AMSEC American Security ESL 10 XL Gun Safe Lock Review

  • Published: 30 March 2014
  • AMSEC American Security ESL 10 XL Gun Safe Lock Review, ESL 20, ESL 20 XL,

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Comments • 8

  • Contrabandistas 1911
    Contrabandistas 1911  10 months back

    Hi señor great information for all of us, but the thing it’s this my safe as th ESL5 and my problem with it was that the battery dies I replaced it with a new one but the electronic lock started just blinking all the buttons and doesn’t let me unlock the safe , can you please tell me why it’s doing it? Before the battery dies was working just perfect, no clue! I will appreciate any help 👍🏽

    • Michele Powell
      Michele Powell  1 years back

      I built these in my living room for 5 years. So when you say "coming from the factory" all I can do is laugh at the reality. Where else could they get them built in the U.S.A. for $1.69-$1.96 from parts to coded and boxed and ready to ship? Anyway, thanks for that laugh... I wish I could remember the override code so I could help some of these people fix their locks. If it is an old lock from at least a decade ago or further back and if it is sticking or just not working (the code is correct but the lock bolt won't open and close ) try to sand down the bolt itself (the black piece that pops in and out to lock and unlock your safe) with a fine piece of sand paper or even a thin nail file once you get it open again (and don't blow the dust toward the lock! Blow or wipe it to the side or away or else you will just be adding debris to the mechanism). They stick and when they stick they act like they are broken but in fact it takes very little to make the bolt cease. I used to hand sand every single bolt and the case slots as well. If it wasn't done well enough the locks would act like they were a dying car. You know how it will click when you put the key in but not start (alternator or starter issue? LOL) anyway, if it does that then it is the bolt or case needing to be cleaned of debris or sanded down. There was a spring inside as well, so that too could be the issue but is less likely. If it does nothing then the battery is probably dead. And if the code had been entered incorrectly you can wait and try again in an hour or get an over ride code or pay someone to come fix it. On occasion the solenoid might be dead (if it is old) or one of the soldered wires may be loose. These are easy to re code and override but honestly it has been way too many years for me to remember the numbers part of the system. The rest is easy since I wheeze a lot thanks to all the soldering and my fingers are arthritis wrecked thanks to all those small parts and hand sanding and such. Hard to forget that. I hope everyone can get help fixing their locks. These videos are helpful but I never see you help anyone from the comments...

      • Flame Broiler Philips Hwy

        great video. i have this 1. one of my employees put the wrong code in until the safe just locked up.. it wont let me in.. its in some kind of lock safty mode.. any ideas on how to get in?

        • bourget117
          bourget117  3 years back

          What's the difference between the esl-5 and the esl-10? I have the esl-5 and am looking to maybe upgrade to something stronger and more reliable.

          • Wayne Winton
            Wayne Winton   3 years back

            yes ESL 10 is better and more commercial grade

        • Wayne Winton
          Wayne Winton   5 years back


            Hey nice info video. Think you could do a video on how to install in place of a dial lock?

            • Wayne Winton
              Wayne Winton   5 years back