So, You want the BIG SAFE! Purchasing Security on a larger Scale


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  • Doctor Goop
    Doctor Goop  4 weeks back

    The only real safe is a UL Rated safe. Some gun safes carry a UL rating for residential security cabinets. If it doesn’t say UL TR, TL, TX followed by 15, 30 or 60 it’s junk. Level five means nothing.

    • Mr. Potatoe Head
      Mr. Potatoe Head  3 months back

      How much does it weigh? Can it be mounted to the floor?

      • Jason Williams
        Jason Williams  3 months back

        The large gap around the door and weak bolts allows for an easy pry attack. This safe can be pried own quickly using the right force tools. Not secure at all.

        • Stiles Humphrey
          Stiles Humphrey  5 months back

          No wonder you have the safe in your garage, it’s about the size of a small car 🚗! Probably weighs more than a smart car! Lol

          • NoblesTx
            NoblesTx  6 months back

            What did you pay

            • Ricky Burton
              Ricky Burton  6 months back

              Hey how thick are the doors and the walls any information you can share other than the size and color 🤔😐? Kinda poor review don’t y’all think 🤔😳!

            • donPCB
              donPCB  6 months back

              Remember a long gun with optics = 2 spots!

              • Mike Loder
                Mike Loder  6 months back

                that gap scares me

                • RIPPER334
                  RIPPER334  6 months back

                  No way in hell that safe is 36" inches deep... More like 27 inches... Which is the deepest they offer on their website.

                  ...and if it still lives right inside the garage door, you've done two things... Offered thieves a glimpse of what you have, and made it easy for them to take the whole thing with them.

                  • RIPPER334
                    RIPPER334  6 months back

                    +the vampire Yeah... But he didn't show a logo with the dimensions... He showed two stickers... a fire rating, and a Ca. DOJ sticker... both of my Liberty safes have the same EXACT stickers... In the same exact spot.

                    If it were 3ft deep, it would be 60% of it's width... maybe you should watch it again... Paying closer attention when the door is open. Look how wide the safe is at 2:00 when he's standing in front of it... Does the shelf look 60% of the outside width at 6:19? Not even close.

                    In fact... Here is his safe... Right on their website...

                    72x60x27... NOT 36 inches.

                    ...and here is every safe they make.
                    Not only is his safe 27 inches, but they don't even offer ANY safe in a 3ft depth. 😂 But I'm sure that the company building and selling them, is more likely to be mistaken than the guy who bought one and made a YouTube video about it.

                  • the vampire
                    the vampire  6 months back

                    Yeah because there's no way that's just the logo that's on there that he put on there for just decoration that's physically impossible I wonder how he faked it he showed us the inside it was 36in

                • 001 002
                  001 002  9 months back

                  i need a big safe for my.... Model trains... i was going to say GUNS... but na its my trains lol

                  • Armando C
                    Armando C  1 years back

                    A product labeled RSC (residential safety container) is not a safe, it can look just like a real safe, but at the end of the day, it's not a safe. Give me 5 min with it and I'll show you how much money you pissed away on that.

                    • Tyreke Lewis
                      Tyreke Lewis  1 years back

                      Would’ve gave him a thumbs up if he told us the price

                      • the vampire
                        the vampire  6 months back

                        Yeah because it's definitely impossible to look something up on the internet I mean that unreasonable and physically impossible

                    • Khaleel
                      Khaleel  2 years back

                      Too bad a $20 harbor freight grinder can defeat any safe on the market. Tactical walls, hidden in plain sight is your best bet.

                      • the vampire
                        the vampire  6 months back

                        You can't buy grenades legally in the USA maybe in Afghanistan but not in the USA

                      • Andrew York
                        Andrew York  1 years back

                        Haha no, yes most cheap safes but it would take a long ass time to grind through anything more then 1/2 inch. I always use plasma for anything thicker then 1/2 so I couldn't give a good faith answer for using a cut off wheel. your best bet is to use a inner layer that will grind saw teeth and gum up a cut off wheel, that also assumes that there are not several layers to cut through. After a point this becomes a game of numbers and time, how long must your safe hold vs there skill and time. granted I would have my doubts that this is one of them. The problem with tactical walls is that they are so new, once they have been out for a while more thieves will start looking for them, and will know what to look for. They are good right now but wont be in say ten years, they will learn. This is a circle that has been in motion for as long as one man has had something another wanted.

                    • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
                      ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ  2 years back

                      Every safe can be broken into.. with saw blade and crowbar.. if they can find it and given enough time to get into it.. Secrecy is your best friend and putting obstacles in front of the threat.. ie Alarms, cameras.. guard dog.. This large isor in your garage which can be seen by every passerby is just a big east target.

                      • Ink and Ammo
                        Ink and Ammo  3 months back

                        +Davon dude might live in the country with no neighbors 🤘

                      • Davon
                        Davon  6 months back

                        ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ I just realized the placement. In the front of the garage dude????

