How to Crack a Safe in 1 Minute! | Amazon Basics Safe Review


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  • Bloodthirsty Vegan
    Bloodthirsty Vegan  1 months back

    Fix it in a minute w/some lock thread bolts and nuts.

    • Raven05R6
      Raven05R6  2 months back

      Pretty useless. This lock is so easy to pick, a pen body that fits the diameter of the lock (like a bic pen) will open this lock in under 30 seconds by simple jostling it while turning the pen body. The lock has equal length driver pins and equal-strength springs. If you have a tubular lock pick-tool, you can open this piece of crap with a simple insert+turn (as if it was the key).

      • Dave Chopp
        Dave Chopp  5 months back

        Ya i agree with the above comment. I have mine cemented in the floor. You would never have access to the back.

        • Mark Duran
          Mark Duran  2 weeks back

          @mqr mqr No you CAN'T use a paper clip! The design of the door prohibits it. The man has a hundred and fifty billion dollars because his company offers an outstanding service.

        • mqr mqr
          mqr mqr   5 months back

          More difficult but the reset button can be pushed with something like a paperclip slipped under the door to the safe.

      • bahhaziz
        bahhaziz  5 months back

        I had to fast forward the video to get the audio right

        • soccaplaya786
          soccaplaya786  7 months back

          ok...but usually you would attach the safe to the studs in your wall using those holes.. so there would be no access to them. So if that's the way you crack it I am happy with that.