Install a Hidden Wall Safe


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  • Vic11 Rob74
    Vic11 Rob74  4 months back

    A safe like this will make a criminal return with reinforcements. Put your money in a bank.

    • SuperJoe
      SuperJoe  4 months back

      You didn't show the hardest part... using a ratchet on the door side where there is no room.

      • TheGeekPub
        TheGeekPub   4 months back

        @SuperJoe Ah. Mine's not like that.

      • SuperJoe
        SuperJoe  4 months back

        @TheGeekPub I have a different brand and when the door is open it covers the screw hole, so I had to screw with the door half closed.

      • TheGeekPub
        TheGeekPub   4 months back

        Exact same amount of room on both sides. I don't know what you're talking about.

    • certified30
      certified30  5 months back

      that's not what i call "hidden"..

      • goldmouth100
        goldmouth100  5 months back

        What of my studs are too far apart??? Then what??

        • John Day
          John Day  5 months back

          Notice he used a 1/2" piece of plywood to shim or close the gap after moving the problem stud? Do the same thing, cut flush to edge of one stud, cut drywall to required width, then use fillers to bring a solid wood edge to the other side.

        • TheGeekPub
          TheGeekPub   5 months back

          Maybe try Tinder or

      • John Smith
        John Smith  6 months back

        I'll put mine behind a painting

        • Richard Boris
          Richard Boris  3 months back

          Thea look behind paintings .its got to be somewhere where thea least expect to look.that you wouldent even thank about

      • Daniel Balfour
        Daniel Balfour  7 months back

        The burgler is "in a rush" and will "most likely miss it" behind the door?? That's your strategy??? Oh man I had a good laugh. Why would any burglar bother trying to wrench that box open when they can pull the damn thing off the wall in under 30 seconds (clocked) and simply take it with them. That box SCREAMS "Here's the money!". To think that a burglar would simply "move on" to your DVD player instead of going for the BIG RED X on the treasure map?? That's just naive. Sorry man . :)

        • TheGeekPub
          TheGeekPub   7 months back

          You're so full of shit it hurts.

      • DB Stevens
        DB Stevens  8 months back

        The solution to your problem was a wood chisel. Also a wall safe attached to nothing but the studs it sits between is not a safe it's just a hiding place. At a minimum it needs to be attached to studs further down the wall with a steel bar or better yet to the top and bottom plate with steel bars preferably attached from the other side of the wall to the back of the safe and mortised into the studs. Finally no you are not going to get any serious safe that's properly bolted to the floor out with a chain and a pickup truck. You may wind up leaving the pickup truck bumper and a chain behind but the safe ain't going to come out.

        • TheGeekPub
          TheGeekPub   8 months back

          I disagree about the chisel. One slip and you go though the drywall on the other side. Additionally it would require much banging which would know stuff off the wall on the other side and possibly pop nail heads in the drywall.

        • TheGeekPub
          TheGeekPub   8 months back

          Your one of the super misinformed informed guys.

      • J Cam
        J Cam  8 months back

        You put it in a place where you can hang a picture over it etc and make it less conspicuous

        • Vic Green
          Vic Green  8 months back

          Dude, love your video`s, buy placing a Wall Safe in a wooden wall is insane! You need to install this in a concrete wall, of mount it on a concrete wall.

          • Vic Green
            Vic Green  8 months back

            @TheGeekPub In 90% of the houses the walls are concrete and stone here in The Netherlands. Really strong houses over here, will not blow away in a hurricane.

          • TheGeekPub
            TheGeekPub   8 months back

            Uh... there are no concrete walls in 90% of houses dude.

        • 123jeez
          123jeez  8 months back

          Well, first thing about security is, you do not talk about it..
          Second, nice video, i'd wish you didn't make it obvious for burglars to find your safe.

          All done. Nice vid!

          • TheGeekPub
            TheGeekPub   8 months back

            Nothing in my house insurance won't replace. If they come in while I am home, they're gonna meet my shotgun.

        • Dimi
          Dimi  9 months back

          Even with a crowbar it would be very difficult to pull that out, especially with those bolts going into the studs. However, something to consider is actually installing a second wall safe in plain sight, so the criminal that wants to spend time getting into it will spend all his time on the “fake/empty” wall safe instead of the one housing your valuables that’s hidden behind clothes or whatever ;)

          • ech0one
            ech0one  8 months back

            That's a nice idea.