                      • Poppy S
                        Poppy S  2 years back

                        @J. Goin - Not every safe. There are safes constructed in such a manner that require much more than a saw blade and a crow bar. However, they are also more expensive. Mostly, you get what you pay for. I agree with you on concealment.

                    • Ryan Petersburg
                      Ryan Petersburg  2 years back

                      I notice a lot of guys are mounting safes directly to the floor which works great for anti-theft, but i found out the hard way in that the bottom of the safe started to rust.. To fix the problem I added a 1/4 in.thick x 2in wd plexiglass strips by 28in long (2pcs total) and ran one on the right hand side, front to back and did the same for left side. This allows air to circulate and will keep your investment rust free and secure

                      • rnelnj44
                        rnelnj44  2 years back

                        There is not a single home safe in production today that a professional thief can not get into. Home safes are based on 1950's technology of a guy with a crow bar and a hammer not being able to penetrate it. They offer a complete false sense of security. Anyone with a diamond wheel grinder or plasma cutter can be in your safe in less than 5 minutes

                        • sam fletcher
                          sam fletcher  2 years back

                          Get locked inside the safe lololololol

                          • Blanco
                            Blanco  2 years back

                            outside of a TL-15 or TL-30 a sturdy safe is your best bet, it's actually plate steel, these big "safes" are made out of thin gauge sheet metal with a fire proofing material backing it so it feels solid. Look at that door gap holy shit! I spent 2 months every day researching safes, get a TL rated or a sturdy, end of story. This thing this guy has will get hacked into with a fire ax or pried open with a bar, thats why he doesn't get into "specifics"

                            • John D
                              John D  1 years back

                              Amen. I have done my research as well, and I am definitely going with a Sturdy. Nothing else is even close for the money.

                            • Jay Young
                              Jay Young  1 years back

                              So true my friend, I have a tl30 I got used for pennies on the dollar. 1" plate door and 9" of reinforced wall protection. 6.5' tall, 40" wide, 30" deep and over 2000 lbs...I sleep well at night knowing I have a jewels safe. Some folks think bigger is better, not true. Go to the manufacturers site and you can get the specifics...kind of underwhelming.

                          • Matt C
                            Matt C  3 years back

                            should have got a liberty..never heard of your homeland security safe,,,seems cheap

                            • Brian Huffman
                              Brian Huffman  3 years back


                              • Tony Tiger
                                Tony Tiger  3 years back

                                I was not happy with my Home Land Safe when I removed the inside panel of the door. The locking bolts that lock the door are only about 4 inches long and are only secured on one end with a bolt (not welded). So what's the big deal? When you lock the door the locking bolts extend behind the back of the door frame. The locking bolts are very short. Maybe 4 inches, and are only secured on one end . If the door is pried open, the bolts will tilt because they are so short. The inside edge of the door will to bend because the bolt is is tilting, allowing the door to be pried open. I've seen the internal workings of a good safe. The locking bolts are secured at both ends and they are almost as long as the door. The Home Land Safe is cheap for a reason. The attention to detail is NOT there. Watch this video and it will explain what I mean. The Home Land Safe is build like the last safe shown in this video

                                • stephen e capps sr
                                  stephen e capps sr  3 years back

                                  no key override! You don't have a clue

                                  • Adam White
                                    Adam White  4 years back

                                    It so fake

                                    • the vampire
                                      the vampire  6 months back

                                      If something is fake that means it's not real and doesn't exist therefore by saying this video is fake you're saying it doesn't exist and I can watch the video so it does exist and it's not fake you ignorant hooligan

                                  • Tactical Bunny
                                    Tactical Bunny  4 years back

                                    If I could only fit it in my living room or my bedroom :/

                                    • LiveBySoundReason
                                      LiveBySoundReason  5 years back

                                      Level 5, beefed up . . . no problem for thieves that break into your home, open your garage door and easily move the whole safe onto their rental truck!  I've heard of cases where thieves wrapped a chain around the safe in a garage and used a truck's inertial weight to tear the safe loose from the bolts holding it to the concrete floor.  Bottom line: You need to locate this good safe inside your home!!!, not the garage.

                                      • Tomtom9401
                                        Tomtom9401  3 years back

                                        +Just Floor It Thin polyster tow straps. Gaps around the door also seem a bit concerning for pry attacks

                                      • 2010drive
                                        2010drive  4 years back

                                        +LiveBySoundReason How would they wrap a chain around it when it's up against the wall?

                                    • Dog Face
                                      Dog Face  5 years back

                                      That safe is nice and big, but you really should be thinking about a minimum security rating of TL30x6, or preferably TLTR30, as opposed to RSC.

                                      • TacticalAdv
                                        TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                        I appreciate the tip! Ill check into it. Thanks

                                    • kommando92
                                      kommando92  5 years back

                                      *mmmmm dat safe*

                                    • TheALOwens
                                      TheALOwens  5 years back

                                      That thing is awesome!

