Watch before you buy a Liberty Safe!


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  • D10 DozerMan
    D10 DozerMan  4 days back

    What the hell are you dragging the mic on? Pretty damn annoying.

      BC FOSTER  1 months back

      How much u pay

      • Lawrence L
        Lawrence L  2 months back

        Nice toys bro

        • Jamey Collins
          Jamey Collins  3 months back

          I may inherit my parents safe located in the tavern. It weighs over one ton and was built in 1920. The door is crazy thick! It is roughly 16 inches thick of pure steel. It is sitting on a on cement otherwise it would fall through most floors.

          • 308 Outdoors
            308 Outdoors   3 months back

            Jamey Collins hope you do inherit that. Sounds awesome!

        • IMA FRIEND
          IMA FRIEND  4 months back

          I love those electric keypad latch control lock, you use the code, and I will use a wire coat hanger, and I can open it faster than you,,, every time

        • Eric Eckert
          Eric Eckert  4 months back

          You should of bought a quality safe from Superior/Champion safe co. out of Utah.

          • Tony G
            Tony G  4 months back

            Backwards music...

            • Mark M
              Mark M  5 months back

              Analog locks are the way to go.

              • Don't Tread On Me
                Don't Tread On Me  5 months back

                For your guns are too short get dowel rod that will fit down the barrel and stick it in the barrel then you can use that to lean them up

                • ricky hawkins
                  ricky hawkins  5 months back

                  no safe is full proof but if im buying one im getting a mac daddy which is going to be fort knox or american security, there is a reason theyre so expensive. these safes are better than nothing but thats about it

                  • Mark C
                    Mark C  5 months back

                    I am going to get the same safe. I want the optional electronic plugins. For light and dehumidifier.

                    • 308 Outdoors
                      308 Outdoors   5 months back

                      Mark C that’s what I originally wanted so I just bought the installation kit and it took no more than 15 minutes to install

                  • Chris R
                    Chris R  5 months back


                    • Daniel Brice
                      Daniel Brice  5 months back

                      Centurion is NOT a safe. Bare minimum of residential security container.

                      • Robert Vick
                        Robert Vick  5 months back

                        I did not get the touch lock due to if an EMP goes off your screwed on getting your guns.

                        • Leonard Payton
                          Leonard Payton  2 months back

                          Robert Vick I think they have mechanical keys to allow you to still get into it if something like that happened.

                      • Brendan Quinn
                        Brendan Quinn  5 months back

                        You should buy a Liberty safe, and then a thief can liberate you of your possessions !

                        • newt0n
                          newt0n  5 months back

                          What a deal, a Centurion 24 is $849 with an analog lock, $949 with the digital lock. I am beyond jealous

                          • James Nosactivated
                            James Nosactivated  3 months back

                            @Kyle Burmis tried that..... It's a circuit board issue. I will never buy another digital lock.

                          • Kyle Burmis
                            Kyle Burmis  3 months back

                            @james nosactivated maybe it needs new batteries, I had the same issue and I changed it. Once changed issue was gone.

                          • James Nosactivated
                            James Nosactivated  5 months back

                            @newt0n I can only go by experience. I have a digital one and after about 1 1/2 years it wouldn't take my code anymore. The system accepts the code, the system shows it's accepted and even shows the lock is unlocked yet it wasn't. So in the heat of the moment, mechanical is always better then digital. Unless it's a mechanical failure it will unlock if you dial the code. The pins will fall in place.

                          • newt0n
                            newt0n  5 months back

                            @James Nosactivated I dont disagree but I have heard many things that suggest the opposite.

                          • James Nosactivated
                            James Nosactivated  5 months back

                            Go analog.... Digital is crap

                        • TWO GOLD TOOFAS
                          TWO GOLD TOOFAS  5 months back

                          I own a Liberty Presidential, not to go bragging, but that is what you want in the long run. I was Told that to get into the Presidential series, a would be thief would need a plasma cutter (or be an expert safecracker)...
                          You skipped another important feature, & that being the bolt system...their diameter, and how many there are...
                          For a college student, you're doing the right thing, in getting a gun safe. My parents always said, locks are to keep honest people out...Keep your guns as secretive & secure as You can. That's the best anyone can do...

