InviSolution Hidden in Plain Sight Gun Storage

  • Published: 08 February 2015
  • Thank you Tim of for showing his beautiful custom hidden in plain sight gun & valuables furniture. Tim is also donating the magazine rack to my upcoming sub contest!! Stay tuned!!

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  • Purple Helm
    Purple Helm  3 weeks back

    Dear Santa...

    • T C
      T C  5 months back

      “Someone coming into the home will not have a clue they just walked by your secret stash...”

      NOW THEY KNOW! Thank you.

      • T C
        T C  5 months back

        To make use of these you would need multiple pieces of the same design.

        • T C
          T C  5 months back

          Again with the damn magnets. If I have to fiddle in my pockets for a magnet, look for a magnet, or carry a magnet around all day, I might as well carry my firearm.

          • kenndeaux317
            kenndeaux317  7 months back

            Their website is crap........

            • jcllings
              jcllings  7 months back

              I live in an apartment. I can't put holes in the walls.

              • Andrew Baca
                Andrew Baca  8 months back

                Terrible website. Very confusing to navigate

                • pinkeye00
                  pinkeye00  8 months back

                  "POWERED MAGNETICS!!!!" - 1897 Worlds Fair

                  • Level Drne
                    Level Drne  11 months back

                    would someone please make something without an F#$%ing magnet. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

                    • Abhijit Bindhani
                      Abhijit Bindhani  1 years back

                      great you just reaveled all the secrets.. 👏👏👏

                      • qasdf aqsd
                        qasdf aqsd  2 years back

                        Make gun that works on fingerprint :p

                        • Estuardo Adrian Rosales Hernandez

                          Find you at FB🖒❤😎

                          • Estuardo Adrian Rosales Hernandez

                            Love you sweet, great info!!!!

                            • Rocky Dang
                              Rocky Dang  3 years back

                              damn their website is hella confusing

                              • Hagatha Clinton
                                Hagatha Clinton  2 years back

                                Yep their website blows, amateur, unprofessional. Well unless you have to know how to unlock the reallwebsite

                              • Rocky Dang
                                Rocky Dang  3 years back

                                YEAH i was trying to buy something but i dont know whats going on with their website ;l

                              • Urim Asanoski
                                Urim Asanoski  3 years back

                                Rocky Dang fucked up website! grrr i was going to order that table but since they are obviously not interested in customer service by way of a good website; i think ill pass..😁

                            • GG
                              GG  3 years back

                              Why are all of these companies obsessed with magnets? Who the hell carries magnets with them everywhere they go?

                              • T C
                                T C  5 months back

                                joe woodchuck ...because criminals don’t watch YouTube videos?!?

                              • joe woodchuck
                                joe woodchuck  1 years back

                                Now that this new latch design has come along, or any other design that will come along, people WILL carry the appropriate access device(s). Besides, even if lost it's very easy to replace, and very difficult for a criminal to comprehend. I think it's fantastic.

                              • Alex Garza
                                Alex Garza  2 years back

                                GG exactly. Only the owner will be able to open it.

                              • Noyb Byon
                                Noyb Byon  2 years back

                                well, put a magnent on every set of keys and then u will

                              • poppasmurf63
                                poppasmurf63  3 years back

                                GG that's kind of the point, no?

                            • Lucas Vagaj
                              Lucas Vagaj  3 years back

                              Obviously guns in this vid

                              • lt1jon
                                lt1jon  3 years back

                                Lucas Vagaj yea and?...

                            • Michael Dodd
                              Michael Dodd  3 years back

                              I wish this video had more like buttons to push. I want to like it again!

                              • Clinton Martin
                                Clinton Martin  4 years back

                                That was good 20 second hand shake there at the end.

                                • Triing Times
                                  Triing Times  4 years back

                                  HI Shanni, nice video.  I heard about your channel from faliaphotography. Very cool review.

                                  • LEO GEAR
                                    LEO GEAR  5 years back

                                    Love the hide it in plain sight concept.  This allows you to have weapons in multiple locations around the home safely and accessible, very cool. 

                                    • Boom outdoors
                                      Boom outdoors  5 years back

                                      Someone is getting lucky with that one

                                      • heavylead1961
                                        heavylead1961  5 years back

                                        nice! i'm working on some bookcases now with multiple hidden storage

                                        • Enduro Experience
                                          Enduro Experience  5 years back

                                          Very cool Stuff

                                          • deputysheriff100
                                            deputysheriff100  5 years back

                                            Very good stuff Shannon.

                                            • Craig Berberich
                                              Craig Berberich  5 years back

                                              Tim makes some great quality products.  Have seen his mainstream stuff and custom.  No one I would rather have designing and manufacturing custom pieces for me than Tim and Keith at

                                              • finpainter1
                                                finpainter1  5 years back

                                                nice hide a ways

                                                • Bluetunder40
                                                  Bluetunder40  5 years back

                                                  Cool Deal Right there

                                                  • beelikestowatch
                                                    beelikestowatch  5 years back

                                                    I like the magnetic latches, very 007. Pretty sure that hrntfixr has one of his sofa tables, picked it up at a gunshow

                                                    • renafan3333
                                                      renafan3333  5 years back

                                                      Hey You! I'm glad you are back regularly on Youtube,keep it up I'm watching you lol Anyway those are great but unfortunately here in Jersey where I live they are illegal. So that disqualifies me from that particular prize but everything else you might as well address to me because I am SOOOOOOOOO winning them! lol

                                                      • FringeSniper
                                                        FringeSniper  5 years back

                                                        That's awesome, cool products. I liked the table, I would so put an AK in there. It was awesome of him donating for your future contest. 

                                                        • unclecow
                                                          unclecow  5 years back

                                                          wow thats cool