UL 30x6 Coring, Grinding, Drilling Test HD

  • Published: 05 May 2015

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  • Demansky&TubaInvestmentCo. Fren

    TRTL60x6. Now that's a tough safe. Toughest in the world.

    • md mizanur Rahmna
      md mizanur Rahmna  8 months back

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      • Zachary Mathews
        Zachary Mathews  10 months back

        I have the SLS TRTL safe 4500 pounds it's a tank ..

        • Chris Elmore
          Chris Elmore  11 months back

          Why don’t they try a real core drill instead of that Hilti pos

          • Rich All
            Rich All  8 months back

            That is about the top of the line Hilti core drill.. Hilti is pretty much the gold standard in commercial drills.

        • john
          john  1 years back

          Going through the side will barely get the contents through the hole drilled. You either have to cut the side/back/top off or go through the door and disable the locking mechanisms. Show this. accessing and breaking the pin locking mechanism with this tool to open the whole safe will give you access to everything. It is nice to see that the drill time is 2x that of the UL rating time.

          I see the best safes accessed by prying the doors and breaking the pins. Please show the security of your safes by showing that.

          • D Jaquith
            D Jaquith  1 years back

            After 3 minutes the Police would have people doing this in custody. Nevermind being video recorded from every conceivable angle. There's no safe that's impenetrable. The security is from your level of security systems in place. The safe is merely meant to slow thieves down until the authorities arrive or protect from fire or acts of God.

            • Eric Smith
              Eric Smith  12 months back

              Try half an hour where I live so when people say you don't need a gun just call the police I could be dead with every room in my house searched by the time they got there if I was able to call as soon as the entered

          • Kenneth Johnson
            Kenneth Johnson  1 years back

            Well of course it was hard to drill. That was a concrete coring drill, its not made for cutting steel. Yes it was impressive that they welded a stud and bolted the drill up (normal people use a mag base drill) so this test really did not prove anything. If you want to impress me show me that you can't take the side off with an angle grinder in less than 30 minutes.

            • Noah
              Noah  2 years back

              I want to see them try this on a gun safe

              • Walter Kiel
                Walter Kiel  2 years back

                Impressive !!

                • Laughing Achilles
                  Laughing Achilles  2 years back

                  I know that UL are the gold standard for this sort of thing, but I have to ask why they are drilling flat against the surface like that. While the shortest distance is achieved with that angle, it doesn't take advantage of the drill bit, which is evidenced by the bit jumping against the surface. Drilling at even a slight angle will get things started much more quickly and allow the bit to do it's work.

                  This isn't a criticism of the safe, I'm just curious as to why UL do it this way when an angled drill is likely going to be more effective, which a criminal with the knowledge and money to try this sort of attack is going to know about.

                  • Anjan Jha
                    Anjan Jha  8 months back

                    Which raw material filing for this

                • OutlinedBudgie
                  OutlinedBudgie  2 years back

                  the thermal drill, go get it!

                  • teller12
                    teller12  1 years back

                    what do you mean? Plasma cutter? Are you saying to use a plasma cutter on this safe? I've tried to get intelligent, honest answer about how easy it is to take nowadays a portable plasma cutter and open a safe in no time no matter how thick the steel. I don't know if I'm right. I've seen plasma cutter cut through thick wrought iron in minutes but I saw some dumb kid on here somewhere take an hour to get back panel off and then he took another hour using a sledge to break through like 8" of concrete (OLD safe). I'd like to know the truth because these guys tell you all about tweekers and crowbars and all about acetylene torches and other types of cutters and drills but I NEVER hear about plasma. I know it can burn up everything in the safe, so if the crooks think you might have cash at home (and they have any brains - big assumption), they may not want to risk burning it all up. Thoughts?

                • Six Seven
                  Six Seven  2 years back

                  only fair to mention that core drill setup is over 10,000 dollars

                  • Chris Elmore
                    Chris Elmore  11 months back

                    Six Seven no that one was 1k I core everyday

                • TheBlueMeanie
                  TheBlueMeanie  3 years back

                  TL30x6 aint no joke /please ignore dbl negative for poetic license.

                  • Ean E
                    Ean E  3 years back

                    Nokia will break it