                          • CryptoSil
                            CryptoSil  3 weeks back

                            @Jordan P Alarm system along with a good safe is the way to go. Most thieves will break in, sound the alarm, grab what they can and be out in a few minutes. They know the police won't be showing up for at least 10-15min if you're lucky. The safe buys you that 10-15 minutes. Thief breaks in, alarm is sounding, they see the safe, clock is ticking, grab what they can outside the safe and move on. Most quality safes will take more than 15 minutes to enter even with a cutting wheel.

                          • Jordan P
                            Jordan P  4 months back

                            @308 Outdoors just get an alarm system and forget the 4000$ safes lol

                          • 308 Outdoors
                            308 Outdoors   5 months back

                            TWO GOLD TOOFAS thank you for the comment I appreciate the feed back. I will definitely look into the presidential safe!

                        • gmctech
                          gmctech  5 months back

                          angle grinder and 7 mins and I'm in your safe... not worth the peso's. I own one and am pissed knowing I can cut through the side in minutes...

                          • Jokeasterfe
                            Jokeasterfe  4 months back


                            I’m with you. 12 gauge steel is a joke.

                          • gmctech
                            gmctech  5 months back

                            better off having hidden firearms in coffee tables and coat racks with hidden access. the safe screams LOOK AT ME I'VE GOT FIREARMS! my safe is waaaaay out of sight but it still pisses me off knowing it has the same level of protection as a freaking filing cabinet for Ferrari prices....

                          • 308 Outdoors
                            308 Outdoors   5 months back

                            gmctech yeah but I’d still like to think this is better than guns laying in corners.

                        • Maglidius liberty
                          Maglidius liberty  6 months back

                          you spent your money on a glorified gym locker, not a safe---If your looking for a real safe, go to a store that sells real safes---a good one that size should run about 2500

                          • Leonard Payton
                            Leonard Payton  2 months back

                            I'm just looking to stop/severely slow down the average thief. This will do the trick. Ain't nobody trying to spend $2500 on a safe lol. Any safe is able to get into of you try hard enough.

                          • Daniel Brice
                            Daniel Brice  5 months back

                            308 Outdoors fair point. But still - $2.5k Safe even for a $3k collection is disproportional. Might as well get a $1k safe and the rest on good home security system

                          • 308 Outdoors
                            308 Outdoors   5 months back

                            Daniel Brice you must not know prices of guns in general because 1k worth of guns does not look like that.

                          • 308 Outdoors
                            308 Outdoors   5 months back

                            Daniel Brice well if you watch it is a $500 safe and there’s a super black eagle 3 in there worth $1,800.

                          • Daniel Brice
                            Daniel Brice  5 months back

                            Putting $1k worth of guns into a $2.5k safe makes ZERO sense

                        • Eli Diaz
                          Eli Diaz  6 months back

                          My OCD killing me with that messy ass safe putting a magazine in a pistol pocket 😂 and put a light in it please

                          • 308 Outdoors
                            308 Outdoors   6 months back

                            Eli Diaz if it makes you feel better there’s a pistol in the pocket now and I installed lights in it lol

                        • Just Me
                          Just Me  6 months back

                          Three years ago I got a Liberty Fat Boy Jr. with a dial combination. At the rate I'm going I will outgrow it by next year and I will need another Liberty Fatboy Jr. I originally looked at the Fatboy, which is bigger, but it's just a little bit bigger and a whole lot more expensive.

                          • 308 Outdoors
                            308 Outdoors   6 months back

                            Michael Giovannangelo I know how that goes. I can probably fit one more long gun in my safe and I’ll need another. Thanks for your comment.

