GUN SAFES - Must Watch Before Buying - The Safe Keeper


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  • Slick Raccoon 556
    Slick Raccoon 556  3 weeks back

    Thank you 👍 saved me some 💰. Cant believe 149 dislikes 😕

    • celem1
      celem1  1 months back

      Side and back wall not addressed. I suspect that an angle grinder would quickly access the walls of most such safes.

      • D01100010
        D01100010  1 months back

        I bet the one on the left is like 8 thousand bucks

        • Andy Munoz
          Andy Munoz  2 months back

          Wow good to know thank you👊

          • The HiFi Guy
            The HiFi Guy  3 months back

            Both of which can be cut through on the side with a circular saw in about 90 seconds. ALL safes are an illusion of security if a thief knows how to break into one and brings the necessary tools.

            • Neal B
              Neal B  1 months back

              That's why you also need an alarm system. Thieves aren't typically going to hang around cutting on a safe when the alarm siren is blaring and they know the cops are on the way. They're gonna grab what they can and run.

          • jetttskiman
            jetttskiman  3 months back

            Awesome video.

            • reelnative01
              reelnative01  3 months back

              He didn’t tell you that the grey safe is 8000.00 and the black one is 1000.00

              • Bob Greer
                Bob Greer  3 months back


                • Paul MvN
                  Paul MvN  4 months back

                  Awesome video!

                  • Dhaugh
                    Dhaugh  4 months back

                    It doesn't matter what kind of door you have on your safe. Anyone can buy a $10 grinder from harbor freight and cut the side of the safe open for full access to everything inside in no time.

                    • Gerry K
                      Gerry K  4 months back

                      The problem I see is Costco doesn’t have their Bighorn Safes in stock to touch & Feel !
                      You buy them Sight Unseen !?
                      NEED TO NAME NAMES !!!

                      • Johan Reistad
                        Johan Reistad  4 months back

                        When door is ridgid criminals just go throu the back with a battery anglegringder ...

                        • JoeDurobot
                          JoeDurobot  4 months back

                          *I'm impressed by the number of people in the comments who are impressed by two chin ups.*

                          • Skidz1818
                            Skidz1818  5 months back

                            damn i actually have the safe black safe on the right :( no biggies it just holds my ammo my Fatboy holds my toys

                            • Anderson C
                              Anderson C  5 months back

                              LOL!! The reality is...if they don't already know the safe owner owns guns (likely stored in a "good safe") they won't come prepared. Never expecting a safe. Or, they can (because they saw the safe..the intruders) they could force the home owners to open it with violence.

                              If you know people know you own firearms I'd think you would have the safe NOT in the open Put it in a "hidden room"...Or behind a wall with removable panels...lot of safe owners don't think. Just making assumptions. Just as a gun owner would assume he or she is automatically 100% protected. Naive. Ignoring the fact that they might be heavy sleepers. :) That by the time they ARE awake they are supper groggy, with maybe 1/5 of their coordination available, ..etc.Do they have kids and dogs/ Do they have to get to them first? Before calling 911...before getting to their safes...picking which firearm to use, loading...was the alarm disabled before they gained entry? Is the home in an area where hearing alarms is not unusual...where most people just end up ignoring...etc.

                              "Home defence" IMHO is mostly marketing and a misnomer. :) The scenarios would have to be "too perfect"...for a successful defence to happen and be legal at the same time.

                              • david,r. massey
                                david,r. massey  5 months back

                                If you really look you can find used real bank safes that have been decommissioned and replaced by real safe companies. Found an ATM safe that couldn't be resold because of its weight and that 12" by 14" hole where they torched the chute off. Got steel pipes as rollers and trusted friends loaded in a wrecker, sent it to a specialties Steel company, patched it with 1" AR#500 plate, and boom i was in protected goodies land! NO-ONE WILL PRY OPEN A DUAL 1/2" air space and more 1/2" plate. Safes like this have mechanical tilt switches so doing a repair & use must be done gingerly.

                                • Don Rondel
                                  Don Rondel  5 months back

                                  excellent informative video. thanks very much

                                  • Albert Rieder
                                    Albert Rieder  5 months back

                                    1st Rule for Safe buying, go not in a Home Market/ Construktion Market. 2nd Rule, dont choice the cheapest Model. Under 1000$ You get Fish Cans

                                    • kuan lee
                                      kuan lee  6 months back

                                      The black safe is Liberty made in USA and what brand is the other one

                                      • Omar O
                                        Omar O  6 months back

                                        This is a very good video thank you

                                        • AndreS123_03
                                          AndreS123_03  6 months back

                                          If you want a real safe - Graffunder. Period. Other than that, Amsec or Sturdysafe. If you want to really slow them down, add more & better steel. That & better mechanisms & locks.
                                          I just got a Sturdysafe, when I outgrow it, I'll order another bigger/better one & this one will be an ammo box.

                                          • Phoenix Michaels
                                            Phoenix Michaels  6 months back

                                            Good info and video on door and door construction. Pros go in the back or side of a safe, not through the front. And yes, a house is often cased to determine which tools are needed. Anyone see that video here on the Tube which has a guy cutting into a safe in under 20 minutes with an $8 grinder from Harbor Freight?

                                            • Rusty McGill
                                              Rusty McGill  6 months back

                                              These gun safes don't impress me at all. I bought two safes from the old train station for half the price of these fly weight gun safes. One is 3,200 pounds the other is 4,800 pounds. Being over 130 years old I wouldn't trade them for a dozen of the best out of two.

