How to install a Wall Safe

  • Published: 25 May 2009
  • How to install a Wall Safe Video Mary shows up how to Install a hidden Wall Safe in a closet wall. we used a DOJ approved Wall Safe from VLine. Great way to hide a pistol or drugs from the kids. For this and other wall safes go to

    Hi, my name is Mary, and I am with V-line Industries, and today we are going to show you how to install the V-line quick vault in the wall. Okay, the first thing we have to do is find out where our studs are. You also want to make sure there is no electrical, or plumbing behind your wall.

    There are two ways to do that, we can use a studfinder, which you can get at any hardware store, and that just lines up, and when you have a stud, the lights light up. Or, if you do not want to buy a stud finder, and you do not have one you just tap on the wall, and you can hear the difference between where the stud is, and where it is not.

    And once you locate your studs, you want to mark them and that is where we are going to cut our hole, in between those two studs. Okay, so we have our drywall knife, you can use other knives, other tools we chose the drywall knife, so basically, you take your knife, and just poke your hole in the wall. Once you get through, you are just going to cut your hole out.

    We just cut a small hole, so that we can double check and make sure that we do not have any electrical or plumbing back here. We did find one little cable wire, so we took Our coat hanger apart, and slid that down in here, and just double checked that we are lined up with our stud here, and with our stud on this side, our little cable wire is not going to be a big deal, we are just going to push that out of the way, and we are already, now, to make our hole bigger, so we can slide our safe in.

    We have our hole all cut, we are going to just clean up this edge a little bit, and we are going to be ready to put our safe in the wall. Okay, we have our hole all cut and now we are ready to put our vault in the wall. So, we just slide it in our hole, and then open it up. We have our felt sides off, and we are going to mark our holes, so we can do some starter holes in the studs There are two holes on each side. And slide it back out again, so we can start some starter holes in the wall.

    There is a good little mark there to start drilling. Okay, so we have our holes all started, we are going to put our safe back in the wall, and we have got fastening lag bolts, included we are going to take these guys out, and washers and we just put those right through the holes we started and right through the safe. And we get our rachet and we are ready to go. What you want to do too, is to get all four started in there, you do not want to tighten one down then go and tighten the other one. You just get all four of them done and then you go back in and do that final tightening on all of them. Just get them snug tight, do not crank them down too hard.

    Okay, we are all secure there. Now our next step. We are ready to put our shelf in. Now in the back wall of the safe, we have got these slits in the felt. So we are going to pull the felt apart right at the slit, And you can see behind the slit here, It is lined with little holes and that's what our shelf screws into.

    So you just pick the desired height that you want your shelf. You have got both sides here, so I have separated the felt here and found my two holes what I am going to do is set my shelf in place, you have to angle it up to get it in and then we are going to line up the hole through the bottom of the shelf and then it goes right into the hole in the back wall we have our shelf and we are going to just tighten our screws down little bit more. And check our door, perfect.

    So we are all finished now, we have got our vault installed and the shelf is in place, so I am all ready to fill it up now. Clean up, it does make a little bit
    Of a mess, ladies, so we are going to bring the vacuum in and get up the drywall dust. We had a little faux pas here, I was thinking, I wanted it higher, but I had our closet bracket in the way. So we will just touch that up with some paint, no, big deal. The other dry wall cuts are all hidden by our flange here. If you are going to put this in a room it is flush enough, you can hang a picture over it and completely hide it. It sticks out maybe 1/16 of an inch or so, your knob sticks out just a touch over the flange. You are all set. It is really easy to use, you just turn the knob, push in the buttons, for the code you set, we will go over that in just a minute. It is so fast and easy to use. Thanks again for watching, Mary
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Comments • 91

  • J Bud
    J Bud  8 months back

    Couldnt you just punch a hole in the wall next to that thing and take everything out

    • Mike
      Mike  8 months back

      No one is disputing the fact that these wall safes can't be removed (with a LOT of elbow grease), but the reason they are effective is because number one, burglars don't have the time ... and number two, making noise is the last thing they want to do. But wall safes aren't just to deter burglars; most home robberies are performed by invited guests into your home whether they be party guests, simple visits by friends and neighbors, but most frequently by paid workers like the carpet cleaner, painter, or even your regular housekeeper.

