How to move a LARGE or VERY HEAVY safe off a pallet. -By Sturdy Gun Safes


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  • General Steven D. Lee 5683

    Thanks for the tip!

    • DDK R
      DDK R  3 months back

      This is how people get killed

      • reelnative01
        reelnative01  4 months back

        Thanks great vid I have to move a large safe off a pallet

        • tallandhandsome29
          tallandhandsome29  12 months back

          Damn. That train sounded close!

          • Nacho Cheese
            Nacho Cheese  1 years back

            why not use 3 or 4 pieces of broom handle?

            • carpe diem
              carpe diem  1 years back

              Alyssa is so hot!!!!!!
              I forgot why I was watching originally!

              • MrB1923
                MrB1923  2 years back

                First time using a hammer?!

                • Gary Smestad
                  Gary Smestad  2 years back

                  Two thumbs up and a snap for the young lady.

                  • TheTextralian
                    TheTextralian  3 years back

                    I've got a 5570 lb safe I was hoping to move. These guys don't know what a heavy safe is. :(

                    • Chuck Beef
                      Chuck Beef  2 years back

                      Yeah. I have a 1500lb gun safe and i got one that is about half the size as weighs nearly 4,000lbs.

                  • Frost Knives
                    Frost Knives  3 years back

                    Larry more and curley

                    • Malcolm Peppiatt
                      Malcolm Peppiatt  3 years back

                      Need to plan floor protection even someone's old drive is a pride an joy. Also a strap or tie 8 inches from top would give you some more control.

                      • Doug
                        Doug  4 years back

                        Informative. More Girl.

                        • emmanuel williams
                          emmanuel williams  4 years back

                          cute brunette!

                          • Wayne Swanson
                            Wayne Swanson  2 years back

                            That's his daughter. She's smart, too.

                        • tfs94gt
                          tfs94gt  7 years back

                          What size is the first one? The 27 or 32 inch wide?

                          • boredboystu
                            boredboystu  7 years back

                            nevermind that the floor just got wrecked

                            • Devilock79
                              Devilock79  7 years back

                              Allysa's a fox, more videos of her please. xP

                              • g0dbel0w
                                g0dbel0w  7 years back

                                Can someone fill me as to what happened after the brunette walked into frame?

                              • WhiteGoblin
                                WhiteGoblin  7 years back

                                it looks to me like the second safe took a chunk out of the concrete.

                                • snowbird29803
                                  snowbird29803  8 years back

                                  Hey youngsters, you can learn a lot of practical/useful stuff from old attention.
                                  A couple broom handles and a little 'Indian trick'; who-da-thunkit. Good video.

                                  • dougspair
                                    dougspair  8 years back

                                    ...when I saw BIG was thinking more like 18,000 pounds.....and you'll be using the solid steel roller rods....and....always keep 4-5 rollers under there...still just a 2 man job for experienced dudes...

                                    • Louis P.
                                      Louis P.  2 months back

                                      18,000 pounds? Yeah, well, you’re stupid!

                                  • oilhammer04
                                    oilhammer04  8 years back

                                    I've used pipes under heavy equipment to move them. It's amazing how easy it is.

                                    • crackerms0100
                                      crackerms0100  8 years back

                                      @scooterdude321480 explain

                                      • Sturdy Gun Safe MFG.
                                        Sturdy Gun Safe MFG.   8 years back

                                        We only make safes 5ft or taller (that balance very well), so it would be best to ask a manufacturer who makes small, heavy safes, that question for the best response.

                                        • matty tripps
                                          matty tripps  8 years back

                                          how do you do this with a safe that doesn't have nearly as high a center of gravity, what if the safe is say 2 feet wide and 2 and a half feet high, and it weighs 1200 pounds how do i rock this safe forward and backward ??

                                          • PhenomZ
                                            PhenomZ  9 years back

                                            Showed me how to move a vending machine off a skid. Thanks!

                                            • cyclops5276
                                              cyclops5276  9 years back

                                              Nice video. probably how the ancients moved those blocks used to build their pyramids.

                                              • scooterdude321480
                                                scooterdude321480  9 years back

                                                That is a light weight safe as safes go. Don't try that with a TRTL30X6 Jewelry safe you might get killed.

                                                • Sentinel4truth
                                                  Sentinel4truth  9 years back

                                                  Thanks for making and posting this video! It contains some very useful information for maneuvering my 450lb safe.

                                                  • Chet Cox
                                                    Chet Cox  10 years back

                                                    Great video Terry thansk for this info