SentrySafe X055 Review


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  • dsrevo79
    dsrevo79  3 months back

    Is it fire proof?

    • Agnes V
      Agnes V  5 months back

      Thank you.

      • J. T.
        J. T.  10 months back

        This "SAFE" is Shit. A Magnet, HairPin, or even Scissors will open it in less the 2 Minutes!

        • Yanira Delarosa
          Yanira Delarosa  10 months back

          I have one

          • Tybetts
            Tybetts  11 months back

            That’s not a safe fam, it’s a lunch box. Your stack is far bigger than mine and I just bought a b rated burglary safe for a great price. Maybe considering upgrading soon? Great video though

            • Melissa Sampson
              Melissa Sampson  2 years back

              I was wondering if this safe locks a person out if the combination is guessed too many times? Thank you!

              • Zac Wu zhipeng
                Zac Wu zhipeng  2 years back

                Would using the key reset the code?

                • Joseph Bennett
                  Joseph Bennett  1 years back

                  Gordon W no the key doesn't reset the code that you enter.

              • sevan grigoryan
                sevan grigoryan  2 years back

                I'm gonna buy one so my mom doesn't get my airguns and hide them lol

                • Hoodrats
                  Hoodrats  3 years back

                  is it heavy?

                  • dr troy turner
                    dr troy turner  3 years back

                    I guess I am an audio visual learner because your video helped me set my combo while the written directions while doable for me would have been more tedious. They are still in their sealed bag thanks to your succinct dirrctions. My rule of thumb is don't put in it that which I can afford to lose. I tell everyone that it is a deterrent and a staller which gives the owner time to catch a criminal in the act. My main attraction to it is that it has a Mission Impossible element to it that my little tykes enjoy and it store things with slightly greater security than an open bin. A wise man recently said Safes should be used primarily as misdirection which figuratively yells to thiefs take me, here I am, while all the while the true valuables are close by yet go unnoticed.

                    • Synapse2k
                      Synapse2k   3 years back

                      Thanks. I totally agree. I haven't replaced the batteries in 2-3 years now and I'm glad I made this video because I otherwise would not have remembered how to reset the code!

                  • WOWCruiser
                    WOWCruiser  3 years back

                    YOU ARE COO COO!!! You hid the camera like we all know where you live and use your pin to unlock your probable/breakable personal safe!!! COO COO!!!

                    • Adrian Vega
                      Adrian Vega  3 years back

                      Hahahahaha great answer buddy.

                    • Synapse2k
                      Synapse2k   3 years back

                      That sounds like a great idea. You can meet my AR15 and the angel of death all in the same day!

                  • wickednda2k
                    wickednda2k  4 years back

                    Would this be good to secure electronics, handheld systems, video games, and stuff like that?

                    • Synapse2k
                      Synapse2k   4 years back

                      @wickednda2k It would but I'm not sure how well it's grounded so you may want to put down an anti-static sheet just to make sure no electric current passes through

                  • Mr T7S
                    Mr T7S  5 years back

                    When you are changing the code,Does it make you enter your old one first.Because if not isn't that unsafe. 

                    • Synapse2k
                      Synapse2k   5 years back

                      You don't need the code but if a thief is already able to access the inside part of the safe, they'll likely just steal the contents instead of change the code.

                  • snapNGturtle
                    snapNGturtle  5 years back

                    thank you

                    • cheechonline
                      cheechonline  5 years back

                       I'll never buy one of these crap Sentry safes again. Thought I forgot my combination (possible but not likely) so I did the $20 combo recovery from Sentry. Turns out I had the combo correct but the safe wouldn't open. While on a tech support ph call the darn dial AND the entire round-to-square shaft came out in my hand. The safe is 8 years old, the warranty is 1 year. The rep told me I was out of luck and I'd need a locksmith to open it. $50 and and 20 min later I had the contents of my safe. Total cost? $150 for what is now a destroyed safe, a short drive to a locksmith, $50 and another $70 for a small fireproof box. NEVER AGAIN. Do yourself a favor and buy a better product. 

                      • Tybetts
                        Tybetts  11 months back

                        cheechonline you paid a locksmith? Dude you can open 1 of these with a freaking tooth pick 🤦‍♂️

                      • Synapse2k
                        Synapse2k   5 years back

                        The safe comes with keys for manually opening the safe in case of a defect. 

                    • Ricky Garcia
                      Ricky Garcia  6 years back

                      Ordered mine from amazon. Thanks for the review.

                      • Brian Ellis
                        Brian Ellis  6 years back

                        this was helpful. i just ordered mine from amazon and wanted to have better pics of it inside