F-Secure Safe Review


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  • Pieter vanduijn
    Pieter vanduijn  8 months back

    I have installed Comodo Firewall alongside F Secure SAFE and it's working fine. Now I don't have to rely on Windows Firewall.

    • Professor Moriarty
      Professor Moriarty  9 months back

      I was offered this F-Secure from a company called carphone warehouse who somewhere along the line was providing bandwidth to other companies who provide broadband. F-Secure kept on sending me an e-mail to download this for free and they sent me a password to log onto their website to use this F-Secure product. I kept on deleting the e-mail their firewall is a one-way leaky windows firewall with a F-Secure interface they do not even have their own firewall like Kaspersky and so on. These anti-malware antivirus companies are worse than used car salesman. they would if they could try to sell you anti-malware products for your fridge freezer.

      • tweety 1102
        tweety 1102  9 months back

        Good evening,

        who is better at protecting F-Secure Safe or Trend Micro maximum Security and who is slowing down the system?
        Have a nice evening.

        • Vladomier Pootis
          Vladomier Pootis  10 months back

          Yeah but can it protect you from Wannacry? (or Petya)

          • Dex4Sure
            Dex4Sure  1 years back

            what many noobs dont know is that windows firewall ever since windows 7 is more than enough. in fact windows firewall is probably better than any 3rd party firewalls and has the most options.

            • Professor Moriarty
              Professor Moriarty  9 months back

              Microsoft has never understood security they are even dumping their own browser because they could not make a secure browser. Windows has an antivirus anti malware program called Windows Defender and it is so bad people purchase antivirus anti-malware products to replace it. Windows firewall is primitive.

          • ME Alston
            ME Alston  1 years back

            Reviewing today's F-Secure on a dated Windows 7...nice idea.

            • Jim Caddis
              Jim Caddis  8 months back

              All versions currently supported have telemetry built in. The comment was valid, Also Windows 7 32bit is a non UEFI system. Plus we do not know if the OS was setup as legacy bios or 64bit EUFI which has more security features than the legacy BIOS mode. All AV tests should be done on Win 8.1 or 10 as Win 7 is nearing EOL.

            • Nik N!k
              Nik N!k  9 months back

              @Professor Moriarty Its just a virtual os.
              Sandbox environment.

            • Professor Moriarty
              Professor Moriarty  9 months back

              City bankers traders in London use Windows 7 pro nobody uses Windows 10 it is a spyware toy for simpletons

          • andrey pilipchuck
            andrey pilipchuck  2 years back

            это паранойя достаточно защитник виндовс

            • Allena Dominus
              Allena Dominus  2 years back

              F-Secure has a Clear and simple interface and very easy-to-use with the comparatively low price. F-Secure has launched SENSE, a combination of router and software designed to protect your home and every device in it from hackers. Protect your devices against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and identity theft with F-Secure. Here you will find more latest insights about F-Secure https://www.criticthoughts.com/security/f-secure-review/

              • Thomas K
                Thomas K  2 years back

                Not having its own firewall is in my case a very very good thing! I am 20 years now interested in security stuff and software firewalls fail so often i rather use the windows one because its getting its job done and you don`t have to suffer weird networking experiences cause of some bad implemented piece of software. If you want to control what is getting inside and outside there are other methods and programs.

                • 3oF / Tpelaaja
                  3oF / Tpelaaja  2 years back

                  F-Secure = Suomi Finland PERKELE! Like If You Don't Know What Suomi Finland Perkele Means!

                  • Nuno Antunes
                    Nuno Antunes  2 years back

                    If I can make a suggestion, I think to make it fairer, the executables that do not get removed should all be ran. You can run them in batches of 5 by selecting 5 exe's and clicking enter to make it easier.

                    • Salmoneso
                      Salmoneso  2 years back

                      F secure only has one problem it literally detects anything it does not know as malware

                      • bri gaw
                        bri gaw  2 years back

                        it did not do that with the adware.

                      • Thomas K
                        Thomas K  2 years back

                        depends! I make tests alongside bitdefender and in 80% of the cases bitdefender has a problem with the software, too, although clean software.
                        They both use the same engine.... so.

                    • Michał
                      Michał  2 years back

                      Nice review as always! Would you please test in the future... CylancePROTECT Home Edition or Endpoint Edition and Symantec Endpoint Protection. Thanks!

                      • Vulture Spag
                        Vulture Spag  1 years back

                        Il is available as of now

                      • Meph Andr
                        Meph Andr  2 years back

                        htc.got3n CylanceProtect Home edition is not available to regular consumers, unless the company you work for offers it as a benefit. How did you get it?, I'd like to test it as well.

                    • FrostbiteXZ
                      FrostbiteXZ  2 years back

                      try out Sophos Home Antivirus Beta! (the beta has its own ransomware protection and other things)

                      • DvD
                        DvD  2 years back

                        thx for another awesome video malware geek.

                        • KONAKA95
                          KONAKA95  2 years back

                          based on time, im gonna guess not very well

                          • Im A Babana
                            Im A Babana  2 years back