        • Gary Penney
          Gary Penney  11 months back

          As a retired carpenter, well done! Years ago I installed a safe just like that one in my old house. I too had cut the studs. You just never know what's hiding behind that dry wall.

          • ech0one
            ech0one  8 months back

            I have mounted two TVs in my house and installed cameras and ran the wires through the attic. Every single time I cut the drywall, there are cables there. Granted, the cuts have been parallel vertical above a wall socket, so maybe it would be different on a wall that is just behind a door. Tip that I learned from my first built home is to visit the construction site often and take lots of pictures before the drywall goes up, and when they install the sprinklers.

        • Andre Jenkins
          Andre Jenkins  1 years back

          I have considered one of these for the home. good tips. Just didn't agree with cutting out the stud. Wouldn't it have just made sense to trim off about a 1/2 inch from each stud & then just slide in?

          • Charles Thomson
            Charles Thomson  2 months back

            Andre Jenkins Yeh that sounds super easy- to someone who doesn’t have a clue how big of a pain in the ass that is.

          • ech0one
            ech0one  8 months back

            @Magic Trick88 As long as its not a load bearing stud, which not all are.

          • Magic Trick88
            Magic Trick88  12 months back

            Technically you don’t need every stud.

        • Matt Costa
          Matt Costa  1 years back

          Really you break in a house see a safe and won’t bother sticking a bar in that and pulling off the wall 5 mins tops ffs

          • Anon
            Anon  1 years back

            Pretty sure thats not how you are supposed to replace a stud. The only thing holding your ceiling up is a couple screws.

            • Magic Trick88
              Magic Trick88  12 months back

              At the end of the day you don’t need every single stud.

            • TheGeekPub
              TheGeekPub   1 years back

              Pretty sure you are wrong.

          • Adam Coe
            Adam Coe  2 years back

            Great video. Most of the other how-to videos make it look like the entire process will take about 3-5 minutes. Thanks for showing the hiccup and the work around. That made the video twice as useful. Thanks again!

            • kieferonline
              kieferonline  2 years back

              I agree with some others in that your troubleshooting was the most valuable part! I enjoyed seeing how you confidently pressed on with the project despite the unexpected setbacks.

              • J. Bly
                J. Bly  2 years back

                Always make sure a wall isn’t load bearing before you take out a stud. One sure fire way to really mess up your house.

                • J. Bly
                  J. Bly  2 years back

                  I just read through the latest IBC section 6 and there are no allowances for a wall stud to be cut without transferring the load with a header and cripples. Even on an interior wall that is load bearing if the structure is less than 20 feet. At that size they say for a span up to 3' 5" you need a doubled 2x4 header. See sections R602.7.5 and R602.7.2. Note there are other variances for the snow load as well as the position of breaks in the top plate. (Do you know if your top plate was seamed over this stud?) After all this, I can't find a single allowance for not transferring the load so if you haven't talked to an architect or an engineer, your best plan of action is to either 1) not cut a load bearing stud or 2) install jack studs with a header and cripples.

                • J. Bly
                  J. Bly  2 years back

                  Rob Claggy I do. Did you know studs in load bearing walls usually carry a point load to ground? So take your opinions and your Insults and shove them back where they belong.

                • Rob Claggy
                  Rob Claggy  2 years back

                  James, do you know anything about construction at all? Even a little? I didn't think so. If you think what was demonstrated here was unsafe you're obviously a little snowflake. Bisecting a single stud on a load bearing wall isn't going to mess up your house.

                • J. Bly
                  J. Bly  2 years back

                  We are going to agree to disagree here. Don't do it unless you're going to carry it over.

                • Reggie Cotton
                  Reggie Cotton  2 years back

                  James, a single stud is capable of supporting 900-1100lbs per square inch with a 10% variance for safety (each stud is unique). A wall with 8 studs 16" on center can support roughly 8000 lbs per square inch. That's enough to support the entire roof of an entire house. Removing one of those studs literally would be unnoticeable. It would be the difference between placing the studs on 24" centers rather than 16" centers which is code in many areas of the country. If your house would collapse by using 24" centers you bought a really shitty house.