                        • David McCracken
                          David McCracken  6 months back

                          Title should be "Want to see what's in my safe?"

                          • Albert Hodge
                            Albert Hodge  6 months back

                            dumb fuck

                            • Jp Bishop
                              Jp Bishop  6 months back

                              They make rifle rods so they will reach and not fall over.

                              • Paul Matakovich
                                Paul Matakovich  7 months back

                                Liberty safe failed when put up against others in its same price range.

                                • Oakleyworld
                                  Oakleyworld  1 months back

                                  really? like what brand is good?

                              • Dylan
                                Dylan  7 months back

                                I don’t get what is misleading about the title

                                • Madtwos !
                                  Madtwos !  5 months back

                                  When it says "watch before you buy" it is leading people to think there is some sort of issue that you should know about. This video was more of a quick review.

                              • Mark Kanzler
                                Mark Kanzler  9 months back

                                So what's wrong with it?

                                • 308 Outdoors
                                  308 Outdoors   9 months back

                                  Mark Kanzler 🤷🏽‍♂️

                                • Mark Kanzler
                                  Mark Kanzler  9 months back

                                  I hate click bait titles. People like you make YouTube harder to use and waste our time. If I were looking for a review I would have searched for a review.

                              • Doble Woyo
                                Doble Woyo  9 months back

                                This is not a safe. It is rated RSC residential security container. If you have valuable firearms insurance companies will not cover them in a RSC rated container.

                                • Gene Harmon
                                  Gene Harmon  2 weeks back

                                  Not sure where you got your information but when I called my agent and told him what kind of safe I have (the same one in this video) he told me I’m covered. When I asked if he was sure he said yes because he also has this same safe. Better drop your Geico policy and go with a real insurance company.

                                • Michael Cox
                                  Michael Cox  2 months back

                                  Doble Woyo Not sure who you insure with, but SF only requires a personal property add-on for high-value items not covered under the standard Home policy. Any kind of safe is well received as additional protection.

                                • MrAdvantage1
                                  MrAdvantage1  2 months back

                                  I don’t have anything valuable buy out of curiosity what’s covered?

                              • evan bowling
                                evan bowling  9 months back

                                Umm.. good review!

                                • Rick Baker
                                  Rick Baker  10 months back

                                  In my opinion A safe that size should weight over 600 lbs. how many locking bars? How big are they? Are they on all four sides? There are stronger safes out there. More mo eye of course but what’s money when you are protecting you valuables.

                                  • ChristianConservativ
                                    ChristianConservativ  11 months back


                                    • Rex Kalashnikov
                                      Rex Kalashnikov  1 years back

                                      I can open any safe with grinder with cutting wheel in less than 15 mins by cutting side of safe!

                                      • Jokeasterfe
                                        Jokeasterfe  4 months back

                                        Blake Mcmillan

                                        Dude. It won’t take 15. 2 minutes with a skill saw will cut 12 gauge steel like a tuna can. Just cut the side or top right off.

                                      • David McCracken
                                        David McCracken  6 months back

                                        no you cant😒

                                      • Sky1
                                        Sky1  6 months back

                                        If u have a grinder keep the wheel inside the safe so the dont use your tool on your safe. Be sure to bolt it to the floor as well

                                      • Blake Mcmillan
                                        Blake Mcmillan  6 months back

                                        Ya I’d like to see it done in 15 minutes😂😂

                                      • Freddy Bartholomew
                                        Freddy Bartholomew  7 months back

                                        Cutting on a bomb, Rex. Let us know if they find enough of you to put in your matchbox casket.

                                    • Daniel Keyes
                                      Daniel Keyes  1 years back

                                      That title is misleading.

                                    • D. MARTIN
                                      D. MARTIN  1 years back

                                      With your title I thought you were gonna say something is wrong with it should change your title

                                      • Mark Kanzler
                                        Mark Kanzler  8 months back

                                        You certainly can't expect the video owner to take the high road and do the right thing!

