Stack-On Biometric fingerprint safe: unboxing and review

  • Published: 12 October 2011
  • Stack-On Biometric, Personal Safe w/Biometric Lock, Black

    I purchased this safe from at the link below to better protect my family. The goal is not to recreate Ft. Knox, but rather keep my guns beside my bed and have easy access at night.

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  • Will Robinson
    Will Robinson  6 years back


    • giocogames
      giocogames  6 years back

      I just bought a sandleford es20, is it any good

      • Jay G.
        Jay G.  6 years back

        easy Just put a tiny jab of superglue on the buzzer

        • AbuGrabIt
          AbuGrabIt  7 years back

          can you stop that beeping that tells burglars you've reached for your gun?

          • shabadoha007
            shabadoha007  7 years back

            "One of these days I'm gonna try it. (eat Dessicant) I don't care what it says."

            • ReaganPatriot
              ReaganPatriot  8 years back

              Can you mute the sound.?

              • jesus ramirez
                jesus ramirez  8 years back

                awsome subbed!!!

                • joseph10704
                  joseph10704  8 years back

                  @NCGunOwners OK COOL

                  • NCGunOwners
                    NCGunOwners   8 years back

                    @joseph10704 Yep - it only works on the exact finger you scan.

                    • joseph10704
                      joseph10704  8 years back

                      now what if u had someone else finger will it work or does the scan only know your finger and thats all let me know thank's.

                      • Bobs Edge
                        Bobs Edge  8 years back

                        Nice video. As a former locksmith, I am impressed with how technology has come along.