      • Morgan Jones
        Morgan Jones  10 months back

        Isnt the entire point of a wall safe so that it is hidden and people cant see it? Whats the point of having this wall safe that is clearly visible - may as well just have a safe sitting on the floor. I dunno - Im looking for a wall safe but I want it FLUSH with the dry wall - not sitting on TOP of it - I guess a safe like this would just be to lock up a gun etc from kids...but not for security in case of robbery

        • Shawn Afshar
          Shawn Afshar  12 months back

          Still available ?

          • Ken _
            Ken _  1 years back

            Where I work they sell these but they don't do safe installation. You make this look so easy. I'm going to learn how to do this so I have better job skills. Thanks! I am a locksmith by the way. PS: I should also learn how to patch a hole in the wall in case they want to remove the safe or if I make a mistake. :D You should also give them a free poster so they can cover the safe up, my idea.

            • Tibor Vincze
              Tibor Vincze  2 years back

              Pro zloděje to neni problém....

              • PhotoMan
                PhotoMan  2 years back

                I have metal studs in my home -- is the installation any different? The studs are not solid and are "c" shaped / open on one side. Is there any additional pre work that needs to be done to the studs?

                • Tom
                  Tom  2 years back

                  Americans have some cheap shit walls. 😂😂

                  • Charles Martel
                    Charles Martel  2 years back

                    Nice video 👍🏾👍🏾

                  • DonziGT230
                    DonziGT230  3 years back

                    "It is really easy to use, you just turn the knob, push in the buttons, for the code you set, we will go over that in just a minute."

                    And cut, that's a wrap folks. Hey boss, aren't we gonna show how the unlocking works? Nah, it's a pain in the ass to open, better to keep them all thinking it'll be easy.

                    • DeanSafe
                      DeanSafe   3 years back

                      It really is funny, wouldn't want some one without a sense of humor to get the wrong idea.

                    • DonziGT230
                      DonziGT230  3 years back

                      It was mostly a joke aimed at her saying "we'll go over that in just a minute" and then nothing.

                    • DeanSafe
                      DeanSafe   3 years back

                      Actually its so fast you missed it, go to 4.58 to see her put in the code and open it. Depending on your code It only takes one or two heartbeats to open.
                      Thanks for watching,

                  • Firebrand VOCALS
                    Firebrand VOCALS  3 years back

                    It might keep your paper clips safe at least ... other than that its a glorified biscuit tin :-/

                    • Richard Langmead
                      Richard Langmead  3 years back

                      No one in their right mind would install a safe in an internal wall, how stupid! Just attack the safe from the other side of the stud wall!!!! Always use the external wall and on a upper floor at that!

                      • Anon
                        Anon  1 years back

                        Its the same thickness of metal on the back im sure. I dont think that would give them an advantage.

                      • Firebrand VOCALS
                        Firebrand VOCALS  3 years back

                        Your right..... but Its not a safe though ... its biscuit tin :-)

                      • DeanSafe
                        DeanSafe   3 years back

                        And yet hundreds are installed just like this ever day.
                        Thanks for watching.

                    • jay huang
                      jay huang  3 years back

                      Usually they don't want to spend too much time in the house. So put no valuable things in there. Then hide you valuable things some where more secure/hidden. Taking this little box out is easy, but still take their time and " surprises".

                      • Jay James
                        Jay James  3 years back

                        More like wall storage, not wall "safe"

                        • MyDswagger
                          MyDswagger  3 years back

                          Really, someone could pop open that tin can with very little trouble.

