Safe Cracker - Dave Richardson


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  • jaimison lopes
    jaimison lopes  3 months back

    Muito interessante.

    • Paolo HellRaiser
      Paolo HellRaiser  6 months back

      beautiful work!

      • John
        John  9 months back

        Did You see all those scary guns when he opened the safe.....I need to go to a "safe space". Guns and hurtful words can't hurt me there

        • aquatrax123
          aquatrax123  9 months back

          Whats the chances of damaging the safe? None. 2 seconds later drills hole in safe.

          • pmarmify
            pmarmify  11 months back

            I have a safe it is jewellery rated at £100,000 & is 60mm thick metal. Sadly no floor anchor bolt holes, how do I drill into the safe floor as burned out 5 drill bits & got 1mm into the metal, are there any special drill bits I need?

            • Holly Wood
              Holly Wood  8 months back

              Sharpen masonry bits and steady pressure.

            • Brian Nash
              Brian Nash  8 months back

              Are you using cheap bits? May have to put some money into a good set.

          • Laura Reber
            Laura Reber  12 months back

            my last name is richardson

            • Fernando Fuentes
              Fernando Fuentes  1 years back

              eres un gran cerrajero y el joven que tienes de aprendis tiene un gran maestro me ubiera gustado que fueras mi maestro

              • Jay Dirt
                Jay Dirt  2 years back

                anyone else feel like looking for a lock to open after watching this?
                I was looking for jeff sitar videos and this hack job showed up.

                • Jay Dirt
                  Jay Dirt  2 years back

                  Jeff sitar wouldn't have to drill into it. *respect the master*

                  • Script Kiddie
                    Script Kiddie  2 years back

                    i am a kid and know dave mcomie personally

                    • MoonEyes2k
                      MoonEyes2k  2 years back

                      Yeah...because drilling is SUCH a good idea, considering that any but the most basic of safes have had lockers to prevent that for 20 years and more.

                      • zack9912000
                        zack9912000  1 years back

                        MoonEyes2k how he drilled it avoids those relockers

                    • Salty Box Gaming
                      Salty Box Gaming  2 years back

                      Jeff Sitar just uses his hands. this guy BLOWS!

                      • Jay Dirt
                        Jay Dirt  2 years back

                        Salty Box Gaming yes sir. *Agreed* *Jeff Sitar The Master*

                    • david,r. massey
                      david,r. massey  2 years back

                      Any safe,including the double 1/2" or thicker double wall jobs that have the 1 thru 100 dials and high nickle content(tool steels having more than 6or7percent),aren't even a challege for a guy that knows safes. All 1thru100 dial doors are the same design thats been around for 100+ years. They have 4 tumblers with often 3 left hand and one righthand. ALL the numbers used in the combinations are easily obtained because they always are at what would be 45 degree angles to the horison in any tip of that imaginary leter 'X". So you can go in and experiment in a safe door store, open a few. never takes me longer than 5 minutes.

                      • aggellos 2001
                        aggellos 2001  3 years back

                        First ten seconds music name please?

                        • Jay Dirt
                          Jay Dirt  2 years back

                          skoal22005 lol *Seriously? I know right?*

                        • aggellos 2001
                          aggellos 2001  2 years back

                          Thank you so much

                        • skoal22005
                          skoal22005  2 years back

                          Mission Impossible Theme

                      • Magic
                        Magic  3 years back

                        The DP (Drill-point) and angle to drill into the LaGard lock-body is not the right one.
                        The right procedure is to pull the dial and then drill in straight for a VU (Vertical Up) orientation arriving next to the lever nose under which you line up the gates. You only drill angular in antique type safes where you can't pull the dial, like a canon-ball.

                        • jet lee
                          jet lee  3 years back

                          Way to Strap and Go Driver . I   might  of Cross tie the front & back but straps  is good enough for a good DRIVER. ty

                          • ALT Spitfire
                            ALT Spitfire  3 years back

                            'Stay on the safe side'.
                            Ooooo the puns XD

                            • bushbaby 1
                              bushbaby 1  3 years back

                              What home safes do you guys recommend ? I've been looking at a fort knox model .

                              • Brian W
                                Brian W  3 years back

                                vault pro... very well made, very high quality, very good customer service. Not cheap but not insanely expensive.

                            • TheCoffeeMachine
                              TheCoffeeMachine  4 years back

                              jeff sitar, no tool, just hands, and faster.

                            • Ace Roger
                              Ace Roger  4 years back

                              if you call jeff sitar it will not take a minute

                              • Ricardo Montes
                                Ricardo Montes  4 years back

                                lol what a joke

                                • אריה יוסף
                                  אריה יוסף  4 years back

                                  כול הכבוד לטכנאי הזה שיודע לפתוח מנעול קומבינציה ללא קידוח

                                  • Ts3
                                    Ts3  4 years back

                                    Give us a job big man Safe cracking in the UK is taking its its toll it's too cold lol

                                    • Ricky Diaz
                                      Ricky Diaz  4 years back

                                      Where van i see fill episodes or what name do i look forma it

                                      • emil hernandez
                                        emil hernandez  4 years back

                                        Dave where are you located? I'm in Perris, CA 92570. My fathers, and my medication is trapped in a Homeland Security Safe; they wont come out until Monday the 22nd.

