What is drummer Rick Allen's favorite Def Leppard song?

  • Published: 13 May 2019
  • It’s been more than 40 years since Def Leppard played their first gig. They were on top of the world, but everything changed when their drummer lost his arm in a car accident. Or did it? The incredible story of how the band stuck together and continues to rock crowds world wide as told by drummer Rick Allen when he sat down to talk with HLN's Susan Hendricks to talk about his injury… and his art.

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  • Jack Mellor
    Jack Mellor  6 hours back

    I completely agree on that choice.

    Hysteria does it for me, love that 80’s soft rock melody, and it just makes me feel awesome and unstoppable as any great rock song should.

    Underrated classic of theirs if you ask me.

    • Rebel12 Wynn
      Rebel12 Wynn  2 days back

      One of the greatest metal drummers ever! Despite what he had gone through with his tradegy, he's what I call a awesome inspiration. 😘❤

      • Godfrey Ulex
        Godfrey Ulex  3 weeks back

        I'd like to poke the reviewer

        • trixluck
          trixluck  2 months back

          That thumbnail makes him look derpy.. "Learning from life??" Who ISNT doing that?? And the derpy look the camera caught doesn't help 😂
          Next, it's.. Axl Rose: Putting one foot in front of the other and walking.

          • Carol Diehl
            Carol Diehl  2 months back

            My little son called them Def Weppard !

            • DulcerTones
              DulcerTones  2 months back

              didnt this guy beat the crap out of his wife in an airport?

              • Erica Ruffino
                Erica Ruffino  4 days back

                No! Not even funny

              • Saffron Harrison
                Saffron Harrison  3 weeks back

                @The Stormblooper that's not even remotely funny.

              • The Stormblooper
                The Stormblooper  4 weeks back

                Yep. He'd just found out she'd been hiding his other arm this whole time.

            • kermit the frog
              kermit the frog  2 months back

              Yay I first viewer

              • kermit the frog
                kermit the frog  2 months back

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