                                    • jrcann jay
                                      jrcann jay  5 years back

                                      how much was that its pretty freaken awesome

                                      • NoblesTx
                                        NoblesTx  6 months back

                                        halo lover wish he would just say that

                                      • halo lover
                                        halo lover  7 months back

                                        +TacticalAdv it's $4,500

                                      • TacticalAdv
                                        TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                        I would prefer not to say exactly but I will say this. It wasn't cheap but I don't regret the purchase for a second. You can see initial pricing on Homeland's website which is linked in the description. From there the sky's the limit with upgrades etc. Thanks for watching!

                                    • Highjak86
                                      Highjak86  5 years back


                                      • TacticalAdv
                                        TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                        ahahahahaaaaa, you have the unique gift to make me snarf liquid out of my nose every time I read one of your Thanks for checking it out man. Im really stoked. It hurts to spend the money but at the end of the day it is money well spent. Wait till you see the completed product with the self designed light kit!

                                    • ksninew
                                      ksninew  5 years back

                                      Looking forward to your safe lighting vids. I've been trying to figure out what to do for lights in my 54 gun safe.

                                      • TacticalAdv
                                        TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                        The first lighting video will be up this week for sure. The lighting alone will most likely be a 2 part. Im trying to be as detailed as possible so anyone who feels inclined can watch the video and really tackle it themselves. Its truly easy to do and looks amazing. Not only does it look great but its significantly cheaper than commercially available kits, less expensive too! Im actually contemplating making the light kits if there's a reasonable response. I could get measurements and make the kits turn key maybe. Who knows.  Look for the initial video in just a day or 2 :)

                                    • Gun Enthusiast
                                      Gun Enthusiast  5 years back

                                      Wow that is nice. .....sweet.

                                      • TacticalAdv
                                        TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                        Thanks Man, It was like Christmas :) . Ive been wanting to upgrade for a really long time. Just wait until you see it with the lights installed. Im not afraid to say, the LED's run I can make are pretty sick! Thanks for watching!!!

                                    • jake legg
                                      jake legg  5 years back

                                      Are you standing on a bucket?

                                      • mixflip
                                        mixflip  5 years back

                                        Thats very cool. I always wanted a secret room in my house or some version of a batman style cave. I have been thinking about a hidden safe room so I could lock my guns and valuables up and hide in it if we had to. I wonder if building a high quality secret passage way is cheaper than a big safe?

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          Good point, Ive got some "hidden" compartment things on the way and like you have tossed around the idea of a true room. You can buy a vault door and make some nice rooms but just like the safe's, speed cost money how fast do you want to go. I personally wanna go really fast but don't have the

                                      • RickLovesBacon
                                        RickLovesBacon  5 years back

                                        This is going to be a nice series. cant wait to see the rest. I need to buy a big safe.

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          The lighting will be done before the close of the week so I should have about 3 new videos coming on this series within the next week or so. Im really excited about the lighting. I think that video is going to blow some minds. One last thing, if you are in the market for a safe, I can honestly say I am uber pleased with the entire process with Homeland Security. They were honest, attentive and have still been good after the sale. Its rare that I really "endorse" a product but I can say with certainty, there really hasn't been a negative working with them so far. Thanks for watching!!

                                      • Jarhead6
                                        Jarhead6  5 years back

                                        bro that is amazing!

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          thanks, Im really very happy with it! Been wanting to upgrade for a long time

                                      • krazy45cat
                                        krazy45cat  5 years back

                                        Awesome !!!

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          Thanks Brother, Hope you are well!

                                      • Jedi Majic
                                        Jedi Majic  5 years back

                                        Very nice !!!

                                      • SweetWillyJonez
                                        SweetWillyJonez  5 years back

                                        Always good to hear from you... you're not gunna pick that fucker up with a dolly and wheel it off. Lol... and after you hilte it to tha slab it will be near impossible to move by any means. Go BiG or go home brother!!!

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          Damn Straight :) . I can assure you, its

                                      • Micah Smith
                                        Micah Smith  5 years back

                                        Set it up like a refrigerator with a switch that is pressed off by the door when it is closed

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          Im going to do something very similar Micah, I actually purchased a programmable motion detector that will detect door movement and auto initiate the lights with a set timer. Example, door opens-4 minute light cycle etc. No issue with a mag switch but the motion switch was in stock at the time with 2 day delivery. That video will be up this week

                                      • metaltrooper62
                                        metaltrooper62  5 years back

                                        That's a freaking big safe! I've worked with making the LED lighting systems before to use on some of my fish aquariums. It's actually pretty easy and the cost is not bad at all. That's a very impressive safe.

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          +chevy6299 this one doesn't eat much  

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          I agree on the LED's they are very easy to make and make at a professional level. Inexpensive as well. Ill be laying that out today. I am super happy with the purchase. Now the big long will it take to

                                      • John Umek
                                        John Umek  5 years back

                                        How did you get it in the garage?

                                        • TacticalAdv
                                          TacticalAdv   5 years back

                                          Had a lift gate curbside delivery and got it into the garage with a pallet jack.