Liberty Safe Pry Test


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  • Speedy BTC
    Speedy BTC  3 weeks back

    1 guy pries the door whole the other is hammering on the door next to him. Wish I could think of a better strategy.

    • dukman24
      dukman24  3 months back

      Such manure nothing more then a selling stunt.

      • That's a Wrap
        That's a Wrap  4 months back

        $8.00 Harbor Freight grinder and you're in there like swimwear.

        • m Lanier
          m Lanier  6 months back

          Sledge hammer a metal wedge and a porta power id be in in less the 10 mins

          • Mark Stengel
            Mark Stengel  8 months back

            Thought this was going to have different people. Good product however use other hosts !

            • anthony Padilla
              anthony Padilla  9 months back

              How much does that save cost

              • Space Ghost
                Space Ghost  10 months back

                Ya they were using them small pry bars. They need them 5 foot slide hammer pry bars. they would have popped it open like a beer can.

                • Low Tech
                  Low Tech  10 months back

                  If the guys from the warehouse open the safe there all fired.

                  • S H
                    S H  10 months back

                    A real quality safe, wouldn't have a gap that would allow a pry Bar to fit into. With Liberty Safes - just use a cut off wheel and go through the thin metal like butter - have the side opened in 5 minutes.

                    • JLNYardBird
                      JLNYardBird  12 months back

                      Compare a Liberty and a Sturdy. I can't get a dime between the door and housing of my sturdy. Good luck prying it open with a thinned down putty knife. This is a BS video.

                      • J.R. Kitchen
                        J.R. Kitchen  1 years back

                        Using fucking tire tools.

                        • Norwegian viking
                          Norwegian viking  1 years back


                          • Jane D Redding
                            Jane D Redding  1 years back

                            What a bunch of wimps!! They quit after a few minutes of almost zero effort. I could have pried it open using a butter knife with one hand tied behind my back!

                          • Mr. Toolsofrenewal
                            Mr. Toolsofrenewal  1 years back

                            Yeah, I trust a safe test organized by the company's marketing director.

                            • ruby kaufman
                              ruby kaufman  1 years back

                              The fancy Door don't matter: Safe will fail.

                              • Jimmie Allen
                                Jimmie Allen  1 years back

                                Let me and my brother do it I'll get it open

                                • Bayswater Blue
                                  Bayswater Blue  1 years back

                                  AVIS is the first and only WiFi enabled security for your gun safe. Even a bolted down safe can be cut open with a $10 harbor freight angle grinder.
                                  Take advantage of that time and let AVIS secure your safe electronically.
                                  AVIS immediately texts you anywhere in the world that your safe is under attack and to call authorities.

                                  • Anonymous Rex
                                    Anonymous Rex  2 years back

                                    It would take less than 10 minutes to cut through the side of that thing with a $10 grinder and a cut-off wheel.

                                    • Elijah2 Tucker
                                      Elijah2 Tucker  4 months back

                                      Give it a try buddy good luck lmao you must work for fort Knox safes

                                    • gristlepounder
                                      gristlepounder  2 years back

                                      Exactly. 4" wheel a sledge hammer and pry bar. That's why any safe is a tool to slow down the theft process. If you are in my house when I'm not home, that means the alarm is on and you would have less than 10 min to get in and get out before the police show up. The safe only slows the process down, which is exactly the purpose IMO.

                                  • svarnoi69
                                    svarnoi69  2 years back

                                    Your * safe * will open in 2-3 minutes, vs 5" angle grinder from the side.

                                    • Bantham Nobilis
                                      Bantham Nobilis  2 years back

                                      That's not 12 ga steel, it's 7. Yes a grinder will still get in but the time will double!

                                  • Jordan Sheppherd
                                    Jordan Sheppherd  2 years back

                                    A pro will leave the door alone, grab his cut wheel and cut the side off the safe. After all, its only from 8 to 12 gauge steel backed by drywall. If you doubt that, watch a guy cut the side off a safe in about 5 minutes:

                                    • Bantham Nobilis
                                      Bantham Nobilis  2 years back

                                      That's 7 ga steel. but a cut wheel will still get in.

                                  • Turd Ferguson
                                    Turd Ferguson  2 years back

                                    Lol, they gave up after 20 seconds and there's no way that weighs 1000lbs.

                                    When the spokesman says COMPOSITE DOOR, you know it's a cheap POS

                                    • Renaissance Man
                                      Renaissance Man  8 months back

                                      I've delivered/installed a bunch of Liberty safes, including every size Presidential & I can promise you they are very well made. Also, their warranty is awesome. If your safe is ever attacked they'll give you another free. I've delivered/installed a few warranty replacements & so far none were breached. Nothing is burglar proof & nothing is fire proof but Liberty safes are worth every penny, that's why I have two.

                                    • Bantham Nobilis
                                      Bantham Nobilis  2 years back

                                      985 lbs...close enough.

                                  • Ronin
                                    Ronin  2 years back

                                    anyone watching this pls do your research and buy a real safe, ie: not a liberty.

                                    • Kevin M
                                      Kevin M  2 years back

                                      These guys are doing it all wrong, one pry bar facing the door the other pry bar facing the body, that should easily open that safe.

                                      • Bantham Nobilis
                                        Bantham Nobilis  2 years back

                                        Not with reinforced jams, never work. angle grinder would be easier.

                                    • Anton Chigurh
                                      Anton Chigurh  2 years back

                                      Looks like they could have pried it open if they kept at it or used different tools. The door was bending.

                                      • insomthegreat
                                        insomthegreat  2 years back

                                        I like how the lock just fell off.
                                        Is it possible to unlock it by getting to those wires?

                                        • Bantham Nobilis
                                          Bantham Nobilis  2 years back

                                          no, it's not possible, all that fell off was the keypad, those wires lead to the cpu

                                      • Oszz Gerald
                                        Oszz Gerald  3 years back

                                        I don't believe in this product.

                                        • VaporheadATC
                                          VaporheadATC  3 years back

                                          It's pretty bad they make it possible for them even to put a crow bar into it.

                                          • Shawna Graham
                                            Shawna Graham  4 years back

                                            1:39 brainiac with the 4 foot pinch point bar has in the corner the little bar made. Funny how he won't actually pull back on it he pulls it out and gets a small crowbar. Give me that challenge, I'll bring 3 people with 1 4ft bar and two small I'll get the money. This was like watching the WWE, yeah it's that's real! Oh loved the hammer, smart guys you got working for you.

                                            • Krasnaja Zvezda
                                              Krasnaja Zvezda  4 years back

                                              When are people going to get to see a serious attack on a Liberty Safe that isn't a Liberty propaganda piece?

                                              • franksig
                                                franksig  7 years back

                                                easy from the back cutoff saw

                                                • Bantham Nobilis
                                                  Bantham Nobilis  2 years back

                                                  If it's properly bolted to the floor and wall you can't get to the back...but the side!!!

                                              • sgw50
                                                sgw50  7 years back

                                                perhaps good to offer to big guys who don't work for liberty?

                                                • jeffshootsstuff
                                                  jeffshootsstuff  7 years back

                                                  Thumbs up for Timpanogos.