              • worlds best
                worlds best  2 years back

                If i wanted the safe i would grab a sabor saw and take part of the studs with me

              • sandhyarani nimmana
                sandhyarani nimmana  2 years back


                • Chewligan
                  Chewligan  2 years back

                  Hidden ? I can see it from here !!

                  • Don Hindman
                    Don Hindman  2 years back

                    I agree basically this is a lockbox. I will add the best way to secure items at home is to disguise them or the container so a person in a hurry just keeps moving. Having this box in a Utility room with the open door covering it is PERFECT! Great job adjusting the stud opening. Don H

                  • Maui 777
                    Maui 777  2 years back

                    Great information. Nice job showing the detail. Thank you!!

                    • silversurfer49
                      silversurfer49  2 years back

                      I noticed that for my preference the door opened the wrong way for this application. Not a big deal I know, but is it available hinged either way?

                      • TheGeekPub
                        TheGeekPub   2 years back

                        I believe it mounts other direction and then you just flip the keypad.

                    • Jay k
                      Jay k  2 years back

                      Nice clean job!

                      • Phaymanou Sengvilay
                        Phaymanou Sengvilay  2 years back

                        Thanks for the video. I ran into the exact problem and used your methods.

                      • Tom
                        Tom  2 years back

                        Why do Americans always have those cheap walls, you can easily cut true them..

                        • Keith SP
                          Keith SP  6 months back

                          @Stefano Melis I know it's an old thread but there is a good reason why they use a wood frame in houses. America sits on several fault lines. Brick houses succumb to earthquakes resulting in cracked walls and eventually collapsing (with occupants inside). A wood framed house wobbles but does not fall down. Think about the tornados too. That mini tornado in UK, Birmingham tore apart brick house's and the bricks were flying around at 300 mph.
                          Mythbusters did a video demonstration on this -

                        • Colaholiker
                          Colaholiker  7 months back

                          That fascinates me as well. Here in Germany we don't see it that often. Maybe for walls that are installed later on (my parents split a room in two in their house using aluminum profiles and sheetrock), but that's not the most usual way of doing things.

                          However, the house I am living in was built in 1950, with lots of sand and not so many bricks in the wall. Attaching something to the wall is usually quite annoying. You use a 6mm drill and end up with a hole that has a diameter that varies from 6 to 12 mm along its depth. So you first have to it fill up with gypsum (for lighter articles) or some chemical 2k compound for heavier stuff like the kitchen cabinets to attach things. Just using wood screws sounds much easier to do. I wonder how long it will take until this building crumbles apart like a sandcastle. (And there are tons of these buildings all over Germany, hastily built after WW2 to give people places to live)

                          A friend of mine who lives a few houses down the street even attached his kitchen cabinets by drilling *through* the wall and using long bolts with a plate on the other side of the wall - in his living room.

                        • Alejandro Pallarés Nadal
                          Alejandro Pallarés Nadal  7 months back

                          GZonPC True

                        • GZonPC
                          GZonPC  8 months back

                          In most european country's they use brick and concrete on all walls even interior

                        • Vic Green
                          Vic Green  8 months back

                          @Ashley Sommer Concrete and Stones. (The Netherlands here)

                      • Scott Berry
                        Scott Berry  2 years back

                        just working on installing a wall safe and found my studs were not 16" on center. NEVER thought about my oscillating saw! I kept thinking about using my circular saw and the mess it would make. You are a life saver!

                        • TheGeekPub
                          TheGeekPub   2 years back

                          Thanks for you kind comments! Post some pics on my facebook page!

                      • Jack Johnson
                        Jack Johnson  2 years back

                        Fantastic save! Love your work!

                        • Rafael Diaz
                          Rafael Diaz  2 years back

                          Great recovery with the stud and additional wood work. You are right these lock boxes are light weight and used for just keeping things away from sight. Great Vid!

                        • Sebastian Quinonez
                          Sebastian Quinonez  3 years back

                          What's the difference between this one and the 7725, the black one, I have darker walls

                          • ftecconn
                            ftecconn  3 years back

                            Hey Dude. Been Watching alot of wall safe vids This rainy afternoon. Yours is about the Best. Thanks for taking the time To post !.

