Sentry X041e Security Safe

  • Published: 14 November 2011
  • This SentrySafe product is a great solution for protecting and securing small but precious valuables. Placed on a strudy shelf, on the floor or on a desk this product provides a safe place to store your important and irreplaceable items.

    Sentry X041e Security Safe
    * Electronic lock keeps important documents and valuables secure
    * Override key provides convenient and reliable backup access to stored items
    * Includes bolt down kit to prevent unauthorized removal
    * Custom foam interior floor protects valuables against damage and scratches
    * Meets California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety

    ***Detailed Specs & Low Pricing on the Sentry X041e Security Safe CLICK BELOW*** - Sentry
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Comments • 9

  • dewayne felder
    dewayne felder  2 years back

    Just took mine out of the box and can't open it??? What's next with key not working???

  • Roxanna Salazar
    Roxanna Salazar  2 years back

    I want to now how to put back the back part of the door exacly how it goes on a x041e safe

    • K. Knowledge Da Royal Regulator

      the safe don't remember my pass words and I lost the key. what's another way to open the safe without breaking the safe?

      • Brennan Elmore
        Brennan Elmore  3 years back

        thank you so much! (:

        • Eliezer Levine
          Eliezer Levine  4 years back

          So after you open it with the key because you forgot your pin number, how do you reset your pin number?

          • Mono MachinesLLC
            Mono MachinesLLC   4 years back

            @Eliezer Levine Here are the instructions for resetting your code:
            1. Open the door, remove the battery cover and press the key button inside the battery compartment on the door back. 

            2. Yellow LED will go on, Enter your new code (2-8 digits) followed by the “#” key. 

            *Yellow LED will go off to indicate the new code has been accepted and stored. If the new programming attempt fails, the yellow LED will flash with five beeps. You must attempt your new code again

        • Mono MachinesLLC
          Mono MachinesLLC   6 years back

          To install batteries, remove cover between knob and keypad.
          Unlock door with the override key provided in the plastic bag attached
          to the owner’s manual, and open the door using the knob. Remove
          battery cover located on the inside back of the door by sliding to the
          right. Insert the four AA batteries. Replace the
          battery cover.

          • bim2199
            bim2199  8 years back

            Hey, thanks for the info on the Sentry X041e Security Safe