Condor Cobra Belt Review


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  • Social Sketch
    Social Sketch  4 weeks back

    You don't have to remove the male end, just turn it sideways a bit and it will fit through most standard belt loops.

    • Michael Basedow
      Michael Basedow  7 months back

      Nice video but the product failed me. The cobra buckle was operated on my duty belt and failed to hold after a few months. When I contacted the company they would not replace the item. So much for the lifetime guarantee. Not for Law Enforcement or the Military. Here is what the company said, “The issue you are currently experiencing is a result of corrosion from exposing the metal to water. Any item made of corrosive base metals should never be placed in water. Dry lubricant is the only safe way to lubricate metal components.
      The COBRA® also has brass release tabs which in combination with water and the aluminum alloy- in rare cases- can create galvanic corrosion.
      AustriAlpin offer the Nautic COBRA®, a stainless steel (noncorrosive) version and the GT COBRA® a polymer version. These are the only buckles safe for water.

      • Bub Pickup
        Bub Pickup  4 years back

        Many people use this as a gun belt or have other gear on it and don't put it thru the belt loops.

        • jhawk1977
          jhawk1977  4 years back

          I would hate removing the male end each and every time I take off or put this belt on every day.

          • DemarsPEng
            DemarsPEng  4 years back

            Great video! I just got my first EDC/Tactical Belt a few days ago and I must say I love it.

            I just posted some a video of what seems to be a very high value belt: The Sog Tactical belt for only $15 bucks at Walmart!

            • tgafire87
              tgafire87  5 years back

              Here's a pro-tip for ya. Turn the belt inside out. There will be no exposed end to the belt and it will be nice and smooth all the way around. You shouldn't have to adjust it much after you set it and the belt will get better with age.