                            • luisito NeymarEsNo1
                              luisito NeymarEsNo1  3 years back

                              I like that you include the disclaimer, a serious criminal would surely just destroy your wall but there would be pretty much no reason why a serious criminal would even be targeting you anyway.

                              • silversurfer49
                                silversurfer49  2 years back

                                Serious criminals target anyone at random that they might even remotely suspect have anything of value. If you pay rent or own a house, you must have some means of obtaining and holding valuables. Drug addicts are highly motivated people with little regards for your stuff. A perp could find a sledge hammer in the garage and beat that thing out of the wall in 2 minutes.....It really is a damn shame ......but it's better to have than not. I think a hidden safe is a lesser target for obvious reasons.

                              • TheGeekPub
                                TheGeekPub   3 years back


                            • tcntad
                              tcntad  3 years back

                              "Hidden" but nice work

                              • Matthew Russo
                                Matthew Russo  3 years back

                                Great video! I appreciate you showing us the issue you ran into and how you got around it. Sometimes I feel like the only person that ever hits hurdles with simple projects. Thank you!

                                • NimsChannel
                                  NimsChannel  1 years back

                                  Probably shouldn't just chop up studs in a wall tho.

                                • TheGeekPub
                                  TheGeekPub   3 years back

                                  I feel like every project hits bug hurdles! LOL!

                              • Scientist SanTa
                                Scientist SanTa  3 years back

                                love the shirt!!

                              • Matthew Diresta
                                Matthew Diresta  3 years back

                                nice! gotta love the oscillating tool! always comes in handy at the right times!

                                • silversurfer49
                                  silversurfer49  2 years back

                                  I like those too. You and it made it look too easy.

                                • TheGeekPub
                                  TheGeekPub   3 years back

                                  I couldn't live without it!

                              • Abdel rahman
                                Abdel rahman  3 years back

                                u can stick an envelope below the area ur cutting so that it will collect the dust the next time

                                • Abdel rahman
                                  Abdel rahman  3 years back

                                  lol u won this XD

                                • TheGeekPub
                                  TheGeekPub   3 years back

                                  I just find it so much faster to use a vacuum cleaner. ;-)

                              • Shannon Fargo
                                Shannon Fargo  3 years back

                                "That's the combination to my luggage!"

                                • TheGeekPub
                                  TheGeekPub   3 years back


                                • NES 83’
                                  NES 83’  3 years back

                                  I just watched that movie last night. Mel Brooks haha. Wish they followed through with the second one.

                              • Michael Lawing
                                Michael Lawing  3 years back

                                Great overview, especially with having to patch the stud. I think you're absolutely right about the burglars being in a hurry - our last house was broken into and while they got our computers and attempted to get a tv, they were simply too hasty and missed firearms and camera gear that were slightly out of view.

                                • blackemmons
                                  blackemmons  3 years back

                                  Thanks for the info. Interesting. JimE

                                  • Sathalana - Variety Channe!

                                    Definitely true about it not keeping serious criminals out, luckily 99% of all home burglaries are opportunistic, normally just someone with no tools at all who sees an open window.

                                    • Angel Luis Trinidad
                                      Angel Luis Trinidad  3 years back

                                      That safe is a nice place to store my pot, so my grandkids cant get to it.

                                      • dennis neo
                                        dennis neo  1 years back

                                        Angel Luis Trinidad Idiot! Act your 200 year age.

                                      • Noah Wolfe
                                        Noah Wolfe  2 years back

                                        BewareTheIdes I used to install alarms. They aren't that hard to get around. A good solid safe bolted down is a little harder to beat.

                                      • GAS,BASS,ASS,AND BRASS666 666
                                        GAS,BASS,ASS,AND BRASS666 666  2 years back

                                        Angel Luis Trinidad haha hell yea smoke that shit

                                      • BIGBOSS JC
                                        BIGBOSS JC  2 years back

                                        Angel Luis Trinidad 😂😂😂😂

                                    • NES 83’
                                      NES 83’  3 years back

                                      Nice idea. Thanks for sharing this.