims designed to sell metal storage cages that don’t even hide your guns. In all the years of selling safes of all brands, they’ve never had a property loss from a Liberty.

                                      • Tony Smith
                                        Tony Smith  9 months back

                                        No, you are fooled.
                                        That is the correct video and cut the entire top off of a Liberty safe in under two minutes.....
                                        Have fun if someone breaks in with a cheap cutting saw and just a carbide blade.

                                      • TWANGnBANG
                                        TWANGnBANG   9 months back

                                        You’re fooling yourself if you think going through three grinding wheels in 19 minutes of cutting with free access to all sides of the safe is easy. That video (you linked to the wrong video, BTW) is the best demonstration of how GOOD most RSCs are at protecting your stuff long enough for law enforcement to respond.

                                    • InChrist87
                                      InChrist87  10 months back

                                      That’s not a safe that thing is a cardboard box. You can cut right into that like buyer with a circular saw. You want a real safe get a true gun safe.

                                      • TWANGnBANG
                                        TWANGnBANG   10 months back

                                        It would take you quite a while to cut with a circular saw. It’s doable, but it’s not going to be “like buyer.”

                                    • D T
                                      D T  10 months back

                                      You can saw right through the side in 35 min with a cheap harbor freight saw.

                                      • TWANGnBANG
                                        TWANGnBANG   10 months back

                                        Only 35 minutes, huh... :) By that time, you’ll be already downtown and being processed.

                                    • justo222
                                      justo222  11 months back

                                      great review. i almost didn't watch this 'cause i thot i had already seen it since i've been subbed for a while now. glad i decided to watch 'cause i realize now that i either missed it or wasn't subbed when you 1st uploaded it.

                                      i REALLY like your idea about the purpose for powering the USB HD. i hadn't thot of that. thanks!!

                                      • ChristianConservativ
                                        ChristianConservativ  11 months back

                                        Only Liberty Safes would think about EMPS. I love Liberty. They are the best. I have had mine for over 10yrs.

                                        • Daniel Morris
                                          Daniel Morris  12 months back


                                          Hope yours better

                                          • TWANGnBANG
                                            TWANGnBANG   12 months back

                                            That’s why you bolt a safe down as this one is. Hard to get that kind of leverage if you can’t put your full body weight onto the bar like they both did.

                                        • JLNYardBird
                                          JLNYardBird  1 years back

                                          I take my Sturdy safe over a Liberty safe any day. No contest on quality, Sturdy wins.

                                          • Lerch
                                            Lerch  1 years back

                                            its a waste of money! No safe is any more secure than a locking gun cabinet!

                                            • Booterman
                                              Booterman  1 years back

                                              Stopped watching when you said they bribed you, I mean, gifted the safe. Not an unbiased review IMHO. Normally love your videos.

                                              • TWANGnBANG
                                                TWANGnBANG   1 years back

                                                Then you didn't see why that didn't matter.

                                            • Charles Jacobs
                                              Charles Jacobs  1 years back

                                              T&B, I generally like your videos, but you really missed the mark with the installation. In fact, paying an installer for them to do that is almost criminal. If at all possible, the safe should be placed adjacent to a wall on the left, not on the right. By doing so it virtually eliminates the possibility of a pry attack because by being against the wall the pry bar can't be manipulated to apply leverage.

                                              • TWANGnBANG
                                                TWANGnBANG   1 years back

                                                Pry attacks are simply ineffective on most modern safes. Law enforcement would be here long before they’d get significant progress.

                                            • Covencraft
                                              Covencraft  1 years back

                                              how thick is the metal on the walls?

                                            • tank2449
                                              tank2449  1 years back

                                              is it me or is that gun safe very short?

                                              • Farar Rarara
                                                Farar Rarara  1 years back

                                                I hope it does have cat6 cable.

                                                • gator 556
                                                  gator 556  1 years back

                                                  Explain to me a normal person who doesn't really have the opportunity to buy a go pro and have a computer and the time to edit videos and everything can get a free safe? Why would I want to buy one when they're given him away to people just to make videos that doesn't seem very fair to me I guarantee if I propped my phone up I can make a video just like that only God to send me a free safe After hearing the fact that you got it for free just for doing the YouTube videos I don't think I'll be buying anything from liberty It's not fair at all what about the regular person who can afford all that stuff and doesn't have the time to sit down and make all these videos we can't get a free safe why do we have to pay for ours? I've sent liberty an email and I haven't heard anything back yet I know I could I'm sure everybody who has a lot of guns could use a gun safe So advertising that you got it free just to make a video does not make me want one of theirs that all

                                                  • gator 556
                                                    gator 556  1 years back

                                                    TWANGnBANG 🖕🤣

                                                  • TWANGnBANG
                                                    TWANGnBANG   1 years back

                                                    No. What’s happening here is that I worked for what I got, but you want to get a handout. I’m not the mayor- I’m media in the gun industry. I’m not getting a free safe because I’m famous. I got it because I earned the following that I have after a ton of work and personal risk. You’re not going to get anything for nothing, and neither did I.