                      • Wildly Popular PewDiePie

                        your stud finder must be broken because you haven't found me yet

                      • Anonymous
                        Anonymous  3 years back

                        Anyone have thoughts on removing insulation to install a wall safe? I removed probably 75% of a piece to put mine in. Does it effect the resale of my home? Will it be much harder to heat this room? Any thoughts would be appreciated

                        • Anon
                          Anon  1 years back

                          I doubt you would notice. Its no worse insulation wise than a window. Windows are only about r-3. Fiberglass is r-15 for comparison.

                        • Clint the Audio Guy
                          Clint the Audio Guy  3 years back

                          You think the tiny bit of insulation in a single stud cavity is going to make a difference in your homes resale value or energy efficiency? No. If anything it'll be worth more because you've added a safe.

                      • Christ Julius
                        Christ Julius  3 years back

                        Great to see that. I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks :)

                        • g.battista marini
                          g.battista marini  3 years back

                          ma come si fa a mettere una cassaforte nel cartongesso che si taglia con un coltello basta una spinta e si asporta la cassaforte , ma andate a lavorare prima di insegnare agli altri

                          • joseph Mckiernan
                            joseph Mckiernan  4 years back

                            I was wondering I've seen them before but I don't know where to purchase they have magnets that stick on those and you can paint the magnet same color as the room so it would blend in a little better if it's in the open if anyone knows please email me where I can get one of those magnets if you know what I'm talking about please email me at thanks

                            • Jay M
                              Jay M  4 years back

                              Many comments are negative based on imagining someone tearing the safe out of the wall. I guess that's a disqualifier if that's why you'd buy it. If that's what you're thinking, you should probably read the video description. It describes why I have this one... "Great way to hide a pistol or drugs from the kids." It's not going to keep the Ocean's 11 team away from your valuables. (Or, because someone will take that comment literally... it's not going to stop some random, dirtbag thief with appropriate tools from stealing it.) Either way, no security is impenetrable. They are all just varying levels of deterrence (from skilled thieves, kids, or whoever). You have to get what's appropriate for the threats/risks you face and what's within your budget.

                              • daxvan
                                daxvan  4 years back

                                In the floor + CONCRETE. Period.
                                You can also cover it with a picture frame- (don't step on it).

                                • Anon
                                  Anon  1 years back

                                  Try a welcome mat

                              • bill smith
                                bill smith  4 years back

                                Its attached to the studs, not going anywhere i agree.... but.... if you want to know a great place to put valuables?  in your attic, on the floor underneath all the one will look up there for anything, and you have the entire attic to hide stuff in.The key term is valuables.. not your self defense weapon.

                                • Tyler L
                                  Tyler L  4 years back

                                  you need to put some top and bottom supports in the wall with a few scrap 2x4's it makes it more secure against theives

                                  • Kelly Greer
                                    Kelly Greer  4 years back

                                    i cant hold a stud finder to close to me it keeps going off

                                  • Leif Albertson
                                    Leif Albertson  4 years back

                                    Yeesh, tough crowd.  First, not all houses have concrete walls.  Second, with 4 lag bolts through the studs, you'd have to rip the effing wall down to get that safe out.  Third, yes, bolting a 1000lb fire-proof safe into a concrete foundation would be more secure if you're storing gold krugerrands, or the launch codes for nuclear missiles, but for $250, this is a pretty good option for folks that are just trying to stash a pistol or some pills.

                                  • Shyam Kumar
                                    Shyam Kumar  5 years back

                                    The guy can bring a butter knife and cut the entire wall and carry away the safe

                                    • R99pinball
                                      R99pinball  3 years back

                                      Shyam Kumar I'll give you a dollar to film yourself cut through 2 2x4s with a bitter knife.

                                    • spudnic88
                                      spudnic88  3 years back

                                      +killer24316 yes, a plastic butter knife

                                    • killer24316
                                      killer24316  4 years back

                                      He/she is gonna cut through the studs with a butter knife?

