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  • Glockenstein0869
    Glockenstein0869  1 years back

    You state: " Stack On knows how to make safes work but doesn't know how to break them". I assume you are referring to these companies making safes that are easy to open. How about you use your obvious 'superior' knowledge and design and build an safe that meets your criteria. I am sure you will come up with the perfect safe that will keep these evil guns out of kids hands..... BUT it will be 9,250.00$ and only the wealthy can afford it. The fact remains that there will still be accidents even in those safe owner's homes... WHY? Because you cannot remove danger from the world completely- although you and Ralph Nader apparently think so. Educate your children about guns and make sure they have a healthy respect for them and also keep the guns in one of those cheap 'safes' you detest. That is what MOST americans are doing and there is NOT blood running in the streets. Using your logic, I assume we should all drive tanks to work since they are safer than cars......

    • Balthazzarr
      Balthazzarr  3 years back

      Getting tired of these videos that only talk about all the bad safes out there. If you don't want us to buy these, then tell us which ones we should buy. FFS, every goddamn video is the same thing with people shitting on the bad safes without recommending anything that is secure.

      • Ben Ellis
        Ben Ellis  3 years back

        Thanks for the video. Ignore the haters, knowing what safes are worthless is still valuable info.

        • John Mullis
          John Mullis  3 years back

          you get what you pay for boys.

          • John Sturgeon
            John Sturgeon  4 years back

            How about viking is that a good safe?

            • Mike U
              Mike U  3 years back

              I have one. Don't have any kids though. I love my viking. The lock can't be picked because it uses a four-way key. Maybe somebody could...idk. But they would have to be badass. The fingerprint scanner works perfectly. And you can't break it open with a crowbar. From what I've read, you'd have to have a diamond-coated drill to reach the reset button. It would take some serious talent to crack one.

          • lifted0422
            lifted0422  5 years back

            Did u guys do Fort Knox safes

            • Dean Francis
              Dean Francis  5 years back

              Over 8 minutes just to say that every safe sucks? How about 1 minute to say they suck and the other 7 minutes explaining IF there is a good safe available?

              • schmoborama
                schmoborama  5 years back

                "find the bypass key lock. It should be behind a plastic cover. This is likely a wafer lock, which can probably be picked by a trained crow."
                ( Quote from Stanislao, below - but the stupid fucks at YT/Google don't allow responses for half the posts on YT)

                Is this the whole problem with all the safes in the video? That seems to be the kind of thing all the picks in the video would be able to do.

                • Siana Gearz
                  Siana Gearz  5 years back

                  @schmoborama There's a number of sets of issues. There's this, and then there's a number of "safes" that a child can lift on one side and drop repeatedly, they're not too heavy even for a 3 year old, and after 2-5 attempts, it's open, just like that. Kinetic energy gets transferred onto the latching mechanism and it gets dislodged temporarily.

              • baret32
                baret32  5 years back

                can u guys recommend affordable safes that actually ARE secure??

                • Alpha Omega
                  Alpha Omega  2 weeks back


              • Jerry Yu
                Jerry Yu  5 years back

                Vancouver is in Canada

                • Jerry Yu
                  Jerry Yu  5 years back

                  Found it :)

                  Interesting, the two Vancouver are not too far away from each other...

                • baret32
                  baret32  5 years back

                  lol. do u think thats the only vancouver on the planet? there is a city called vancouver in washington state. im sure there are others as well. 

              • evan002
                evan002  6 years back

                All I want is a single gun safe that can be quickly accessed, that a child can't open. Is there anything out there? 

              • Sathit Thamutok
                Sathit Thamutok  6 years back

                very interesting title but very little specific information about what design deficiency is (are)
                so the viewer can look for what to avoid when they buying a similar type of gun safe.

                • George Patton
                  George Patton  6 years back

                  Can you please give me a the name or brand of any decent gun safe in particular small/medium sized that isn't defective and that's of decent quality.Ive been trying to look for a nice and effective handgun safe for around $200 or less and can't find one that either has a defect in some way, has a bad review, or is overly complicated Ultimately I would like a safe that has a backup key as its override component just in case its main opening mechanism fails.

                  • couchpoet1
                    couchpoet1  7 years back

                    What do you recommend?

                    • Stanislao C
                      Stanislao C  7 years back

                      Try to pick the safe yourself. Watch a dozen videos or so, if you can get in, the safe is not at all safe. If you cannot, try to have a locksmith open it.

                      First two things you need to do is a tilt-and-drop test, shown in this video. Second, find the bypass key lock. It should be behind a plastic cover. This is likely a wafer lock, which can probably be picked by a trained crow.

                      • Greg Lloyd
                        Greg Lloyd  7 years back

                        Thanks for nothing! This video is only valuable if you tell us what type of safe we should buy. Thanks for providing only problems and no solutions.

                        • Ryan Thomas
                          Ryan Thomas  7 years back

                          Does anyone know if the Stack-On PS520 is any good?

                          • Mario Leal
                            Mario Leal  7 years back

                            YES. That's exactly what I want to know!

                            • Mario Leal
                              Mario Leal  7 years back

                              That's what I want to know!!

                              • DCLEMMS1
                                DCLEMMS1  7 years back

                                I should of stopped watching this video at 4 seconds. 1 second longer than it takes to break into one of these safes.

                                • David Rouillard
                                  David Rouillard  7 years back

                                  Well then who has a good one?

                                  • SemperProvectus
                                    SemperProvectus  7 years back

                                    So no safe is good no mater who makes it or where it comes from. There is no alternative to this failure. That's great news.

                                    • v mann
                                      v mann  7 years back

                                      we get it, these safes arent safe....can you please tell us which safes are safe

                                      • Zachary R
                                        Zachary R  7 years back

                                        what is the best safe, then?

                                        • Adrian Weber
                                          Adrian Weber  7 years back

                                          Hey Marc,
                                          Good video mate and we have the same problem with safes here in Germany, only with the differences that a gun safe must be at least VDS Grade A to keep guns and then you also need an inner compartment for you ammunition which also has to have a VDS certification. So we do not have the gun safe problem but the cheap safe problem.

                                          • Cuong Hoang
                                            Cuong Hoang  7 years back

                                            What about the mvb2000? How easy is it to crack open?