                                                  • gator 556
                                                    gator 556  1 years back

                                                    Dude I've got way too much stuff going on By the time the weekend comes you to work in the yard work on the house help out with the kids the wife the two dogs My hands are full I could use one free but I don't have the time to sit down and make all these videos and I dam sure don't have a couple $1000 laying around to make it were it's in if I get a free safe if I make all these videos People don't subscribe to my channel they act like you gotta pay to subscribe or something I've asked people the same thing like they do on Instagram I subscribed in mind I'll subscribe to yours than that just goes out the window There's other safes out on the market and there's other ways to store your guns in the house that are safe and fireproof without having to have a gun safe What's going on here is the same thing that happens in restaurants the mayor walks into a restaurant they shower him with food champagne he gets everything for free Regular old Joe Schmidt walks in with the family gotta pay for everything says to meal ain't right still gotta pay

                                                  • TWANGnBANG
                                                    TWANGnBANG   1 years back

                                                    FTC regulations (and my own principles) require me to disclose that they gave this to me, and they gave it to me because I have almost as many subscribers as Guns & Ammo plus a track record of almost 400 videos demonstrating how I can evaluate products and explain their features in a way that viewers appreciate. I spent tens of thousands of my own dollars getting the channel started and years of full time effort building it to the point that Liberty contacted me. Take the risks yourself, prove that you can create videos that people like to watch, and you’ll get offers from companies like Liberty, too.

                                                    Also, if you aren’t going to buy a product from a company because it provides media samples, I have no idea what products you’re going to buy.

                                                • Dr.CharlesBrown
                                                  Dr.CharlesBrown  1 years back

                                                  Thanks for the great review! I am going to order one....

                                                  • Tackycal
                                                    Tackycal  1 years back

                                                    How u gonna give a full review only hours after delivery ??? You haven’t even had time to figure out the cons/ pros . Any ways , nice review on that free safe you got there 🤔.

                                                    • TWANGnBANG
                                                      TWANGnBANG   1 years back

                                                      You mean because I didn’t tell you how to use *any* safe in this one video that is about a Liberty safe, you’ll never buy a Liberty safe? Seems sensible. /s

                                                    • Tackycal
                                                      Tackycal  1 years back

                                                      TWANGnBANG that there is the reason why u should not be doing reviews on safe , You told me nothing that Persuaded me to buy a liberty safe over the other safe , you told me nothing on storing long rifles vs short rifles , you told me nothing on storing full size guns vs compact guns , you told me nothing and how much ammo the safe can store on shelves , Or whether or not you put the ammo in the safe or just use the shelves for guns and no ammo , it takes time to learn all this , open and closing the safe on a daily basis what u learn from it , I’m sorry bro , but u told me nothing That was Resourceful . I think I’ll pass on liberty safe .

                                                    • TWANGnBANG
                                                      TWANGnBANG   1 years back

                                                      It’s a safe. It opens, it closes.

                                                  • SAVAGE308SNIPER
                                                    SAVAGE308SNIPER  2 years back


                                                    • Rodolfo Benza
                                                      Rodolfo Benza  2 years back

                                                      About someone putting a gun to your head and make you open the safe.

                                                      • bison uberti
                                                        bison uberti  2 years back

                                                        Have a Wonderful and Joyous Christmas.    Shoot lots and stay safe.

                                                      • Matthew W
                                                        Matthew W  2 years back

                                                        15 minutes, with a 4-1/2" Standard Cordless Angle Grinder will go right through the left side, it will peel like a onion, even your common thugs now knows that there’s no protection on the sides and they don’t even waste your time on the door, Bolting it down with is a must, build a form around it and concrete and rebar it in,

                                                        • TWANGnBANG
                                                          TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                          I’m not talking about that, either. I’m talking about removing stuff from INSIDE the safe. Again, even though burglars have succeeded in cutting INTO Liberty safes in this area, none were successful at stealing anything that was contained WITHIN them. Plenty of strategies you can do to increase the time it takes someone to cut into your safe if you so desire

                                                        • Matthew W
                                                          Matthew W  2 years back