                                  • Eqvaliser
                                    Eqvaliser  5 years back

                                    Protip, use a vibration cutter, instead of a drywall knife which is "meant" for construction.
                                    The vibration cutter wont cut wires/plumbing if there are some hidden.  

                                    but a safe is hardly safe in that wall anyway. Suggest a brickwall/foundation.
                                    A thief would possible just steal the entire safe and open it later.

                                    • Ryan Kerans
                                      Ryan Kerans  5 years back

                                      Starter holes Lol!! You mean pilot holes!! only women fabricate their own terminology.. 

                                      • TheDoclariv
                                        TheDoclariv  5 years back

                                        @ YuppiBum

                                        She puts 4 lag bolts into the studs. That safe is not going anywhere.

                                        • Branislav Ballay
                                          Branislav Ballay  5 years back

                                          Ok, but what if you wan't to install it into wall that isn't made of shit ? 

                                          • THISISNIDDY
                                            THISISNIDDY  5 years back

                                            put it right above your head inside the closet no one would find it

                                            • rivier4
                                              rivier4  6 years back

                                              You could just hide stuff anywhere. If they find that safe they will get it out. If it looks like something ordinary they will leave it.

                                              • loadi2
                                                loadi2  6 years back

                                                I would get a fireproof one and put it on a outside basement wall ?

                                                • Brenton Johnson
                                                  Brenton Johnson  6 years back

                                                  measure 0 cut twice

                                                  • Zoli Mo
                                                    Zoli Mo  6 years back

                                                    I'm looked for "how to install a safety wall safe into real wall", not this kind of paper soliter. "Don't do it too hard"??? Please robbers, be careful with this safe! OMG

                                                    • garlicdawg
                                                      garlicdawg  6 years back

                                                      good job...about how much do they cost....?

                                                      • dofair
                                                        dofair  6 years back

                                                        Hiding a safe doesnt work. I was robbed they took safe and all.

                                                        • Anon
                                                          Anon  1 years back

                                                          How did they get it out of the wall?

                                                      • Womb Raider
                                                        Womb Raider  6 years back

                                                        All you have to do is slide it in

                                                        • patricia clyde
                                                          patricia clyde  6 years back

                                                          they are great for items upto one thousand pounds in value!

                                                          • Harrison Mac
                                                            Harrison Mac  6 years back

                                                            How to install a wall safe:
                                                            1.) Put hole in wall
                                                            2.) Put safe in hole
                                                            3.) (Optional) Put painting over hole.

                                                            • LookAtMyPixel
                                                              LookAtMyPixel  6 years back


                                                              • Shadetree Wrenchin'
                                                                Shadetree Wrenchin'  7 years back

                                                                She clearly said, "If you are going to put this in a room (NOT a closet) it is flush enough, you can hang a picture over it and completely hide it." Listen more carefully before posting stupid comments.

                                                                • Damage, Inc.
                                                                  Damage, Inc.  7 years back

                                                                  Love them. They make great decoys. I have them in view in each bedroom closet. Contents are junk, fake keys that do nothing, and juuuusstt enough "goodies" to make the burglar think the next one might hold "the motherload". It will keep them busy for a while as the cops come. They will probably pass out when they find one with the "gold bars". LOLOL...

                                                                  • vizi0123
                                                                    vizi0123  7 years back

                                                                    Yes, a picture behind all your clothes to hide the safe in a closet isn't suspicious at all..

                                                                    • Apples
                                                                      Apples  7 years back

                                                                      This Didn't Work At All I Ended Up With My Dick Caught In A Ceiling Fan.

                                                                      • TheCurrencyMan
                                                                        TheCurrencyMan  7 years back

                                                                        I understand you were looking for me... :-)

                                                                        • DJ HILTON
                                                                          DJ HILTON  7 years back

                                                                          That is cool I want won

                                                                          • windage
                                                                            windage  7 years back

                                                                            cool little secure box, handy, fairly hidden, fast one is claiming it to be a 2500 lb TL-15, neat safe!