                                      • frank smith
                                        frank smith  9 months back

                                        Pretty easy just report him for misleading title, and give a thumbs down. Let him be an ass if he feels like it.

                                      • Joseph Montgomery
                                        Joseph Montgomery  11 months back

                                        D. MARTIN the title got you (and me) to watch the video. He would be a moron to change it.

                                      • 308 Outdoors
                                        308 Outdoors   1 years back

                                        D. MARTIN you must not watch YouTube much

                                    • Daveyboy
                                      Daveyboy  1 years back

                                      FILL IT UP while we

                                      • 308 Outdoors
                                        308 Outdoors   1 years back

                                        No doubt! Thanks for your comment 🇺🇸

                                    • Owen Thomas
                                      Owen Thomas  1 years back

                                      Everytime a video says "I'll show that later" I automatically feel like I ain't got all day man if it's not in a min I'll watch something else

                                      • k bernard
                                        k bernard  1 years back

                                        Ummm.. it's what they teach you now in collage .

                                        • Ericke Hare
                                          Ericke Hare  6 months back

                                          It is better than the brainwashing of social justice that's being taught now.

                                        • David McCracken
                                          David McCracken  6 months back

                                          😂it is spelled college....😂

                                      • AlphaSolutions
                                        AlphaSolutions  1 years back

                                        LOL. What a waste of money. A thief and a grinder can get in that Safe in 5 minutes.

                                        • John
                                          John  11 months back

                                          5 minutes of a grinder on metal coming from someone's bedroom window... might turn some head in the neighborhood.

                                        • einyv
                                          einyv  1 years back

                                          glockman945 plus I don't think the average smash and grab burglars are running around with grinders. Perhaps if they target rich expensive neighborhoods then maybe. But I think in those situations, houses have been targeted, someone associated with the criminal told the criminal about the safe etc...

                                        • glockman945
                                          glockman945  1 years back

                                          They are $400 or $500. Not meant to stop a serious thief. I bet his kids can not get in it.

                                      • Bass Polizei
                                        Bass Polizei  1 years back

                                        Wow nice safe, nice price and you made the perfect Brand choice. #1 rated brand in the World. Hell of a cheap price for one and I am jealous. The fact that you stated you had all in there but a handgun......simply scoot away or remove some ammo and problem solved. Always remember two things. Happy wife = happy life! and...You get what you pay for. So if you want the benefits of a $3500.00 Liberty safe you must pay $3500.00; which you will eventually do. Amen

                                        • B Strupith
                                          B Strupith  1 years back

                                          Could do without the stupid music

                                          • 308 Outdoors
                                            308 Outdoors   1 years back

                                            B Strupith could do without the stupid comment.

                                        • Alex շՅ
                                          Alex շՅ  1 years back

                                          Umm.. ummm.. ummm

                                          • mmike456
                                            mmike456  2 years back

                                            I have looked at these but don’t like that you cannot remove the gun barrel thing. It looks like you will screw up interior if you rip it out.
                                            I keep my long guns in individual zippered cases and have no need for those. Do not like partial top shelf either. This is what is keeping me from buying one.

                                            • 308 Outdoors
                                              308 Outdoors   2 years back

                                              mmike456 yes I am not a fan of that side either. Good luck finding the right safe for you!

                                          • cltinseattle1
                                            cltinseattle1  2 years back

                                            Nice! You got a sweet deal on that safe.

                                            • 308 Outdoors
                                              308 Outdoors   2 years back

                                              cltinseattle1 Yes I was very happy I got dog food to see the sale! Thanks for your comment!

                                          • G P
                                            G P  2 years back

                                            Is there some kind of backup metal key?

                                            • Don Smith
                                              Don Smith  5 months back

                                              Michael Sorrell no they don't

                                            • Michael Sorrell
                                              Michael Sorrell  5 months back

                                              All digital safes have metal keys that are included.