                                        • qazwsx@edc

                                          اشكركم على المعلومات

                                          • jetegtmeier71
                                            jetegtmeier71  4 years back

                                            no damage just a HOLE DRILLED in the face!!!

                                            • PowerLyft
                                              PowerLyft  5 years back

                                              Hi, I have a floor safe/vault that came with the house I bought. Is there a way to find the manufacturer and have them come open it? or what are the alternatives.

                                              • Pappy Tron
                                                Pappy Tron  5 years back

                                                @randomvidz94 You're welcome. Good luck, and fingers crossed there might be some gold bars in the safe! :P

                                              • PowerLyft
                                                PowerLyft  5 years back

                                                @Pappy Tron
                                                ok thanks

                                              • Pappy Tron
                                                Pappy Tron  5 years back

                                                My advice would be to contact a local locksmith who specialises in safes. They can open it and reset the combination for you; the manufacturer won't be able to help directly.

                                            • bobwatters
                                              bobwatters  5 years back

                                              That was not a Mosler safe, that was a damn gun cabinet. 

                                              • VIDEOSUPERHIGHWAY
                                                VIDEOSUPERHIGHWAY  8 months back

                                                bobwatters lol something was fishy about that safe. Or residential container

                                            • InfiniteWonderz
                                              InfiniteWonderz  5 years back

                                              its a nice day for a white wedding

                                              • funshootin1
                                                funshootin1  5 years back

                                                Ive had similar experiences opening safes with the porn collection /and or sex toys inside..hard to keep a straight face

                                                • Struggling woodie
                                                  Struggling woodie  5 years back

                                                  I would of been impressed if he manipulated it open anyone can drill

                                                  • Jaakko Fagerlund
                                                    Jaakko Fagerlund  5 years back

                                                    Yeah, because a broken lock is possible to manipulate open. Not.

                                                • Jacob Estes
                                                  Jacob Estes  6 years back

                                                  This bullshit is intolerably cute.

                                                  • Vinny intihar
                                                    Vinny intihar  6 years back

                                                    if u need to pull of a heist.....he's ur guy

                                                    • Rolando Mota
                                                      Rolando Mota  6 months back

                                                      Vinny intihar HELLNAW JEFF SITAR

                                                  • Tera Zellin
                                                    Tera Zellin  6 years back

                                                    well as of september 2 2013 on trutv this should be a new show and be on its 2nd episode by now, but....i cant find it anywhere. its called "The SafeCrackers " if any one can find the episodes please drop me a message to my youtube account.

                                                    • FORMAN ASAP Locksmith .Los Angeles

                                                      If this were a TV show I'd definable wanna see a few episodes, looks cool : )

                                                      • 7paco
                                                        7paco  6 years back

                                                        we'll do surgical penetration.. i once got slapped for saying that

                                                        • Mike Giammetta
                                                          Mike Giammetta  6 years back


                                                          • wisconsindabber
                                                            wisconsindabber  6 years back

                                                            hollywood would kill it

                                                            • Dave Richardson
                                                              Dave Richardson  6 years back

                                                              Mick, after 28 years of this, I don't consider myself a wannabe. But you on the other hand........

                                                              • 787 Tactical PR
                                                                787 Tactical PR  6 years back

                                                                this should be a freaking show!!!! am tired of same crap on tv!!!

                                                                • Shane Smith
                                                                  Shane Smith  6 years back

                                                                  I opened this video thinking i would see a very safe white man, instead i got a fat white man, what is this shit.

                                                                  • MrKelocks
                                                                    MrKelocks  6 years back

                                                                    Nice one Dave

                                                                    • Mick Motly
                                                                      Mick Motly  6 years back

                                                                      LMFAO!! They always find the wannabe bad asses!! LMFAO

                                                                      • gadgetwhore2
                                                                        gadgetwhore2  6 years back

                                                                        Tell me then, how did he open the one in this video? IN DETAIL.

                                                                      • AroundTheWaymon
                                                                        AroundTheWaymon  6 years back

                                                                        Where can I find more! ?

                                                                        • glenzo2
                                                                          glenzo2  6 years back

                                                                          I have a feeling this was the audition tape.

                                                                          • DYSS CAJAS FUERTES
                                                                            DYSS CAJAS FUERTES  6 years back

                                                                            "The proposed superstores that sell safes as if it were safes and that cost ten times less. These boxes that do not comply with the rules, are manufactured with low cost (cheap)"