Don't Buy A Sentry Safe!!!!!

  • Published: 22 August 2015
  • I managed to open this thing in a matter of seconds with a pair of SCISSORS!!!!!! Lock was NOT tampered or messed with before this video!!!

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  • Robcart944
    Robcart944  3 years back

    I like what you said, "You better hide this SOB in the ground". That rings in my head when I think how venerable my cheap ass safe is. I purchased mine on a whim from Costco thinking it would help protect my medication from thieves. I have to hide mine whenever I leave the house.

    • Riemann Hypothesis
      Riemann Hypothesis  3 years back

      Hello :)

      Why are you surprised? Why is anybody surprised? You will get what you pay, and this safe is cheap. So of course the technical contents are cheap as well. None of those cheap safes has a mechanical combination lock, because those things are too expensive to build it into a low budget safe.

      You mentioned the circular key locks. They are as safe as the one you have in your safe, trust me.

      You dont even need scissors to open this safe. Just hit it on the top and at the same time turn the locking wheel to the right. Try it a few times and you will see.

      Best regards from Germany

      • DeMarius Moore
        DeMarius Moore  3 years back

        its not working for me