                                              • ryan _
                                                ryan _  6 months back

                                                Sturdy safes are good for the price

                                                • zormpas
                                                  zormpas  7 months back

                                                  Even the safe on the left doesn't hold a candle to the Sturdy (brand) Safe.

                                                  • Tony G
                                                    Tony G  7 months back

                                                    Good info 👍🏾!

                                                    • gr8ride411
                                                      gr8ride411  7 months back

                                                      Great job👍🏾 I'm glad to have found and watched this video before buying my next gun safe. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

                                                      • Hoyt Archery
                                                        Hoyt Archery  7 months back

                                                        Honestly I spent 899 on the one on the right, but I know the ones on the left cost 3000 and up and at that point I have almost repurchased half the things I planned on putting in the safe. I'm fine with an illusion of protection because I'm in a tight packed naighboorhood and my house ushally has someone home being that one of us works from home.

                                                        • Taylor Cascio
                                                          Taylor Cascio  7 months back

                                                          What do you think of the Steelwater Safes with 9 gauge bodies?

                                                          • Stiles Humphrey
                                                            Stiles Humphrey  8 months back

                                                            Nice video!

                                                            • LICKHER&STICKHER INTHEPINK

                                                              I SURE HOPE THIS FUCKING IDIOT DOES NOT BELIEVE HIS OWN BULLSHIT !

                                                              • Screen Share
                                                                Screen Share  8 months back

                                                                I just want to say one thing! Safes to keep crackheads and teenagers out of your belongings, if professional will get his hands on it doesn't matter what it made of.. that's why I bought $300 safe you can find review on my channel.

                                                                • jason carter
                                                                  jason carter  8 months back

                                                                  I challenge any gun safe manufacturer to send me something that I can't get into, within a person's average work shift+ average commute, - 1 hr. For plausible deniability.
                                                                  Without modifications.

                                                                  • Douglas Williams
                                                                    Douglas Williams  3 months back

                                                                    jason carter Which is why you also have an alarm system. All a safe does is buy you time. The better the safe, the more time it buys. If you set off my alarm, you have 15-30 minutes before either the police, or I, show up.

                                                                • Tumblevveed
                                                                  Tumblevveed  8 months back

                                                                  The best safe I can think of is hidden in a wall. My grandparents had the old wood panel walls in the living room. I was over there for years when I was growing up and never knew it was even there. Then when grandad passed away, my dad went to get the guns out and that’s when I learned about the little hidden room with a safe built in it completely enclosed.

                                                                  They did it perfect. They let no one know it was there, it was very well hidden so even if someone broke in, they wouldn’t even see the safe. It was a fire resistant safe so if the house caught on fire, it may not burn it’s contents. A rocking chair was always in front of that hidden door to even make it less obvious.

                                                                  I’m not saying it’s was 100% safe from all thrives, but unless they knew exactly what to look for or somehow knew it was there, they weren’t going to find it.

                                                                  • Ken Parnell
                                                                    Ken Parnell  8 months back

                                                                    I know four guys who their safe was simply not bolted down to the floor so when the thieves showed up all they did was take it out with a manual hand truck for an appliance. Took it outside and winched up into their truck and left. The whole thing only took three minutes.
                                                                    The next year they came back, yep insurance had replaced everything. Only thing this time he'd bolted it to the floor, only a couple extra minutes and they were gone again.

                                                                    • ARCTURUS
                                                                      ARCTURUS  8 months back

                                                                      I built Bank vaults and Safes for 10 years None of these Safes could come close to the ones I built Ours were 1" High carbon steel Laminated with 2" Composite concrete which is 3× stronger than steel , I witnessed 12 Federal demolition Experts try to break into our safes Class 1 -2 and 3 ,Some Safes have a tar trap inside so if you try to burn through it It will Smoke you out .

                                                                      • Israel Maya
                                                                        Israel Maya  8 months back

                                                                        Excellent video. Very clearly explained. Thank you.

                                                                        • Rayna Ritchie
                                                                          Rayna Ritchie  9 months back

                                                                          Great informative video - thanks

                                                                          • Bob S
                                                                            Bob S  9 months back

                                                                            side wall thickness is important too. Otherwise a sawsall will cut the side wide open

                                                                            • Shkotay D
                                                                              Shkotay D  9 months back

                                                                              Fucking hell :P That looks like a Stack On that you beat up lol.

                                                                              I just bought one of those lol - the 24 gun Sentinel. I suppose living in a busy apartment building it will be proof enough against the usual shithead who tries to break in. But if pros get to it, they are getting in that sucker.

                                                                              • Hill Shepherd
                                                                                Hill Shepherd  9 months back

                                                                                Well Done !!!

                                                                                • paul massing
                                                                                  paul massing  9 months back

                                                                                  Heck, I have a better safe than I thought.

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                                                                                      • Loren Mars
                                                                                        Loren Mars  9 months back

                                                                                        Great vid. Informative. Informs me that I can't afford a real safe.

                                                                                        • larry c
                                                                                          larry c  10 months back

                                                                                          Great video. I bought a used TL-30 for $2500.00 and built my own interior. Safe weighed 4330 lb. 66x42 .

                                                                                          • Frank S
                                                                                            Frank S  10 months back

                                                                                            I think I’d go for the safe on the left!

                                                                                            • Michael Allred
                                                                                              Michael Allred  10 months back

                                                                                              The tool he used to do the chin ups seems to be only useful after the door is open, which makes me wonder why you spend time trying to bend/flex the locking bolts when the door is already open - unless your the two idiots from Home Alone.