                                                          TWANGnBANG - Wasn’t talking about removing the whole safe, talking about protecting the Vulnerable sides and top, it’s only 11 gauge steel, that’s why I went with the Fort Knox guardian, at least it’s 5/16 steel and even then I opted for the armor Knox and the stainless steel package, I don’t want to frighten you but in the angle grinder will go through that 11 gauge steel faster than you think, trying not to come off as a hater, I’m just trying to suggest how you can improve on what you have, for $100 more you can invest in some concrete rebar and some plywood to build form, all these residential security containers put their strength in the door, but you need to stiffen up the sides and top,

                                                        • TWANGnBANG
                                                          TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                          It takes longer than that, and even 15 minutes is enough time for LE response. As I mentioned in the video, the very large safe dealer has replaced many Liberty safes that were damaged by burglars, but not a single safe ever had anything removed.

                                                      • gerard haubert
                                                        gerard haubert  2 years back

                                                        Have heard that sides are carpet and sheet rock under thin exterior walls. Have also heard they are not that hard to break into.

                                                        • TWANGnBANG
                                                          TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                          Nearly all RSCs have fireboard for fireproofing. Interior is not lined with carpet- it’s a fabric of some kind, though. As I mentioned in the video, they seem to be hard enough to get into that the largest dealer in the area has yet to see one where thieves got something out.

                                                      • John Wayne
                                                        John Wayne  2 years back

                                                        Do u have any tips or product recommendations for gun owners who live in apartments who can not have safes or bolt cabinets to the floor or walls?

                                                        • Road Glide
                                                          Road Glide  2 years back

                                                          I have a bunch of ammo and want to store all of it. How much can I expect each shelf to hold in terms of weight in pounds? Shelf weight capacity?

                                                          • TWANGnBANG
                                                            TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                            You'll have to ask Liberty. They'll sort you out.

                                                        • Ethano
                                                          Ethano  2 years back

                                                          I want I want 2 lol

                                                          • First World Crusader
                                                            First World Crusader  2 years back

                                                            Great video! I think I will need to upgrade my centurion 24 to this soon. I'm running out of space!

                                                            • glockumollie
                                                              glockumollie  2 years back

                                                              I couldn't care less about how it looks all I care about the safe I'm buying is that it is the most secure safe I can afford to buy. I'm totally new to buying or knowing anything about safes but I do know that my biggest concern is keeping the bad guys out. Of course I know that no safe is immune to being broken into but I want a safe that is close to if not the safest safe they can produce today that I can afford. I know you didn't pay for your safe but the pricing information would be very useful for the rest of us poor slobs that have to pay for everything we own.

                                                              • TWANGnBANG
                                                                TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                                It’s always linked in the video description.

                                                            • j collins
                                                              j collins  2 years back

                                                              Does the safe door hit your wall?

                                                              • Le_Fox_knives
                                                                Le_Fox_knives  1 years back

                                                                TWANGnBANG why did you not install it 180 degrees from where it is. On the other wall?. You wouldn't have had any issues with the handle and wall. Just curious?

                                                              • TWANGnBANG
                                                                TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                                Yes. It must be far enough from the back wall for the cords to not be too kinked and far enough from the hinge side wall for the door to open 90deg without the handle hitting. Make sure to have all the cords you need to wire it up ready to go before the installers come because once you bolt it down, you aren’t going to want to move it.

                                                              • j collins
                                                                j collins  2 years back

                                                                TWANGnBANG thanks I'll have to do that. I'm having a fatboy Jr extreme delivered pretty soon and I want mine in the same corner

                                                              • TWANGnBANG
                                                                TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                                I put a door stop on the baseplate to keep the handle from hitting the wall. It still opens past 90 degrees, though. That’s why I had it installed with that space between the safe and the wall.

                                                            • Turd Ferguson
                                                              Turd Ferguson  2 years back

                                                              That's not a real safe, any thief could tear that open in 30 minutes. Liberty safes are junk that look good but won't get the job done. The door is just sheet metal wrapped around dry wall, a real safe uses steel plate.Look at the door gaps, a pry bar can easily get in there and any decent sized guy can punch through that thin sheet metal with an axe.

                                                              • Matthew W
                                                                Matthew W  2 years back

                                                                15 minutes, with a 4-1/2" Standard Cordless Angle Grinder will go right through the left side, it will peel like a onion, even your common thugs now knows that there’s no protection on the sides and they don’t even waste your time on the door, Bolting it down with is a must, build a form around it and concrete and rebar it in,

                                                              • TWANGnBANG
                                                                TWANGnBANG   2 years back

                                                                30 minutes is more than I need.