                                            • Jrbrass
                                              Jrbrass  1 years back

                                              Sports Afield comes with lifetime no hassle warranty as well. Both are excellent safes, can't go wrong.

                                            • Fish R Relaxing
                                              Fish R Relaxing  1 years back

                                              Jacob Varella I know this is two months old.. but liberty comes with a lifetime no BS warranty. When you call them you get a physical person who actually knows their products and will help you to trouble shoot it and should a larger issue be present they will send out a local locksmith with familiarity of their product to remedy any issues as quick as your schedule allows for. If I’m not mistaken the capacitor on the board stores enough energy to unlock when batteries are completely dead but will not allow you to resume the lock wo replacing them if you neglected them that Long. I change mine out every year on New Year’s Day so cant really say but it was a concern I originally had with electronic safes and it’s really not an issue as the manufactures though things out ahead of time even if I’m recalling the built in concerns for this specific case incorrectly. No electron safe is going to leave you high and dry wo a way to enter should electronics fail. When there isn’t a manual override key there is another precaution taken that presents the same solution.

                                            • Jrbrass
                                              Jrbrass  2 years back

                                              I just purchased the Sports Afield Gun Safe SA6040, it has a back up key. Purchased it from Costco, goes on sale quite frequently for $799. Safe holds 40 + 8, comes with the power outlet. Love it so far, lots of room and love the quality. BTW, great review on your Liberty. Glad your happy with it.

                                          • Joseph Embree
                                            Joseph Embree  2 years back

                                            Your AR and shorter rifles will sit on the right side on that lowest adjustable shelf. Then you can place your ammo underneath that.

                                            • 308 Outdoors
                                              308 Outdoors   2 years back

                                              Joseph Embree thats a good thought! Thank you for your feedback.

                                          • Bradley Brewer
                                            Bradley Brewer  2 years back

                                            So you know when storing guns it's best for the gun if you do barrel down so liquids pour out and to prevent slam fires and cut down on jams and cleaning

                                            • iDeagles
                                              iDeagles  6 months back

                                              Bradley Brewer CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve written the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet. HOLY SHIT. I don’t even know where to begin lol. I just won’t.

                                            • David McCracken
                                              David McCracken  6 months back

                                              you were correct in what you said.take care

                                            • Lefty eh
                                              Lefty eh  12 months back

                                              If your guns slam fire you need a good smith to fix them. If you don't overlube they won't drain anything. If they're wet they need to be dried before being put away (seriously, why?) If they jam there are more issues that also need a good gunsmith. If your brain doesn't work, you won't be able to use any amount of common sense when storing firearms.

                                            • JKLM's Dirty South Diagnostics
                                              JKLM's Dirty South Diagnostics  1 years back

                                              Say what? Uh, OK...

                                            • RIPPER334
                                              RIPPER334  2 years back

                                              Bradley Brewer Maybe you should read some "gun" books...

                                          • R Davis
                                            R Davis  2 years back

                                            Now the Centurion Flex is $100 more expensive than the Pro Vault Flex...(I'm assuming those are the most current models of the one depicted here) So it's in reverse. I wonder what changed?

                                            • 308 Outdoors
                                              308 Outdoors   2 years back

                                              R Davis probably not much just added flex to the name😂

                                          • Kristofer Bouchan
                                            Kristofer Bouchan  2 years back

                                            If your AR is to short buy the rifle rod starter kit.

                                            Kristofer Bouchan
                                            Liberty safe of central Texas.
                                            Shop Manager

                                            • Dick Burns
                                              Dick Burns  1 months back

                                              Most people just put a case of ammo under the guns

                                            • Kristofer Bouchan
                                              Kristofer Bouchan  2 years back

                                              Your welcome. Buying thous rifle rods will let you put the AR back together and it will free up that top shelf. We sell a 10 or 20 count.

                                            • 308 Outdoors
                                              308 Outdoors   2 years back

                                              Kristofer Bouchan Thank you for the comment. I'll have to look into them!