SentrySafe Card Access HL100ES and H060ES Security Safes

  • Published: 06 April 2012
  • - SentrySafe Card Access HL100ES Security Safes

    and - Sentry HL100ES Hotel Security Safe - Black

    and - Sentry HL100ES Hotel Security Safe - Creme

    and - SentrySafe Card Access H060ES Security Safes

    and - Sentry H060ES Hotel Security Safe - Black

    and - Sentry H060ES Hotel Security Safe - Creme
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Comments • 18

  • Ethan Hellerman
    Ethan Hellerman  3 months back

    how do I get into it without the code or card?

    • Pickle Pants
      Pickle Pants  6 months back

      Thanks Josh, this was helpful.

      • Dony Joshua Fun
        Dony Joshua Fun  1 years back

        anyone can help me ? i forget my password and lost my card but safe its can i reset to factory settings ?

        • Helplessshi
          Helplessshi  1 years back

          I Have This Exact Safe And I Wanted To Know If I Can Open It Without A Key Or Batteries Because My Batteries Fell Out From The Back Of It And My Keys Aren't Accesible To Me Right Now.

          • J F
            J F  1 years back

            SACK THAT WANKA

            • Antonio David
              Antonio David  2 years back

              hi i know my 4digit combination but i get an E-CODE.... how can i open my safe HL100ES? thank you!

              • modyj78
                modyj78  2 years back

                how to open it if i lost the card or the key

                • jaqueline
                  jaqueline  2 years back

                  modyj78 same bruhh ion know howwww

              • Solo Dolo
                Solo Dolo  3 years back

                Any card can be used to open it after the first card is used. Not SAFE at all.

                • James Edward
                  James Edward  2 years back

                  It has to be the same card you scanned it with not just any card with a barcode lol

              • Dylan Walker
                Dylan Walker  5 years back

                Is there any way of opening it when the battry is dead?

                • Nick Guarnaccia
                  Nick Guarnaccia  2 years back

                  Mono MachinesLLC Can I purchase a new battery jump unit if mine is lost?

                • Mono MachinesLLC
                  Mono MachinesLLC  5 years back

                  @TheIronyOfLaughter Yes, two actually. These safes come with a battery jump unit, as well as a master override key.

              • Mono MachinesLLC
                Mono MachinesLLC  6 years back

                To operate the safe with a personal code, push and hold the door in the closed position. Next, input a four-digit code of your choosing. Finally, press "A" on the keypad.
                The display will show “CLOSE”, immediately followed by “CLOSED” indicating that the bolts are extended and the door is locked.
                The four-digit, personalized code will be displayed for two (2) seconds. You can now use the same code to unlock the safe. Please note that you may change the code with each use.

                • Mono MachinesLLC
                  Mono MachinesLLC  6 years back

                  Hi Pat, this safe is not fireproof. You may want to look at the Sentry Safe DS0200 Fire Safe or the Sentry Safe SFW123GDC UL Classified Electronic Fire Safe.

                  • pat neary
                    pat neary  6 years back


                    • Henry johns
                      Henry johns  7 years back

                      Hey, thanks for the info on the SentrySafe Card Access HL100ES Security Safes.

                      • tattoo mann
                        tattoo mann  7 years back